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A field of dead corn sits next to the Lincolnland Agri-Energy ethanol plant in Palestine, Illinois.
South Africa could face a maize shortage soon and might have to import the grain at a time of growing global scarcity. Wessel Lemmer, an economist at Grain SA, said if maize exports continued at the current rate, it might be necessary to import the grain for both feed and food by the end of April next year. South Africa produces enough maize to meet its domestic needs, which is excellent for national food security, but it could still find itself with a shortage because the surplus might have been exported to cash in on the growing international demand.
The leaders of the G20 group of nations are discouraging practices such as hoarding and export restrictions and it is unlikely that South Africa will try to curb maize exports. The food price monitor released by the National Agricultural Marketing Council in February showed that the food and non-alcoholic beverages index increased by 10% between January 2011 and January 2012.
The food price monitor showed that the poorest segment of the population spent almost 39% of its income on food, which was up from 34% in April last year. The price rises were part of a larger pattern, rather than an isolated food crisis, Vink said.
Besides the possibility of having to import maize, South Africa has become more reliant on wheat imports. The decline has been caused by the fact that South African wheat prices are too low and wheat production is not sustainable in the long run, Lemmer said. United States President Barack Obama moved to stem the impact of the US's worst drought in more than 50 years on Monday, directing the department of agriculture to buy up to $170-million of pork, lamb, chicken and catfish.
The move comes as the G20 group of countries was reportedly planning its response to drought and soaring food prices. Obama made the announcement at the start of a three-day trip to Iowa, a swing-state the Democrats hope to win in November's election. Pressure for action intensified last week when the department warned that food prices would soar because the drought had forced farmers to abandon cornfields ­covering an area larger than Belgium and Luxembourg combined. The department cut predicted yields for key crops, including maize and soya beans, and lowered production forecasts for eggs, milk and pork.
Obama is under pressure to drop laws mandating the amount of maize ethanol that must be produced. Last week the United Nations released a report that said world food prices had risen 6% in July, driven by a 23% spike in maize prices. This post features a collection of the most helpful instructional videos on designing and building your own home aquaponics garden to grow veggies and herbs indoors, on your balcony, backyard, or even at the office.
If you are more of the plug-and-grow type — check out the below pictured kit to easily convert any standard 20-gallon aquarium into a home aquaponics garden.
If you are adventurous enough to design a system of your own, use the instructional videos below as inspirations and to help understand the mechanics behind the bafflingly simple recirculating system. Simple Patio Aquaponic System: basic overview of a simple aquaponic system using plastic buckets and wooden boards.
First Aquaponic Setup Under $200: 10ft 4 inch PVC pipe, pond pump, valve, hydroton balls, concrete, plastic buckets, and 11 plants (cucumber, jalepeno, tomatoes, bell pepper, basil). Factory-sized Aquaponic System in Milwaukee: informal tour of the Growing Power Urban Farm, explaining how his farm grows in the winter using minimal resources. I live in CT, other than having a system indoors and dealing with the possible moisture problem, how do you manage an outdoor setup in winter? Aquaponics garden to grow veggies and herbs indoors, on balconies, backyards, or even at the office.
CLICK HERE to Visit Our Blog– for a Wealth of JoJo water tank & Rainharvesting info! Our ability to provide enough food to feed the human population is dependent on the availability of phosphorus.
While the term “peak oil” has become a familiar term in the lexicon of sustainability, the notion of “peak phosphorus” may ultimately be a concern of greater consequence. Phosphorus is an essential nutrient required by plants that is primarily responsible for healthy root development and fruit and flower production.
Most phosphorus is obtained from mining phosphate rock, which occurs as marine sedimentary phosphate deposits, and in igneous rocks that are rich in phosphate minerals.
The largest sedimentary phosphate rock deposits are found in northern Africa, China, the Middle East, and the United States.
Current scientific research has focused on ways to more efficiently apply phosphate fertilizers, and on ways to recover and recycle phosphorus before it exits the waste stream.
Agriculture, the greatest user of phosphates, is largely inefficient in its management of phosphorus. Small-scale farmers, homesteaders and backyard gardeners who are concerned about future availability of phosphorus can lay in a supply of rock phosphate for future use, since it stores well if kept dry.

Compost – Food wastes contain high levels of phosphorus which can be accessed through composting. Urine diversion – Small garden plots can benefit from human urine as a source of phosphorus. As for large scale alternative sources, the phosphorus deposits on the ocean floor may one day be recovered when a profitable method of deep ocean mining is developed. He said the Western Cape usually imported maize for feed from other parts of the country, or from overseas. The US is the world's largest exporter of maize, soya beans and wheat and the drought has already sent prices to record levels. The state has been hit hard by a drought that last week drove US maize prices to an all-time high. Obama is trying to pass a Bill through Congress that he claims will aid farmers, but it has been stalled by Republicans over what they see as excessive costs. Oxfam called for urgent action and said the price rise threatened a return to 2008 when similar price rises triggered riots around the world.
I have used many of the tips from these virtual DIY aquaponics professors to build this backyard aquaponic gutter garden to grow food and listen to the trickling water right outside my kitchen! Build a system best suited for your environment and which incorporates materials you may already have. Farmer, Will Allen, describes the features of the system, mechanics of its solar pump, use of compost, and the water conservation benefits of using a modular aquaponic system that recycles the same water to feed fish and fertilize plants.
It is one of the three principal ingredients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium ) of fertilizers used for growing food around the world. Estimates of global reserves of phosphate suggest that supplies may last from 50 – 130 years.
Crude rock phosphate is commonly used in organic farming, whereas chemically treated forms such as superphosphate, triple superphosphate, or ammonium phosphates are used in non-organic farming.
Feeding the world’s increasing population will accelerate the rate of depletion of phosphate reserves.
Adopting methods which apply fertilizers more precisely will help conserve supplies while reducing the nutrient pollution from fertilizer runoff on downstream watersheds. A small pee-pot can be located in a discreet part of the garden; dilute with equal part water and pour directly on garden beds. Deep-sea exploration of the world’s oceans has revealed that there are large deposits of phosphates on the continental shelf and on seamounts in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. But if the prices are too high, farmers in the Western Cape might switch to locally produced wheat. Because of that, some of the land and capital that is used for white maize are going into soybean and sunflower production. Malema to meet the ANC as coalition talks continue and parties list their demandsIs City Sun spreading ANC propaganda? Large sedementary phosphate resources have also been identified on the continental shelves and on seamounts in the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, but cannot be recovered economically with current technology. Follow package directions for applying the correct amount, and till the bonemeal just under the soil surface or, if you use the no-till method, sprinke the bonemeal on the soil and cover with mulch. Urine is high in nitrogen, so withhold this from fully grown plants which are entering their fruiting stage. Cover the fish tank from sun and make sure water in grow trays stays below a layer of rocks or gravel.
The supply of available phosphorus limits the size of the population possible in an ecosystem.
It is likely that production capacity will continue to decline gradually owing to depletion of reserves in Florida and increased global competition in the fertilizer industry, which may result in lower domestic phosphoric acid production. Sweden for example has mandated that 60% of phosphorus must be recovered at its wastewater treatment plants by 2015 and the UK is also promoting phosphorus recycling. Three new mines are planned to open in the next decade in Florida, but only as replacements for existing mines. New ‘no-mix’ toilets are also being tested in Germany which separate waste ‘at the source’ for reclaiming phosphorus.
SO YOU NO LONGER WANT YOUR PIG LINKS Swilbur's Story Our American Heritage pigs ANGELINA AHP SNORKLE Lia, Burn Study Pig Meet the Kunekunes Contact Us ART WORK WHO IS KENYA ? Today, around one quarter of the phosphates in municipal sewage in Europe are already effectively recycled as fertilizer for agriculture. SUDAN and TSAVO RED WATTLE HOGS sNYGYL Jack & Jill JOY SNURDLE PETER GIZMO HARLEY SPAMLET SNICKERS 'LIL WILLIE PIGGLES RICHARD & REGGIE LUCY SNIPPET SASSY Rosie Photo Page A BIG THANK YOU! In order to make the promised weight, the pigs would have to be starved nearly to death before their first birthday, and if the feeding recommendations are followed beyond that the pigs WILL die of starvation or be severely stunted.Here is a feeding chart actually posted by a breeder.

This is supposed to sustain, satisy and allow an 11 pound pig to grow into a healthy adult???
It is simply a method to prevent buyers from seeing what may be less than desirable conditions at the breeding facility AND to prevent them from seeing the actual size and condition of the breeding pigs. A wise buyer will NOT put down a non-refundable deposit on a piglet, nor will a wise buyer purchase a piglet sight unseen, only relying on a photo.
Often breeders will switch piglets and the buyer, usually states away will have little or no recourse.
Smart people will ask for references from happy buyers, which will include valid contact information, and they will USE IT. They will ask to talk to the veterinarian who handles the health care of the pigs. Smart buyers will have done their homework and will NOT buy into the lie that an adult pig will weigh as little as 35 pounds or that a year old pig is full grown.
She refuses to use stairs and is to heavy for me to pickup so moving her is likely to be a rodeo. I wanted another to keep her busy so I inquired about her sister from the same litter but the breeder wanted $1200-1500. Told her my hubby would kill me so she dropped the price to $800 since she was the last of the litter and the breeder wanted to go on vacation.
As soon as I saw him I could tell he was not healthy, he had mange and was so skinny and he was just a baby at the time so thankfully I was able to put him on healthy food right away and today he is a happy healthy piggy. All of the other Royal Dandy pigs I knew of died within a few years because they had major health problems because of nutrition.
People need to do their research THOROUGHLY, and be willing to keep their pet pig REGARDLESS OF HOW BIG IT BECOMES. A veterinarian told Monroy that he was behaving badly because he was starving.The breeder promised the diet would keep him a mere 12 inches tall. But when Hammond grew to 20 inches and 180 pounds, “my husband couldn’t handle it any more.
Animal shelter hopes to deter potential buyersIt’s a common story playing out nationwide, leaving thousands of pet pigs homeless and rescues packed. The crunch has led many sanctuaries to limit how many pigs they will accept or stop taking them completely.The craze for tiny pet pigs started decades ago and gets reignited every few years.
Online sellers offer teacup pigs for thousands of dollars, promising the animals will stop growing after age 1 and stay small if fed a restricted diet.But the tiny pigs keep growing until age 4 and will starve if they aren’t fed properly with potbellied-pig food or a blend of vegetables, animal groups say.
Once they grow too big to handle, people give them up.“There are not enough homes out there anymore. Many cities and counties do not allow pigs on property not zoned for livestock, but that doesn’t stop many pet owners.As pets, people get potbellied pigs, which are a fraction the size of commercial pigs.
It’s one of busiest rescues in the country, with 250 pigs and services such as grooming, massage and acupuncture.Breeder Patty Morrisroe of Dallas, Oregon, says her smallest pigs weigh 15 to 50 pounds for life by eating specially made feed. Sanctuaries and rescues have NO REASON to mislead people regarding a pig's size, appropriate diet and proper care. Carr said about undetectable gut bacteria because she now bloats terrible after eating, Dr. Her poop still has a greenish tint , a little lighter than the dark black originally, found her ammonia was high so they need to take a sample from a normal pig on Monday and compare, discontinued vitamin also, she did not bloat like this before that has gotten worse since this whole thing started I will mention that to the intern when she calls on Monday. She was bought from Carousel Pet Store in Morristown TN where the owner and her son breeds miniature pigs and sells them in her pet store. Mostly or at least this little piglet was pulled from the mom at 3 wks and then sold when going on 5 wks.
Straining a lot and then we had her add cranberry juice and now is peeing normal but still a little cloudy but vet says it tests ok.
Still staining to urinate but is doing it better.She was told by the owner of Carousel Pets to only feed veggies, fruit, yogurt and 1 Tbls of pellets.
What does that tell you about Carousel Pet Store and the animals they are selling?HOW MANY PIGLETS FROM  THIS PET STORE HAVE DIED AND NOT BEEN REPORTED??? They don't, regardless of how much the people paid or the promises made by the breeder. They were nearing death when they arrived here, too weak to do any more than eat and sleep. Hannah and Tooey are now doing well, but as she grows, Hannah could still not survive into adulthood. Many of these stunted pigs die tragically when their full sized organs outgrow their stunted skeletons.

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