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Years ago, gardening tools were built to last and it was not uncommon for a good spade, to cost a week’s wages.
Before you start looking at the hi-tech gadgetry available on the high street and online, you need to ensure that you have the basics. We all know that many garden pests and weeds have thorns, stings or chemicals that irritate the skin so the first item in our gardening tools list is a good pair of gloves. There is no way you could do anything of note in a garden without a spade – it will help when turning soil in flower beds and veggie patches, dig holes for fence posts or larger trees and shrubs, and prove invaluable when clearing piles of rubbish. The spade is designed for the big jobs in the garden, the next item in this list is the trowel.
This entry in our top 10 gardening tools list is pretty self-explanatory, if you have a lawn – you need a lawnmower!
Always have a good pair of secateurs to hand, they will help you all around the garden – whether they are used for cutting flowers for the house or tackling the thorny problem of brambles. If you don’t want to get into trouble with the chef in the house then you need a knife for the garden – essential for your tools armoury when harvesting veggies, cutting string or attacking tall weeds!
Never underestimate the usefulness of the simple ball of string, the average gardener will use miles of it during their cultivating life! If you don’t have too much greenery to keep tidy in your garden, a sharp pair of shears will do as good a job as an electric trimmer and keep you fit at the same time!
The humble wheelbarrow has a multitude of uses in the garden and will, if used correctly, save you from dreaded back-ache.
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We have shrubs and trees from a 4” rock garden evergreen all the way up to 2 ?” caliper specimen trees.
Roses, Boxed and Potted, Fruit Trees, Fig Trees, Herbs, Vegetables, Perennials, Annuals, Ground Covers, Soils and Planting Mixes, Sod, Decorative Rock, Statuary, Stoneware, and Fountains. At Garden World NYC, we have the highest quality nursery plants available in the Queens, NYC and Long Island NY area. Over the years, our NYC Garden Center has worked hard to create a community of growers to better serve our buyers. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff provides exceptional service to ensure every customer finds what they need to complete their gardening good. About Garden Center NYCGarden World is a full service Garden Center and plant nursery that combines quality performance with affordable pricing to meet your every gardening supply needs.
As they were an expensive commodity, these gardening tools had to be made to withstand the test of time and were often passed down through generations. A good foundation of gardening tools will stand you in good stead for the future and give you a good base to build up an array of tools in the future. Not only will they protect from nasty prickly pests they can help prevent blisters and stop your skin drying out.
Whether for moving soil, transporting rubbish or ferrying your tools – a wheelbarrow is a must. For the best results when tackling weeds in the garden use a weed killer that not only targets the weed above the surface but one that also penetrates deep into the roots.
Garden World is always looking to improve the quality of their plants by carefully selecting its plants from commercial and local nursery growers. Garden World is happy to announce that our community of growers is expanding as a result of our merger with Keil Brothers.  Garden World now offers a large commercial planting division.

Our staff is available to answer any growing questions, as well as help your select the perfect places for the job. Below is a list of the top 10 gardening tools that every garden shed should be keeping safe. Our growers are selected based on their ability to continuously grow high quality plants, as well as, their reliability and adaptability for our growing area. So whether you are a commercial or residential buyer you can be assured Garden World will have the best quality nursery stock around.
Garden World’s new plant supply will not only be one of the largest in the NYC area, but also one of the most diverse. Don't forget to stop by Garden World this weekend for some late great additions to your home! You are sure to find exactly what you need at Garden World, and we guarantee it will be of the finest quality you can find in New York City. Walk into our nursery and you will find one of the widest selections of quality plant material in the metropolitan area.
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