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Ration books were issued to every person (to be stamped by a local shopkeeper when the goods were collected), and a typical weekly ration (for one person) inlcuded: one fresh egg, 2 oz butter, 2 oz tea, 1 oz cheese, 8 oz sugar, 4 rashers of bacon, 4 oz margarine.
Cheaper cuts of meat became popular, and people could save their rationing points to purchase other items such as cereals, tinned food, biscuits and dried fruit.
Vegetables were not rationed, and the people of Britain were encouraged to grow their own fruit and vegetables. Many families reared there own pigs, chickens and rabbits so that they would be able to eat more meat. Things like razor blades, baby bottles, frying pans were almost impossible to get hold of in some areas, even though they weren’t rationed. Babies, pregnant women and sick people were given additional rations of milk, orange juice and cod liver oil. Rabbits must be at least 8 weeks old and fully weaned before they can leave their mothers.If you believe this advertiser is letting their rabbits go before 8 weeks of age, please report them to us.
All rabbits should be vaccinated and have their vaccinations kept up-to-date, this is part of being a responsible rabbit owner and will be your responsibility.Rabbits should receive 2 initial vaccinations against 2 common dieseases, Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD) and also Myxomatosis. Do your research firstGetting a new rabbit is a massive commitment, so make sure you have researched the breed fully and have the time and commitment necessary to care for the rabbit. Confirm that the advertiser is genuineYou should verify this by arranging to visit the rabbit at the advertisers home, if they make excuses or try to ask for money or a deposit without seeing the rabbit, or if the advertiser attempts to deliver the rabbit or meet you at any other location than their own home, then please do not agree to this.
Is the rabbit over 8 Weeks of age?Rabbits must be at least 8 weeks old and fully weaned before they can leave their mothers. Check the Health of the rabbitIt can be difficult for the average person to check if a rabbit is healthy or not, so if you decide to adopt or buy the rabbit, make sure that the seller agrees that you can return them within 48 hours for a full refund after taking the rabbit to a Vet of your choice for a health check. If this is your first time around guinea pigs, you may be forgiven for being surprised at the length of your pet's front teeth.
Sometimes teeth break, it could be your pet has chewed on the wire of their cage and damaged their teeth or maybe they fell and managed to break a tooth. Occasionally, guinea pigs stop eating altogether due to dental problems which can lead to all sorts of other health issues too. It is fairly easy to examine your pet's front teeth (incisors) so it's important to recognise healthy teeth in order to see when there is a problem. If you need to take your piggy to the vet because of a suspected dental problem, vets don't normally sedate them when examining their teeth.
Most guinea pigs need follow-up treatments if they have suffered from any kind of dental disease because cheek teeth tend to regrow quickly a€“ within a week a two. As pet guinea pigs gets older, their back teeth may become overgrown but this is not that common, especially if they have been fed a healthy diet and not had any dental problems when they were younger that went untreated.

Sometimes guinea pigs can lose their front teeth altogether which can be very worrying for people who are new to keeping these lovely, busy creatures. Guinea pigs have what is called 'open rooted' teeth which means they grow continually as already mentioned above.
The energy is used by the organism to carry out metabolic activity (all the things that cells do to keep you alive).The definition of a food chain is the transfer of energy from one organism to another. It was meant to ensure a fair distribution of food, in short supply due to enemy ships attacking merchant ships, preventing them from bringing supplies (such as sugar, cereals, fruit and meat) to the UK. Petrol consumption was limited, and the design of furniture and clothing became much simpler and plain during this period.
They provided recipes and advice, demonstrating, for example, how to use powdered eggs and be creative with what was available. A guinea pig has two teeth at the top and two at the bottom of their mouths, called incisors. For whatever reason, you need to check your piggies' front teeth regularly to make sure they are not chipped or broken. If you notice your pet has stopped eating you should make an appointment to see a vet as soon as you can. If any of the teeth need to be filed, this can be done without the use of any general anaesthetic.
You need to find a a€?guinea pig friendly' vet who will file your pet's teeth without using any general anaesthetic unless the problems is so serious that that GA is needed to carry out more intensive surgery.
You will find the teeth, all four of them do grow back pretty quickly and guinea pigs do not normally lose condition when this happens. They get the best out of their food if their teeth are in good condition so by feeding a low calorie diet, lots of fresh, clean greens and plenty of good quality fibre, your pet naturally grinds down their teeth.
If a tooth gets chipped or broken, they go out of line which means they don't wear down properly.
Guinea pig's teeth are continually being worn down as they gnaw and chew on their food so they get the best out the food they eat.
If you find they are damaged in any way, you need to get them trimmed or filed so they are even again. When examining your pet's incisors you may find they are chipped or broken which makes it hard for them to pick up food and then gnaw on it. To make matters more difficult you will probably find your guinea pig's mouth is usually full of food, so trying to see if there is a broken or overgrown tooth can be virtually impossible. Vets don't like using anaesthetic on guinea pigs because it is risky and it does take the animal a lot longer to recover.

Although not very common, it could be the front teeth fall out because of some sort of genetic disorder, although the condition is more likely due to having been fed a bad diet. The important vitamins for guinea pigs are C and D a€“ both of which ensure healthy teeth and bones.
This leads to their teeth overgrowing and overgrown teeth become painful causing sores in your pet's mouth preventing them from eating properly.
Getting to know your guinea pig when you adopt or buy one, means finding out everything there is know about them, and this includes how their teeth should look. If all is well and your guinea pig is eating normally, these front teeth should meet evenly which means the teeth are being naturally worn down every time your pet eats.
Dental problems in guinea pigs are often the cause of loss of appetite, a condition known as 'anorexia' which is why it is essential to get your pet's teeth done as soon as you notice there is a problem.
Guinea pigs need a low calorie, high fibre diet and should be fed high quality hay and lots of fresh, clean grass every day. The thing to remember is that a guinea pig's teeth grow continually, so trimming or filing broken teeth does not mean they remain short for very long. If you think there's a problem, it is far better to take your pet to see a vet who will be able to rinse out your guinea pig's mouth with water before examining cheek teeth. If this does happen, you should take your pet to see the vet and then check their diet to make sure it is not too rich or high in sugar.
One of the best sources of vitamin D is sunlight which means the more often your pet gets to be outside the better.
Guinea pig teeth regrow to a healthy length pretty quickly, which ensures your guinea pig doesn't lose weight or condition.
After this the vet will normally use a spring loaded gag which has a cheek dilator on it so they can carry out a thorough examination. However, if the weather is really bad it is much better to make sure your piggy is somewhere they can keep warm out of the wind, rain or snow.
If there is a problem, your vet will be able to identify it and then recommend a treatment. Decomposers can be fungi, bacteria, insects and small animals such as crabs.Decomposers that don't have mouths to eat with, break down or digest dead organisms using special enzymes and then absorb the nutrients (like a sponge absorbs water).

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