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Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul.
Canada is divided into climate zones which help gardeners and growers to determine whether or not a specific plant will thrive in their area. As gardeners in a northern climate, we’re quite aware of the challenges of growing plants that may be borderline hardy in the region where we live. Scientists have developed maps of plant hardiness zones for Canada based on seven climate variables (not only the average annual minimum temperature).
New plant hardiness data compiled by Natural Resources Canada over a 50-year period was presented in the April 2014 issue of BioScience, published by Oxford University Press. The update is based on plant hardiness maps originally developed by Agriculture Canada and the U.S.
The researchers also conclude that “extreme events, such as the increased incidence and severity of late spring frosts and the ongoing risk of extreme cold events in southeastern Canada, may limit the extent to which these shifts translate into planting success. Free membership on Garden Making website gives you quick downloads of e-books, planting plans and tip sheets – plus content reserved to registered members of Garden Making. Click to register or log in below.
All plants are classified into zones, that is, which climate zone they will thrive the best in.

Perennials, like old friends return year after year, growing in size and stature until they reach their full maturity. Provides in-depth germination and scheduling information for some 300 of the most popular seed-grown crops.
Use Christmas tree branches as mulch in the spring to keep rabbits away from lettuce seedlings. When selecting a tree, the plant hardiness zone can help you determine if it is likely to survive the weather in your area based on the average climatic conditions of years past.
By following the picture link below, you will be able to figure out which zone you live in. Now they are beginning to assess how changes in climate affect what can be grown in different regions.
For instance, they compared 62 northern tree species over the 50-year interval and found an average northward shift of 57 kilometres in what they call the “tree climate envelope.” For species in western Canada, the shift north averages 75 kilometres versus only 38 kilometres for species in eastern Canada.
However, “these changes signal an increase in the productivity and diversity of plants that can be grown in Canada,” they add. 24 Garden Essentials wins 2016 Media Awards Silver Medal for magazines from GWA The Association for Garden Communications.

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Although they live on longer, many perennials lose their vigor after 3-4 years and should be replaced. Covers bedding plants, potted flowering and foliage plants, herbs, cut flowers, perennials, vegetables, and ornamental grasses.
McKenney and others, describes a northern shift in zones in western Canada, but less dramatic shifts in southeastern Canada.
They compared the data used for the original zones and maps from the 1931 to 1960 period with more recent observations used for the 1981 to 2010 indexing of plant hardiness.
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