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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Find out here PLUS purchase all the highest quality, lowest cost sweet tree supplies in one place at the bottom of this page. For mini sweet trees like the Liquorice Allsorts or smallest Ferrero Rocher sweet tree use a polystyrene ball measuring 60mm or 70mm, with our mini 2.8" or tiny 2" bucket and a 9mm or 12mm dowel, 20cm long. If you want a very large sweet tree, or a floor standing tree, go for a ball which is 130mm or larger and a 60cm long dowel (18mm or 21mm thick) and a 5" or 6" bucket. 1 –  The upper section of the invoice will have your company name and slogan, address and other contact info. 5 – Now you need to total all this so that the customer (and you for that matter) know how much is owed.
I just started my cleaning business about 5 months ago, I finally got my first client and I’m extremely nervous because I want to do a great job. Hi tom , I just started a cleaning company and I have to submit my invoice tomorrow, It’s due on the Fifth of every month , I started the job on the 25th of last month should the invoice be from the 25th of October up until the 25th of November , or should it be from November 5-December 5 with a partial amount for October?
If you start a customer in the mid month like you did (and this customer is a regular account that you will invoice every month) then I would have just added that little amount of time to the NEXT month.
Hi Tom I have a client who’s payment is due in two days, I have yet to hear from them . Hi Tom, I just finished reading your post and I love what you do to help cleaning companies.
After we bid a job for X amount of money, do we charge extra for taxes or do we figure out the taxes to come out to the exact amount we’d bid for? Im in California, and this is my first approach to this type of business, im trying to getting in for myself and, im sure experience on the job will be benefit , but since I use to have hire cleaning service to do our job where I use to work for ( i worked as a plant manager for many years in mfg.), I kind of have some ideas, equipment is a bit different, for domestic and commercial, any advise will be appreciate.
Loonxi Quality Rust Resistance Garden Tools Set - 3 Pieces of Gardening Tool Set (Weeder, Trowel and Cultivator)•The LOONXI Ergonomic Garden Tool 4-pack includes a trowel, a cultivator, a trans-planter. Cut cloth, carpet, linoleum, leather, cardboard, tin plate, branches, foam rubber and more.
High quality motor with speed gear 200rpm (operating ratio 1:80), smooth and quiet operation. Torque is set to arrive with the automatic shutdown function, can effectively protect the screw and improve operational efficiency. Internal use of imported motor, high-quality switches, low noise operation, long service life. Suitable for air-conditioning, office communications, instrumentation and other small household appliances fast loading screws special tools. Depending upon what type of work you perform, you will either get paid right away or within an agreed upon time frame.

This means you’ll leave an invoice when finished and the customer will pay you right then and there. In this scenario you will perform the work and mail the customer an invoice that will be payable in a set time-frame. I’ll explain each section in detail, then at the very end you will get to view it all as a finished invoice. This is the section that spells out who is paying for the work to be performed and their address.
This really just involves adding everything up and calculating in the sales tax (if any) for your location.
Keep in mind an accounting program such as Quickbooks will automatically create invoices for you once you set up the program. If you are looking for a blueprint that will show you how to start a cleaning business, then check out my Cleaning Business Start Up Guides. I have a cleaning business for four years and I have some of my clients since the begining. Just keep in mind raises will bring increased scrutiny of your invoice, so keep them fair (to both you and the customer). The current invoice we use changes the date each time for us, but I don’t have a clue how to get it to change the invoice #. In commercial work it may be a one time invoice if the job was a single event type of cleaning (construction clean-up for example), but otherwise you invoice them monthly (generally). Domestic mostly, although I do have two apartment complexes that I have been cleaning for the last couple of months. So if you started the 25th of last month than I would have added the cost of last month to the NEXT months invoice.
The company who’s payment was due on the 5th finally contacted me and said they mailed the payment on the 4th and I should receive it on the 10th. I would think so, but to be sure you need to contact your local division of revenue (at the state level). Read the guide below or click here to watch some amazing short DIY sweet tree Youtube videos.
You generally won’t run into these when you first get started in the cleaning business. You could just say just about anything here to thank them for their business (the more personal the better). If you wanted to spruce them up a little you could add your logo (either in color or black and white).
If you are badly in need of a first class website then take a look at my Cleaning Business Websites.

If you are in regular contact and have a good rapport with the customer then maybe a personal conversation would work fine.
I am doing everything possible to market my company with Flyers, Business Cards, using websites.. They really love my work, they have another complex under construction and want me to do those as well.
THEN I mail February invoice on Feb 1 due net 30 (net 30 means they have 30 days to pay from the date of the invoice).
You will need to check online with your division of taxation for your location to see if you do have to add it and how much.
My biggest concern is how do I go about hiring people and how do I determine how much to pay employees as I get more accounts? With that said, do your best to figure the going rate for your area (everyone is different, there is NO standard rate), then split the difference if need be to get a going rate.
If you follow this, you will always be able to hire someone to do the job because YOU BID IT THAT WAY.
I have one lady helping me that has been with me for a few months, but she takes off at least 2 time a week for her kids.
When you go the other way and bid low, then you place yourself in a bad spot, because there isn’t enough money to go around.
If you do the cleaning all month THEN SEND them a invoice net 30 you will technically wait 60 days to get paid for the work!!!
What I can say is get all your proof together, lay it out in front of you and craft a letter that summarizes it and send it off (or call). As to pay scales (per hour vs by the job), that will be something you need to determine based upon how you structure things.
How Does It Work Tools are designed for excellent comfort and durability to make garden digging, cultivating and transplanting a breeze. Each ergonomically-designed handle fits your hand naturally, encouraging a neutral wrist position, which in turn helps reduce hand stress and fatigue. The Cast Aluminum Heads will not rust and the handles include hang holes for convenient storage.

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