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Sending this video to Beggar's Corner to plea for a little attention - beg requested by original submitter Doc_M.
Create New PlaylistXThis website uses cookies.This website uses cookies to improve user experience. Christopher Walken on SNL playing a man who is very afraid of plants giving gardening tips – most specifically, putting googly eyes on them. Use the "hotness" when you have opened the channel link to get videos that have gotten a lot of votes, or use "newness" to have a look at the new sifts. If the sifted video is in a play list, have a look at the play list to see other interesting videos the Sift users have linked together. Now, ferns don't have pricklers like cactuses, but what if they all ganged up and tried to choke you in your sleep?

You see, you put -- [he throws a bunch of googly eyes on the grass] you put them on and they fall right down. I don't know if I've been clear about this, but the whole concept of eye contact -- hugely important to me.

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