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Please note that if you are planning to have your item(s) professionally printed, we recommend that you call your printer before you purchase to find out if the printer has requirements for special sizing, bleeds, etc.. Wedding as we all know is a very important milestone in everyone’s life as it marks a wonderful union with the one you love.
The groom may look simple and it may seem that the preparation will be easy for him but the truth is; he will be handling every single thing to make sure the wedding is perfect.
There are a lot of customs and ceremonies followed by people in Malaysia especially for weddings. When the actual wedding day comes, of course the groom should look very handsome and presentable so as to make everyone see that he deserves the bride that he is about to marry. After a series of tests are passed, tea ceremony will be held in the bride’s home together with her parents to offer a prayer to the deities and ancestral. The groom will have to be prepared for the things that may happen during the wedding day especially for the gate crashing games. Like for example when a test that involves garlic or onion eating, well you don’t want to ruin your breath and greet everyone smelling like a garlic or onion.
An emergency kit checklist that customized to be used in Malaysia will surely come in handy if this is the case.
Include in your emergency kit a toothbrush, toothpaste and a mouth wash to wash off the onion or garlic smell. A vital item that should be included in your checklist aside from the medications is a handkerchief. Travel size perfume or cologne is also a helpful tool to be able to mask of the scent of your dripping sweat.

Also bring extra cash, identification card and your cellular phone; these are in case of emergencies items that may help you especially when you’re in trouble. The emergency kit for the wedding day may help you go through and enable a very successful and happy event. If you can, upgrade your browser or activate Google Chrome Frame to get the best experience at Catch My Party. How about a kit designed to help him navigate that Big Day and make it to the altar in one piece?! After that, it is up to you to get back to us quickly with any revision requests or final approval.
Any revisions requested after this (or after final file is sent) are subject to additional fees. The preparation may take a very long time and many unexpected circumstances may take place. The groom will be responsible from the first wedding ceremony up to the last and this can be really stressing since he will be involved all throughout the event for all arrangements. This is the very first step and the bride and groom should come prepared as they will be doing it in front of a small group composed of their parents and other close family member. The actual wedding day is the focus of everything because the groom will encounter a lot of “tests” during gate crashing to prove that he truly loves his soon to be wife. The same tea ceremony will be held afterwards in the groom’s home and afterwards a wedding banquet is served so everyone can enjoy and to mark the union of two hearts as one. Therefore it would be helpful if an emergency kit is ready on hand. This will enable him to face any challenge without worrying of getting his own day busted by the tests that will be given.
And, the test would probably involve eating, which may upset your stomach and may cause stomach ache and cramps or worst, LBM. Prepare a small bag that you can carry around on your wedding and make sure that everything is in it beforehand. Another item that should be included in your list are medicines for LBM, coughs, colds and fever but always bear in mind to prepare a drug that’s non drowse or else you’ll be sleeping on your wedding day.

It will surely be a relief as you never know when you will cry or if the weather is really hot. Provided below are the rest of the emergency kit checklist that you will need, ensure that you complete the check list so you can have a stress free wedding day. It’s always good to be prepared of the things that lie ahead so when it comes you will not worry too much and it can be easily handled. Any request for reformatting, including bleeds, after initial proof has been sent are subject to additional fees. Therefore it essential that the groom and the bride should have an emergency kit so whatever may happen they will be prepared and the ceremony will not be ruined and this article can help especially for wedding day emergency kit checklist to be used in Malaysia for groom. However, sometimes there are a lot of things and other circumstances that causes mishaps to happen.
These “tests” or obstacles will be set up by the sisters of the bride, and the groom together with his male friends and other relatives will have to pass these tests. Maybe a day or two and anticipate the test the girls will give you so you can prepare what you need. A worry free and memorable wedding day will surely be achieved when you come fully prepared. Therefore it is vital that you come prepared all throughout the wedding process and ceremonies.
Preparing a wedding day emergency checklist ahead of time allows you to react to any unexpected situation. One ceremony after another comes but what the groom and bride looks forward to is the actual wedding day that will mark their union and proclaim them officially married by tradition and by paper.

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