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It never occurred to me to grow pumpkins in pots until I visited Kim Brix who had a beautiful crop of them growing in containers in her side yard. Fill Your Pot With Good Soil - Make sure you use a high quality, fast draining potting soil.
This two-ingredient project has a big WOW factor, and it’s become a favorite in our house. Drop the pipe cleaner bunny into the Borax solution, making sure that it is not touching the sides or bottom of the jar. Carefully remove the pipe cleaner from the Borax solution and place it on a paper towel to drain, then on wax paper to dry further. The food coloring made the borax and water mixture look pretty while the crystals were growing but it didn’t actually color the crystals. The Borax crystals experiment creates a chemical reaction between two ingredients: Borax and water.
As the water cools, the Borax separates from the water and settles on the pipe cleaner and the bottom of the jar, forming crystals. We loved doing this experiment and we have done it with plastic jars, so we will see how it turns out! I have heard that some people order it from Amazon and also that in some countries, it is sold in the pharmacy.

I did this with my LO and they have been sitting in a safe place that is not motion sensitive for 2 weeks and we do not have one crystal yet. The more soil the better because it will retain water and pumpkins need a lot of water.Make Sure Your Pot has Good Drainage - The more drainage the better. I did it with one Epsom salts one borax one both Epsom and borax with boiling water and twice the amount stated to ensure there would be enough for crystals to form. I knew I had to try it myself and now I grow them every year.I decided to grow a small variety of pumpkin because I like the way they look and also like cooking them. In the South, Annual Vinca is as important for planting in hot, full sun locations as impatiens is for shady locations.
We will be putting ours away with the rest of our Easter and Spring decorations for future years.
Students can now see how crystals are formed, and can now formulate questions about what they see. Make sure you pot is getting at least six hours of direct sun a day.Feed Your Pumpkins - I always mix a slow release fertilizer in with my potting soil and then use a diluted liquid fertilizer every couple of weeks during the growing season.
In New England Annual Vinca often starts slow and reaches peak flowering in July and August. Pumpkins are easy to start from seed, but I didn't decide until late in the season so went with seedlings.

You can also scratch a dry slow release fertilizer into the top of your soil, during the growing season, if you don't want to be bothered with the liquid fertilizer. If you do want to grow pumpkins from seeds, plant them about an inch deep after the soil has warmed up to at least 60 °F.Use a Big Pot - I like large sized Smart Pots which even come in a lovely orange color. However, you want to be careful not to give pumpkins too much nitrogen.Give Pumpkins Room to Grow - Pumpkin vines are grow very quickly and some can grow to amazing lengths. Fifteen to twenty gallons or bigger would be even better if you want to grow more than one plant. If you grow on a trellis, you will have to figure out a way to cradle the pumpkins so the weight of it doesn't break the vine. If your ground is wet for a prolonged period, this is probably a good idea.When to Harvest Pumpkins - This would seem easier than in reality it is.
The advice is to wait until the pumpkin skin is hard enough to withstand pressure from a finger nail and until it is a bright orange. However, it's a good idea to use a strong pair of pruning shears to cut your pumpkin off the vine--the stem can be very tough to cut.

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