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Estately really researched and figured out all the possibilities and numbers with this report! What Estately found was that rural states will offer favorable odds for any survivors, while a majority of the Northeast and South will degenerate immediately into a zombie-filled hellscape.
In a state where residents run from bears and moose, they will not be scared of slow-moving corpses.
Coloradans are well known to be among the most physically fit in the country so when zombies start crawling out of their graves, most of the state’s residents will be miles away, easily jogging up a 10,000-foot mountain.
If a horde of zombies stumbles into Lewiston, Idaho they’re going to have their hands full. This state knows its zombie facts (from movies and TV shows), but it’s also full of triathletes and martial enthusiasts. The state’s residents previously prepared to face the zombie apocalypse, but that was because pranksters hacked into a TV station’s EAS and broadcasted a message that the zombie apocalypse had begun. Las Vegas is home to the Zombie Apocalypse Store, so it’ll be easy to buy supplies to fend off the walking dead.
New Yorkers fleeing a zombie apocalypse will drive up real estate prices when the move to the Granite State, the most prepared in the Northeast. Should the zombies enter an office building in Wisconsin, they’ll face a large number of people prepared to shoot zombies in confined areas because Wisconsin is home to the most laser tag enthusiasts per capita in America.
Despite being physically fit, residents of Massachusetts are almost completely lacking in knowledge of zombies.
The Tennessee Zombie Response Unit has its work cut out for it because the rest of state is ill prepared to battle the undead.
For Louisiana, the downside of letting the good times roll is it makes it very difficult outrun the living dead. Residents of Connecticut should either begin playing laser tag or start seasoning themselves because if the zombie apocalypse started today they’d get eaten up as appetizers.
Even though The Walking Dead is set in Georgia, residents there have little interest in zombies. If there were New York travel brochure for zombies it would tout the state’s lack of veterans, limited enthusiasm for survival skills, and scarcity of firearms. Our nation’s capital has almost no knowledge of zombies, martial arts, or firearm ownership. 51st—NEW JERSEY If the zombie apocalypse began today, and you live in New Jersey, the odds are 100% that you’ve already been bitten and have become a zombie. With a low population density and more federally licensed firearms dealers, hospitals and Walmarts than any other state, Texas is an easy choice for best place to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Looks like The Walking Dead gang are lucky to be in Georgia, as the state’s low population density, large number of Walmarts, military bases and hospitals, and high rate of gun ownership make it a great place to ward off impending doom. California has a lot of things working against it: super high population density and a ton of large cities. Virginia is pretty middle of the road in most categories, but its large number of hospitals, Walmarts and military bases make it a great spot to seek shelter from the zombies. At first glance Hawaii would seem like a great place to survive the zombie apocalypse: it’s cut off from the rest of the United States, the weather is nice and there are volcanoes in which to dispose of rotting zombie corpses.
New Jersey is the most densely populated state, and that, coupled with its lack of guns and mountains, means it’s one of the most difficult places to survive the societal breakdown. Small states with no guns, no mountains and lots of people don’t fare well in the zombie apocalypse. And here it is, Rhode Island is hands down the worst place to survive the zombie apocalypse.
Made by the Argus Build Team, this Medieval Village Map is a great example of how to do a cool detailed build.
Situated on its own little island in the sea, but in close proximity to the mainland, this gorgeous village is good looking, useful, and cool. One of the bridges connecting the two halves of the village, complete with plenty of details. The largest house in the village, next to the large clock tower, it has a small garden and pond outside, making it very beautiful. But even if you don’t actually want to use this marvelous village, it is still worth a look, if only to gawk at the beautiful details it contains, or maybe to get inspiration for your own builds. A view of the village from the top, as you can see, it is not that large, but it still has plenty to offer. The same bridge connecting the two halves, this time from another angle, to better show off the detailed house. With the increased fanfare to everything zombie thanks to the advent of TV series The Walking Dead people are infatuated with Zombies. Alaska is packed with military personnel and veterans, and they’re only a fraction of the well-armed Alaskans prepared to shoot zombies from a moving snowmobile. While New Yorkers are having their brains eaten in cafes and elevators, the fine people of Wyoming will be sitting on the front porch with a shotgun enjoying a prolonged zombie hunting season. Idahoans are physically active, heavily armed, and are hard to catch because they’re oddly really into parkour.
Not only can residents escape from zombies by running, swimming, or biking, but they can also turn around and dole out some beat downs like the ninja assassins they are.

Had that not been a test, those zombies would have experienced the full wrath of Montana’s arsenal because that state is heavily armed. The state of Arizona trains for the zombie apocalypse with zombie walks, a Zombie Night at an Arizona Diamondbacks game, and much more. Cities around the state are already prepping with zombie pub crawls, a state run zombie prevention site, and more. Lack of physical fitness and limited knowledge of zombies dooms the great state of Louisiana… once it runs out of ammunition.
It’s a variation of the winter sport, but instead of cross-country skiing you just run around the woods with a gun shooting at everything. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, the undead will discover Georgia brains are as sweet as Georgia peaches.
It also has more military bases than all but a handful of states, which will come in handy to protect your desert camp from zombie invasion, or, in the event that Fort Hood is lost, as a place to salvage supplies. Of course, crazed groups of survivors trying to take your prison won’t make matters any easier. But apparently the good outweighs the bad, and its mountainous terrain and impressive number of gun stores, Walmarts, hospitals and military bases tip the scales in its favor. It’s flat, which means the zombies can move faster (and you won’t see them because of the corn stalks!), it’s only got a few gun stores and there are just a couple of military bases to protect you. And that’s not even taking into account the millions of zombie New Yorkers who are sure to come flowing across the bridges and through the tunnels in search of their next meal.
Its population density is high, there are no mountains or guns, and, really, not much of anything else that would be useful either.
It can easily be converted to a new base for you to use in survival mode, as this build have been crafted in a normally generated world, not imported through WorldPainter or some other program, so this is a fully working and useful world, with a great starting point. Well, then you’re trapped on a small island with millions of zombies and basically no guns. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.

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