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Lemongrass adds a distinctive, pleasant citrus aroma to a wide range of Thai food, including tom yum soup, curry paste, and assorted meat dishes such as lemongrass chicken.
We ship fresh USA-grown lemongrass via Priority Mail, quick delivery within 2-3 days straight to your mailbox. To heat, simply put the pouch in boiling water for 3 minutes then open and serve alone or over rice. This all-natural, gluten-free, preservative-free soup is precooked in a modern BPA-free pouch that's shelf stable for two years but tastes like it was just made fresh in a Thai grandmother's kitchen. Ingredients: coconut milk, smoked Sockeye or Coho salmon (Sockeye or Coho salmon, salt, natural alder smoke), water, lime juice, fish sauce (anchovies, salt, sugar), cane sugar, galangal, carrots, celery, Thai chili peppers, onions, lemongrass, kaffir lime, shallots, tapioca starch, garlic, dried chiles, kaffir lime leaf powder. Ingredients: coconut milk, water, lime juice, fish sauce (anchovies, salt, sugar), cane sugar, galangal, carrots, celery, Thai chili peppers, onions, lemongrass, Kaffir lime, shallots, tapioca starch, garlic, dried chiles, Kaffir lime leaf powder. For 15 years we've specialized in demonstrating truly authentic Thai recipes, with Tom Kha being one of our website's most popular, for good reason.
As business grows, employment is expanding and some workers are getting plenty of overtime: wage income that spreads throughout the community.
The most visible symptoms of bacterial blight on lilac are the blackening of new green shoots, leaves, and flower buds during rainy, mild spring weather.
This disease can usually be managed through cultural practices that reduce abundant new shoot growth. Engaging individuals, groups, and communities to improve quality of life in Maryland and beyond. The University of Maryland Extension programs are open to all and will not discriminate against anyone because of race, age, sex, color, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, religion, ancestry, or national origin, marital status, genetic information, or political affiliation, or gender identity and expression. Poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac are plants that are found throughout North America.
The rash is extremely itchy and can have streaks or patches of redness and blisters on exposed body surfaces (such as the hands).
Wash the area If you think your child has had contact with one of these plants, wash the exposed areas of skin with any available soap for 5 minutes.
Cool soaks Soak the area with the rash in cold water or massage it with an ice cube for 20 minutes as often as necessary.
Oral steroids Severe or widespread poison ivy requires oral steroids to bring it under control.
Benadryl If itching persists, give Benadryl orally (no prescription needed) every 6 hours as needed.
Everyone should wear long pants or socks when walking through woods that may contain poison ivy, oak, or sumac. The Starving Time refers to a period of forced starvation experienced by the colonists at Jamestown during the winter of 1609 to 1610. Upon arrival in North America, colonists at Jamestown never intended to grow and provide all of their own food. Because many of the original colonists had little or no experience with farming, the settlement was reliant upon occasional supply vessels from England and trade with local Indians. The initial group of settlers at Jamestown suffered from lack of food, drinkable water, Indian attacks and disease. Captain Christopher Newport arrived in January 1608 and found only 38 of the original 104 settlers had survived. When Newport arrived with the second supply in October 1608, he brought additional supplies and settlers, including the first two female settlers. The third supply fleet consisted of nine ships, including the Sea Venture, the flagship of the Virginia Company of London. Between the second and third supply fleets, Captain John Smith attempted to expand contact and relations with the local tribes. Leading into the winter of 1609 and 1610, the Jamestown colonists found themselves in dire situations. The Starving Time was the period of forced starvation which occurred during this particular winter, referring to the several months of severe deprivation and starvation. Chief Powhatan, now aware of the true conditions of the colony, was able to hurry along the decimation of the colony by preventing significant trade and keeping the colonists isolated behind their fortifications. When the survivors from the Sea Venture finally arrived in Jamestown on May 23, 1610, they found less than 100 survivors, many of whom were sick or dying.
The few remaining survivors of the Starving Time and those recently arrived from Bermuda met a newly arriving fleet before they made it out of the river. It always starts out the same… my squash plants grow nicely with tons of flowers at the beginning of summer. But then the inevitable happens… the squash plants begin to wither and die because it turns out they are not immune to the squash borer after all. Make your own row covers out of inexpensive tulle fabric to protect against the squash borer. My homemade row covers work great, and have made it through strong winds and rain just fine. Once the squash plants start to flower, the row covers need to be removed to allow bees to pollinate the flowers. I’ve been using some used coffee grounds around the stem of my plants now for some years.
Lemongrass adds a wonderful flavor, but a key point of using it in Thai food is for the aroma--to add the sensation of the scent, or to mask any undesirable odors of beef, poulty or fish.

You use only the inner white portions of the stalk, so remove the tough outer layers first. Premium ingredients and sophisticated preparation ensure that this rivals anything a Thai restaurant serves.
Tom Kha Smoked Salmon: Tom Kha served with smoked Alaskan wild salmon is a combination made in heaven.
For this particular finished product, we're not sharing the recipe (it took years to perfect); but there is no question that it tastes authentic, otherwise we woudn't do it.
The combination of coconut milk, galangal, lemongrass, lime juice and chile peppers creates a sensational flavor that somehow transcends taste preferences around the world.
We're passionate about delivering a premium product, and confident that after years of experience dealing with the finest growers and purveyors, nobody can do it better. The galangal we use is sourced from Hawaii, chosen at the perfect stage to ensure excellent taste and aroma. We carefully select the best fresh limes from a wholesale market in Seattle and squeeze the limes on location. We use the perfect mix of fresh red Thai chiles and lemongrass sourced from the market in Southern California.
We use the highest quality fresh shallots, which come from a small farm in Washington State, and our garlic is a special variety grown in Oregon.
This soup is packed in the great Pacific Northwest in a new facility that rose from nothing and is now creating jobs for hard-working people.
Avoid over fertilization and excessive pruning to prevent an over abundance of young susceptible shoots in the spring. The rash appears 1 or 2 days after your child has been exposed to the plant in a forest or field.
In the meantime, cut your child's fingernails short and encourage him not to scratch himself. However, oil or sap from the poisonous plant may remain on a pet's fur or on clothes or shoes. You may want to use a barrier skin cream such as IvyBlock, which is specifically made for this purpose. Instead, they planned to supplement their own supplies and crops with resources obtained through trade with the local Indians. However, supply ships arrived sporadically, making it difficult for the colonists to rely on them for survival. Between the time the settlement was established and the first supply ship’s arrival, the original settlers were nearly obliterated. The combination of poor planning, Indian attacks, and lack of survival skills had decimated the original group of colonists.
With the reinforcement of the settlement and the addition of more settlers, Jamestown became more stable although the colony still needed to establish commercial relations with the local Indians. The fleet experienced severe storms on the crossing, resulting in one ship returning to London and the Sea Venture itself grounded deliberately in Bermuda to prevent sinking. While he had enjoyed limited success with some of the groups in the area, the Powhatan Indians still refused to negotiate and trade with the settlers, instead preferring to attack and attempt to drive the settlers away. Chief Powhatan was not fully aware of the conditions the settlers were living in, but Smith was able to initiate trade relations with the Indians that lasted as long as Smith remained in Jamestown. While historical records are scant, evidence suggests the colonists found themselves trading valuable arms and tools for minimal food supplies from the local Indians and resorted to eating horses, dogs, cats, and rats. Colonists were unable to trade with local Indians for adequate supplies or to hunt in the area for enough game. The commander of the fleet, Thomas West, forced the survivors to return to Jamestown along with new settlers, supplies and food.
Each year I am optimistic that this year will be better than the last – and that somehow my squash plants will be immune to the squash borer. By mid-summer they start to grow tiny squash from the flowers, and it’s an exciting time. To my dismay, most of the squash plants end up dropping all of their tiny squash before they die.
Pieces of old screen material, thin curtain sheers, lightweight garden fabric, greenhouse shade cloth, or other lightweight material work great for row covers. It can be difficult to control the squash borer by using row covers alone – but if you time it right, you may be able to avoid the squash borer in your garden. I read that they can infest cucumbers too, but so far I haven't had that problem (knock on wood!!). I’ve never heard that about the coffee grounds before, yet another great use for coffee grounds!
Lemongrass is also known throughout the world for it's medicinal effects, including general pain relief, reducing blood pressure, reducing intestinal gas, helping to improve the appetite, it detoxifies vital organs, and is known to reduce cholesterol, excess fats and other toxins.
Ready-to-eat, premium quality, authentic and delicious Tom Kha soup made in small batches using the highest quality ingredients. Our soup rivals anything made from scratch in any famous Thai restaurant (it's *that* good) and simply blows away the existing competition from the likes of Lobo or Por Kwan in their premade Tom Kha instant mixes -- there is no comparison. Every stalk and every chile is selected with our own eyes and cut by hand the same day our soup is made.
As a direct importer from Thailand for many years, we've established ourselves with what we believe is the best producer of all-natural coconut milk.

The pouch is modern, BPA free, simple to use, relatively inexpensive, and far easier on the environment than cans. This product is produced under the watchful eye of American regulatory authorities who set strict guidelines on food manufacturing.
We're doing our part to not just support the local manufacturing economy, but also American farmers & fishermen. In Maryland, spring frost damage and late fall or winter pruning seem to predispose shoots to bacterial blight infection.
This bacterium is commonly found on leaf surfaces as part of the natural population of microorganisms on plants. Prune or thin lilacs in early summer to promote better air circulation and allow time for wounds to heal before next season. Do this as soon as possible because after 1 hour it is too late to prevent the oil from absorbing into the skin. When settlers first arrived, the site of the Jamestown settlement was selected based on the ability to defend the site, rather than for access to drinking water and game hunting. At the same time, trade with local tribes was nearly impossible due to conflicts with local tribes.
The other seven ships eventually arrived in Jamestown with several hundred new settlers but few supplies.
With a more stable settlement, Smith decided it was time to engage the Powhatan Confederacy directly in negotiations. Unfortunately, as the Indians and colonists began trade relations, Chief Powhatan soon learned of the weaknesses of the colony.
John Ratcliffe attempted to reestablish relations with the Indians but was instead captured and tortured to death, leaving the colony without a strong leader. Due to a drought earlier in the growing season, the colonists did not have enough crops to feed their numbers through the winter. While not fully proven, there is even evidence the surviving colonists may have consumed the flesh of the recently deceased. All remaining survivors boarded the ships on June 7, 1610 and set sail down the James River. While this decision was not popular with the survivors, it proved to be a turning point in the long-term success of the Jamestown colony. It doesn’t matter what type of material the row cover is made out of as long as it can keep the squash bugs out and let rain, air and sunlight through.
Our soup is cooked entirely in the pouch in a modern facility using high heat and a relatively long cooking time, under high pressure. Our soup has already gone through a rigorous analysis, the process has been approved, and everything has been registered with the US FDA.
Early symptoms are visible as dark lesions on new shoots that quickly girdle and cause wilting of stems, leaves or flower clusters. A unique feature of this bacterium is that it can enhance frost damage and disease severity by serving as an ice nucleation agent on leaf surfaces. Only the timely arrival of additional colonists and supplies enabled Jamestown to continue.
While the site itself provided protection for the colonists, they faced considerable difficulty in obtaining clean water and food. When they left the palisade of the colony, they risked being kidnapped or murdered by the Powhatan Indians.
Attacks on colonists continued, making it dangerous for them to hunt, farm or attempt to trade with local Indians. Between the failures of the crops, the grounding of the Sea Venture, poor relations with local Indians, and the influx of additional settlers, the colony of Jamestown entered the winter poorly equipped for survival. While struggling to avoid starvation, colonists used their homes and fortifications as firewood and conditions in Jamestown continued to deteriorate throughout the winter. Lemongrass tea, shown below, is very simple to make and is known as a natural remedy for depression, and jet lag.
Step 3, with a good cleaver, whack the lemongrass firmly several times to bruise it, this releases the oils. Instead, the colonists found themselves boxed in their settlement for safety, severely limiting their ability to farm, hunt or trade with other local Indians. Captain Samuel Argall, pilot of one of the seven ships, returned to England with word of Jamestown’s difficulties, but additional supply ships did not arrive that year or the following spring. Stem lesions on green twigs start as dark streaks that quickly girdle and cause wilting and blackening of shoots. For long-term storage, cut into 2 or 3 inch pieces (see below, how to prepare lemongrass), and freeze in a ziplock bag. In 2006 researchers at Ben Gurion University in Israel discovered that the lemon aroma in lemongrass kills cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed.
The findings were published in the scientific journal Planta Medica, which highlights research on alternative and herbal remedies.

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