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In the third book of her popular "Decade Series," Cathleen Rountree interviews twenty inspiring, vibrant, and energetic women who discuss their thoughts and feelings about having passed their 60th birthday.        The women featured in these pages show us how they are working against stereotypes and reaching beyond common assumptions about physical, mental, and social limitations on their lives due to their age. Maybe it was the format: 5 or 6 pages just might not have been enough space to expand on the topic.
But too many of the women spent too much time recounting their pasts or advocating their causes instead of distilling what they have learned or describing what it is like to be in their 60s. Their faces are those of our mothers, our sisters, our grandmothers, our friends, and ourselves.

Anyway, it wasn't what I was looking for.That said, some of the interviews were fascinating.
Whether these women are confronting new challenges for the first time in their lives, or reaping the rewards of an enriching life, each one's story is a unique but universal testament to the strength of the human spirit.        On Women Turning 60 is essential reading for older women and their younger sisters seeking strong female role models.
This engaging book shows all of us--no matter what age--how to face each day with optimism and teaches us that growing older is a journey of empowerment and self-discovery. INCLUDED AMONG THE TWENTY EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN INTERVIEWED IN THIS BOOK ARE: Oh Shinnah Fast Wol                        Jane Goodall Riane Eisler                                 Elayne Jones Ursula K.

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