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One of the important considerations in growing successful vegetable gardens is being able to select the right location in the backyard. Several vegetable gardening tips have to be regarded before one could engage into planting. Spreading organic mulch over your garden is one way to protect your plants from the harsh winter weather. As cooler temperatures become more of a norm in the month of November, gardening can be a bit tricky. When the first frost of the season hits, sometimes you have no choice but to bring your plants inside. Some plants will do just fine once they are in the ground, but others can be especially hard to plant if the ground is frozen, and depending on the climate where you live, November may be your last chance to plant anything for the upcoming season.
One of the best ways to beat the frost many regions face during the month of November is by building a greenhouse with heating lamps.
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In recent years, the so-called urban gardens have become an alternative not only to take advantage of underutilized city spaces and disused, but also a way to share with others a hobby that helps them cope with the stress of the big city and return to the contact with the ground, working with our own hands. However, on this occasion, we will not discuss these little oases cement reclaimed large cities, but of the possibilities we have now to become gardeners in our own home. Are you keen to grow your own vegetables and fruits at home or seeking some useful tips to maximise the yield of existing garden? March sees the beginning of spring which, for the first time, will be marked by Garden Re-Leaf Day next Tuesday (13th).  Not only will the day herald the beginning of the gardening season, it will also offer an opportunity to raise funds for Greenfingers, the garden industry charity that creates gardens at children’s hospices around the UK.  Watch for a team of Grosvenor gardeners out and about in the community near you! As the gardening season begins, it is time to get out in the garden, enjoy the first blooms and plan for summer. The forecast looks quite settled and mild for the rest of the month so you have plenty of time to get started. Bolster the health of your lawn with a spring feed and give it the best possible start to the growing season. If you are a novice gardener and want a quick fix but don’t know where to start, simply plant up pots of bulbs ready for flowering during the summer and choose from our large selection of seeds.  Sow them now – summer is not far away! All your plants will benefit from a good feed now to help strengthen their root system ready for the flowering and growing season - shrubs and trees will too.  A slow-release fertiliser will give good all-round results. Existing clematis will enjoy a good pruning this month and take a look at your roses too and remove any damaged stems. Looking for the Good Life in your garden?  Turn an unproductive area of lawn into a veritable feast on a plate by growing your own fruit and vegetables. Leave your early seed potatoes to stand in a cool, bright position and begin to sow crops outdoors including broad beans, lettuces, leeks, beetroot and radishes.  Please do feel free to ask us for more advice if you need it – we are here to help. And don’t forget our Good Life Weekend later this month, which coincides with the clocks springing forward by one hour too so we can really make the most of our gardens even later into the evenings.
Gardening catalogues put out those pretty maps with all the colours and zones on them for a good reason.
If you decide to go with container gardening, you can purchase the right kind of soil for the plants you’ll be growing.
There is no need to depend on those costly gardening supplies to grow your flower and vegetable gardens. Here are a few DIY tips for the gardening enthusiast that will you save money and grow more plants. Mulch: You can cover the soil in your garden with mulch, as it can help in keeping weeds down all through the garden.
Hot pepper spray: Mites and other small insects can be eliminated by using a hot pepper spray. Soapy oil spray: Insects such as mealybugs, mites and aphids can be eliminated using this spray.

Beneficial insects: Common insects that you find in the garden, like praying mantis, lacewings and ladybugs are advantageous to your garden. Manure: If you can get access to pig, horse or chicken manure, you can be assured of wonderful fertilizers for your garden.
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Bulbs like garlic and daffodils should be planted this month before the winter cold dissipates any heat left in the ground. Plan space: keep in mind the area to be filled, the capacity and the distribution containers, is thus avoided, for example, overloading the balcony or window. Choose well the irrigation system on a terrace can install irrigation system, but if this is not possible, try to have easy access to tap water without major drawbacks. Frequency and quantity of water: will depend on the time of year (summer or winter), but keep in mind that it is always better to keep moisture, ie water more often but smaller amounts. Our popular Good Life Weekend returns on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th March from 11am – 3pm so if you have any queries at all about creating an Edible Garden or improving your yields, simply call in and ask one of our experts.  You can even ask about raising chickens and see the mini travelling farm! You have visions of lush beds of blooming flowers or plants loaded with healthy vegetables. Some things just may not grow where you live, so don’t try to outsmart Mother Nature. Once you know your zone and what types of plants will grow best in your area, assess your available space.
Set up a routine to keep an eye on things to make sure bugs or pests aren’t enjoying your work more than you are.
Find Murdoch Flowers - Murdoch Florist Shop On-line - Floral Gift Delivery In Murdoch Hospital WA and order your gifts with confidence with a trusted floral provider. There is a host of reliable, biodegradable and homemade solutions available for you to help in ridding your garden of weeds and pests, while aiding it to grow abundantly and filled with fresh produce. It can be applied directly to the weed’s base and it is sure to perish in the following two or three days. Two tablespoons of hot pepper sauce or cayenne pepper must be mixed with a couple of drops of Ivory soap in about 200 ml of water. A few drops of the purest Ivory soap must be mixed with two tablespoons of Canola oil in about 200 ml of water. These insects eat several insect pests such as caterpillars, mites and aphids, and they’re considered as alternatives to chemical pesticides.
The manure must be mixed with the soil on a regular basis, and your flowers and plants will become more productive and plusher. Being able to know what kind of vegetables to plant is also necessary since some types tend to require large spaces to grow. For instance, if you have a young avocado tree sitting in your garden, it may be best to put it in a planter so you can bring it inside. If you forgo the greenhouse idea and instead, prefer to leave your plants outside during the winter, there are still a number of best practices that can ensure the prosperity of your plants. However, if you plan accordingly by implementing techniques like adding mulch, building a greenhouse or simply bringing some of your valued plants indoors, there’s no reason you won’t beat the frost. Madrid and Barcelona lead the ranking of urban gardens, but it is an activity that has been gaining strength in other cities. Plants should enjoy a minimum of 8-10 hours of sun (direct light or four) to grow healthy and strong.

For those who are beginners are recommended to try: onions, garlic, spinach, radishes, lettuce, herbs, for example. Whether you have a small or big garden, these handy tips will definitely answer all queries related to gardening. Investing in plants and seeds can get expensive so it makes no sense to purchase things that are unlikely to sprout. You can have a garden just about anywhere and just about any size your space will accommodate.
If it’s a flower garden, consider color schemes and blooming times to get a continuous bed of blooms. Straight, regular vinegar must be used, not the flavored ones, such as apple cider vinegar.
It will work its way to the roots and kill it in two or three days, making it easily removable.
Pour the liquid into a bottle, shake well and spray at the bottom and top of the infected plant’s leaves, and then let it dry. Praying mantis and ladybugs are sold by garden centres, so you can just buy them and release them in the garden. Depending on the geographical region you live in, it’s also important to take into account any extreme weather you may experience, such as freezing temperatures, snow or heavy rainfall. For instance, spreading organic mulch over your crops can help keep the frost out as long as possible.
Anyone can garden successfully during the month of November; all it takes is a little creativity, some strategic planning and perhaps most importantly, passion for the end result. Before you enjoy your first bloom of the summer or your first tomato plucked off the vine, you need to know some basic tips to guarantee your efforts succeed. Once you know your zones, you can research the plants that will grow best in your area and help get you one step closer to a successful garden.
But you need to consider how much sun your space will get and how well protected it is from pests and nibbling creatures.
This doesn’t have to be overwhelming, just take a soil sample to your local gardening center and they should be able to help you. Make sure that you don’t spray it on the plants, vegetables or grass, because vinegar can kill them, too. The latter helps in the successful growth of vegetables through the excess water it tends to drain and the warmer soil it provides, while the former contributes by reducing the weeds that weaken and kill the plants.Vegetable Garden Planning - Tips to ConsiderIn order to prevent possible problems during the growing season, vegetable garden planning has to be done prior to planting. In order to help your garden battle the colder temperatures and any extreme weather during the month of November, here are a few tips you may want to consider.
All you need to do is follow the link given below and see your garden yielding high-quality crops like never before. This task generally involves proper site selection where accessibility and water availability is of prime consideration.
Aside from that, crop selection and the garden layout also have to be deliberated during vegetable garden planning. The latter takes into account the family’s general preference with consideration to how they’ll use the vegetables, while the former is focused onto deciding how large the garden area has to be. This usually involves taking a look around the location, determining shaded spots, as well as identifying the sun’s movement in order to gain optimal gardening results.Vegetable Garden Ideas - Layout DesignsSome of the basic vegetable garden ideas that help complete the area’s layout design is the incorporation of rows and blocks. Planting in straight rows normally involves placing stakes at each of the garden’s end, running a string along it for row definition, and then planning a path between every row that has been created. Blocks, on the other hand, are close rows that help gardens produce more in less area by eliminating the lanes between the rows. The other effective vegetable garden ideas include planting in containers especially for limited green spaces.

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