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These youngsters participated in the "Digger's Gardening 101 Class at Barbara's Place on Saturday, April 25.
Outgoing Chamber president Kyle Curran welcomed the crowd numbering 270 to the event and Economic Development Director Gerald Mills took the opportunity to recognize officials from local and state government as well economic development groups around the area. Winston Plywood and Veneer erected this column on Tuesday to commemorate the one year anniversary of the tornado that destroyed the facility on April 28, 2014. On Tuesday afternoon under cloudy skies, Louisville and Winston County marked the one year anniversary of the tornado that did so much damage  to the area with a memorial dedication and a religious service.
Through fundraising efforts and City of Louisville funds, a memorial courtyard now welcomes visitors to the cemetery. Company Highlights Public-Private Partnership and Ongoing Construction at Louisville FacilityLouisville, Miss. The NEG workers have done a great job to help clean the park and the community from debris and overgrowth. A memorial dedication and a religious service will be held at the entrance of Memorial Park at 416 East John C. Several folks have asked us here at WWN if we are planning anything special on the website for the 1st anniversary of the April 28th tornado. For us at WinstonWeb, it’s too soon for that type of recognition of this anniversary.
I have seen people at their best and people at their worst over the last 12 months and I have to say that the best far surpasses the worst. This community is planning a memorial service on Tuesday to honor those whose lives were lost on that tragic day and to give thanks.
On Tuesday, WinstonWeb will cover the events of the day and recognize the passing of a milestone. The Mississippi State University Extension Service is organizing efforts to help residents Bite Back against fire ants. Extension entomologist Blake Layton said the best way to fight fire ants and have the least environmental impact is to use bait and mound treatments. This increased number of snake encounters is mostly due to movement of the reptiles from one seasonal habitat to another.
The Elite Mississippi Cheer Tiny Squad competed at the Deep South Beach Nationals in Orange Beach, Alabama and won First Place in the Tiny Level One Division. WinstonSTRONG in conjunction with Lutheran Disaster Response is planning a FREE Gearing - Up - Renew U!
The Elite Mississippi Cheer Squad from Ackerman, Mississippi recently competed in Orange Beach, Alabama at Deep South Beach Nationals and won First Place in the Senior Squad Level Two division.
Louisville High Auditorium on Tuesday for parent and public input concerning a possible Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)Program in the District. The public was presented with information relating to the use of smart phones, tablets, etc in the classroom and given the opportunity to express their concerns and ask questions related to the control and administration of such a program. Superintendent Ken McMullan told the attendees that education has no choice but to embrace technology, noting that it is part of the future and there is no going back.
Winston County Master Gardeners (WCMG) invite you to ride through the WCMG Yard of the Month for April--the home of Mrs. Due to weather concerns, the Winston County Relay for Life Commitee has made plans to move the event to the Louisville Colisieum. Given the short campaigning period and the lack of party primaries, many voters have very little knowledge about the 13 candidates who are vying for this position. A standout among Boulder nurseries for over 20 years,Harlequin’s Gardens specializes in Colorado sustainable gardens. Developed on land that was once far on the outskirts of the city,Long’s Gardens has now become part of the collection of Boulder nurseries and garden supply shops due to the city’s vast expansion. If you’re looking for a store that caters to urban homesteaders, then look no further than The Savvy Hen. However, with as beautiful as Boulder is, you’re going to have friends and family dying to come and visit you.
Four different pairs of running shoes: You’ve got to have the right shoe for the right terrain! Good pen for signing petitions: When you visit Boulder, you won’t yet be accustomed to the barrage of petitions that you’re asked to sign on any given day and you won’t have developed a system for avoiding these folks, so you’ll likely get suckered into a couple of petitions, regardless of the fact that you aren’t a registered voter in Boulder county (you can definitely use that excuse though).
A healthy liver: Not that you can exactly through this into a suitcase, but just make sure that your liver is in good shape because, with access to several world famous microbreweries and more bars than you can shake an out of state driver’s license at, you can bet you’ll be testing the limits of your liver’s capabilities. Rolling papers: Yup, weed is legal here now (maybe that’s the reason you’re taking the trip out here in the first place).
If you can fit all of those items into a sustainable, vegan carry on bag, you’ll be ready to head to Boulder ready for just about anything that comes your way. Even if you forget to pack most of these items, you’re still going to have a great time in a city with some of the best views in the country, some of the most delicious food in the state and some of the most diverse activities possible at any point of the year. We’re smack dab in the middle of WinterSpring or SpringWinter or whatever you want to call that crazy unpredictable weather that engulfs Boulder during the Ides of March (which is tomorrow, in case you were wondering). Located on the corner of 14th and Pearl, this is the one place I’ve included that’s truly on the Pearl Street Mall. The Lazy Dog’s rooftop is impressive. When I turned 21, this was my first choice for rooftop drinking and the West Endwill always hold a special place in my heart for that. Located at Table Mesa and Broadway, the Southern Sun is in a completely different area and has a more mellow vibe from the hustle and bustle of downtown. I haven’t had a chance to visit this place yet, but every time I look at their menu, I start to drool. I’m sure I’ve missed some other great rooftops in Boulder, so if you have a recommendation, be sure to mention it in the comments. As one of the foodiest towns in the country, Boulder definitely boasts some spectacular farm-to-table and upscale restaurants. While there’s a wide variety of menu items that constitute a Vietnamese menu, ask any hungov – er, sick college student which menu item is a necessity and they will answer in chorus: Pho.
In Boulder, you don’t have to wait for Colorado Craft Beer Week to have an excuse to go brewery hopping, it’s an every day event! If you are in the mood for a sit down restaurant or pub with some Boulder beer, then the places below should be just your speed. BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse – Even though it’s a national chain, and doesn’t have the best reviews, BJ’s still has a nice size following in Boulder. Boulder Beer Brewery – As Colorado’s first microbrewery, Boulder Beer has been supplying the thirsty of people of Boulder with craft beer since 1979. Bru – Located right in the heart of the “Brewmuda Triangle”, Bru has perfected the art of craft beer and food pairing. Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery – This is a true craft brew and restaurant staple here in Boulder. West Flanders Brewing Company – Located right in the middle of Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall, West Flanders is a great place to have nice pint of craft beer and a bite to eat.
Asher Brewing Company – For those interested in sustainability and organic ingredients, Asher takes the cake. Avery Brewing – Nestled in quiet location in East Boulder, Avery is one of the most popular breweries in Boulder, and rightly so.
Sanitas Brewing Co. – This growing brewery is quickly becoming a household name here in Boulder. The Kettle and Stone Brewing Company – When the founders of a place bring 15 years of experience working at breweries such as Mountain Sun and Oskar Blues, you know you have a winner on your hands. Twisted Pine Brewing Company – Even though I would categorize Twisted Pine as more of a brewery than a restaurant, this place has enough craft beer and food for everyone. Wild Woods Brewery – With wooden tables and tree branches as their decor, Wild Woods’s handcrafted beer is truly inspired by the outdoors. Boulder’s craft brewery scene continues to grow and offer more amazing beer options for craft beer lovers everywhere. Sometimes, however, you just want a heaping plate of cheese, meat, beans, tortilla, sour cream and lettuce (avocados optional).
Long celebrated as some of the best Mexican food in Boulder, Efrain’s is a little bit of a drive to the outskirts of Boulder, but fans say it’s worth it.
Nestled in next to the DMV on the Diagonal Parkway, 100% Mexicano pretty much describes exactly what you’re going to get. Another Boulder staple that’s been around for years, this has been the quintessential Mexican restaurant since 1994. In East Boulder, right around 55th and Arapahoe, buried in a shopping center (beware the parking situation in this lot, it is apparently a beast of a chore), liesPica’s, which serves up fresh, healthy tacos with heaping helpings of ingredients.
The entire premise of hole-in-the-wall Mexican joints makes them harder to find than many other restaurants, so if you’ve got another favorite, by all means, add it to this list in the comments. Now go enjoy some complimentary chips and salsa, drink a margarita and enjoy a meal that will leave you full and happy. So whether you are new in town, just visiting, or even a local who is looking for a great bite to eat and don’t know where to go, I’ve compiled a list of some of the top restaurants in Boulder based on regional style and price. The Kitchen Group ($$-$$$): Is definitely one of the more unique groups of restaurants in the Boulder dining scene.
Flagstaff House ($$$$): With its long history, extensive wine list, and almost perfect rating on Yelp, Flagstaff House has definitely earned its reputation as one of the best and most upscale American restaurants in the Boulder dining landscape. OAK At Fourteenth ($$$): I don’t know what it is about Pearl Street that attracts top-notch American style restaurants. The Buff Restaurant ($$): If you’re looking for one of the best brunch restaurants in Boulder, then look no further. If you’re a big fan of the brunch, make sure to check out our list of other greatbrunch restaurants in Boulder. There are so many different types and styles of food from our friends on the other side of the Pacific that our very own Kelly Tidd put together a list of the best Asian restaurants in Boulder, listed by type and country of origin. Even though India is technically in Asia, it is so unique in taste (and smell) that I felt like it needed its own category. Tandoori Grill ($$): As a lunch buffet by day, and a more upscale, sit down restaurant at night, Tandoori Grill is quickly becoming one of the best go-to Indian restaurants in Boulder. Gurkhas on the Hill ($): Though technically an Indian restaurant, Gurkhas also serves some of the best authentic Nepalese and Tibetan cuisine around. Frasca Food and Wine ($$$$): With their exquisitely prepared Italian fare and a comprehensive wine list with over 200 varieties, Frasca has not only put their Friuli-Venezia Giulia style cuisine (Northern Italy) on the map here in Boulder, they are renowned all over the country. Il Pastaio ($$): This place might seem like a hidden gem if it’s your first time passing by, but this place is one of the most popular and authentic Italian restaurants in town.
Arugula Bar E Ristorante ($$): Nestled in a nice quiet shopping center in North Boulder, Arugula has everything you’d expect from an authentic Italian restaurant.
Pizzeria Locale ($$): Located right next door to Frasca Food and Wine (same owners) on Pearl Street in downtown Boulder, this place is an excellent contemporary Italian restaurant and pizzeria inspired by the traditional cuisine of Naples, Italy.
Boulder Pizza: If you’re looking for the best slice of Pizza in town, make sure to check out our local Boulder Pizza Guide to find the best spots near you.
Zolo Southwestern Grill ($$): Zolo is not your typical Mexican restaurant (more like New Mexican). Efrain’s Mexican Restaurant ($): An authentic Mexican restaurant that won’t break the bank – needless to say, this is not a fancy place for a first date. If you really want to feel like you’re South of the border, make sure to check out our list of the best authentic Mexican food restaurants in Boulder. Show off your dance moves. You really don’t have to save your sweet dance moves for “da club” anymore.
Kick some ass. There are so many ways to beat the living snot out of people, however, there are few martial arts designed to give the “little guy” a leg up like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Get your feet wet. Just because we’re land locked does not mean you can’t learn to dive to the ocean depths. Go jump out of a plane. There is almost nothing in this world that will get your heart racing quite like skydiving.
Lift off with aerial. This sport is becoming more and more popular since you can pair an unbelievable workout with the ability to wear fun costumes. Be hell on wheels. Did you know that Colorado is second only to Texas for the number of roller derby leagues in the state? Now, I’m not saying that men can’t participate in most of these sports (maybe leave the pole dancing alone), and many do participate. With Hapa Sushi announcing that they have plans to open up a fast-casual sushi joint called Motomaki at the Twenty Ninth Street Mall this summer, Boulder adds another gourmet restaurant to its fast-casual repertoire.
For so long, people associated fast-casual food with convenient, but not quite healthy food options. However, there’s a delightful new trend in Boulder that makes fast-casual a less gluttonous experience.
This relatively new chain claims several locations around Colorado including one in Boulder. Let’s give this list a little bit of international flavor because there are a wide variety of fast-casual places that offer up sweet and savory ethnic food.
You can’t have a fast-casual food list without some Chinese food in the mix andZoe Ma Ma is the perfect Boulder fit. Boulder has got some pretty unconventional options when it comes to fast-casual dining, so take that, Qdoba! Y’all love it when we talk food here, so we decided to revisit the Boulder BBQ scene — prime spring and summer fare. The Rib House: With an entire house dedicated to ribs, this place could either be the site of a horror movie or a place that serves up some mean barbecued ribs.
Wayne’s Smoke Shack: For fans of true Texas BBQ, take a little jaunt just outside of Boulder to Wayne’s Smoke Shack in Superior and get a mouthful of downhome flavor.
The program sponsored by Penick Organics and Barbara's Place provides kids from 6-11 the opportunity to learn about soil, plants and gardening. Ground and foundation work has been underway for sometime at the the South Church location and building construction should begin soon. The events were held alongside Hwy 397 at Memorial Park  Cemetery which was near the center of much of the devastation. The garden area consists of 10 trees representing each victim of the storm, raised beds,7 flagpoles for the US and state flag and for the branches of military service, granite benches and a monument bearing the names of the residents who lost their lives. The Center Ridge Community regrets that the NEG Grant runs out May 16, 2015 with much work left to be done. Highway Patrol, National Anthem by Parker Bullock, a Litany of Thanksgiving, Dedication, Proclamation, a Remembrance of those lost and a Veterans Tribute. In spite of our losses and the difficulties this event brought into almost all of our lives over the past year, it is a time to be thankful - thankful that maybe we were given an opportunity to recognize the many things that we take for granted, thankful for our family and friends, thankful for our leadership through this time and thankful for our sense of community that has helped us work together to accomplish all that has been done in the past year.
The Pilot Club of Louisville loves to serve our community, and what better way than to host a fun outdoor event where the focus is both on fun and on safety for our children. Tell them the pain actually comes from a sting rather than a bite, and they’ll say it still hurts. The solution is a simple two-part attack, but success comes in the long-term follow-through. Because snakes are cold-blooded animals, they rely on external sources of heating and cooling, such as the sun or a patch of shade, to regulate their body temperature.
McMullan indicated that the Distrct was considering the program because, "financially, LMSD cannot afford to buy every student a device.
Bryant set May 12 as the special election date to fill the seat left vacant in Mississippi's first Congressional District due to the death of U.S. Sullivan was transported by the Winston County Sheriff's Office to the custody of Oktibbeha County officials. Sullivan (53) faces an indictment for insurance fraud in Winston County and possible other charges. The store is well known in gardening circles for the owner, Eve Reshetnik-Brawner’s, near encyclopedic knowledge of plants, flowers and everything garden related. This store, a recent addition to Pearl Street, caters to chicken and beekeepers, gardeners, food preservers and more.
I live in Boulder, you don’t need to tell me how to pack for my place of residence.” Maybe you didn’t say it quite as formally as that, but you get my point. Since there are so many amazing things to do in Boulder, you may just want to send them this link and tell them to follow it to a T. But the sheer amount of delicious eateries located downtown might have you packing in a little too much at a time. This is the time when people, sick to death of being cooped up for several months, flood the parks, patios and any other open space outdoors any time there’s a sunny, warm day.
It’s sweet and refreshing, plus, with a limit of four margs per customer (they pack a punch), you’re not going to spend too much either. The Rio is located right downtown on Walnut and has been a fixture in Boulder for as long as I can remember. Plus, with a menu that makes your mouth water, the West End rooftop is a great place for drinks and dinner (or lunch). This place has Merlot Burgers.  I’m not entirely sure what that means, but if it’s meat and wine, I fail to see how you can go wrong.
Perhaps you have a favorite park or secret spot that can’t be beat; if you feel like sharing, you can give us those details as well.
From Thai to Japanese and Indian to Vietnamese, the menu items vary vastly and delight various regions of your taste buds. Boulderites love themselves some sushi, so there are no shortage of sushi places in Boulder proper.
Luckily, one of our other staffers has got you covered when it comes to finding the best pho restaurant in Boulder, so my work here is done. If you have a free afternoon, go gorge yourself on Saag Paneer and naan and then promptly pass out when you get home. There are so many amazing Asian restaurants in Boulder that I couldn’t possibly list them all here.
Whether you just want to try a new beer or sit down and have a meal, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for a typical American sit-down restaurant that makes its own brew, then this is your spot.
Since then, it has grown into a full-fledged restaurant and bar with abundant indoor and gorgeous outdoor patio seating.
Not only do they brew their own beer, but they also have plenty of unique food options that pair together perfectly.
Not only can they brag about being the first brew-bistro in town, they have over 30 beers on tap and an extensive food menu that offers options for the whole family. With two daily happy hours and friendly low-key vibes, you can see why Mountain Sun is one of the most popular places for the locals to enjoy some good food and local beer. James Irish Red Ale and the Old Elk Brown Ale, it’s not hard to see why Walnut Brewery has been a downtown Boulder brewery restaurant staple for years.
It can get pretty crowded on the weekends, but that never stops people from dropping in and enjoying a delicious brew burger and a Trippel Lutz or Angry Monk with friends. Their brewery and tasting room is 100% wind powered and their beer ingredients are USDA Certified Organic.
With over 20 craft brews on tap, daily tours, and awesome finger food to keep you going, Avery Brewing has definitely earned its stripes as not only one of the best breweries in Boulder, but in the country.
The owner, Jamie Wells, was strongly influenced by the IPA beers of the West Coast and the malty beers of England. With beer names like Hoppy Boy IPA and Ghost Face Killah, it’s no wonder why Twisted Pine is a favorite with the locals. Upslope has made a huge splash to the Boulder brewery scene since they first opened their doors in back in 2008. Make sure to vote on your favorites and offer any new suggestions in comment section below.
From farm to table faire to fusion everything, Boulder chefs are culinary geniuses in the kitchen. There are days when nothing but authentic Mexican food will sate the hunger growing in your belly.
But I’m talking, hole-in-the-wall, telenovelas blaring on the TV, Mexican Coke in glass bottles Mexican food. It doesn’t mean I don’t think that Agave, Tahona and Rio Grande aren’t fantastic eating establishments; they just don’t fit the qualities that I’m looking for in this piece.
There is typically a bit of a wait due to its notoriety, but once you get a taste of their food, the wait will have been worth it. You see, this tiny little shack, also just off the Diagonal, only has room for a kitchen and a cashier. It’s a great place to grab a burrito or taco and enjoy free serving of chips and salsa before the meal arrives. There’s a bit more authentic (or bordering on authentic) Mexican food in Boulder than you might have imagined! Bon appetit — here’s your Boulder Dining Guide (and so let us know if we happened to have missed one of your favorites). They have three locations in downtown Boulder and they all have their own twist of culture and fare.
This newer style American restaurant is located on the Pearl Street Mall in the heart of downtown Boulder. This place gets packed quick, so make sure you stop by early to grab a table (and they recently moved so make sure your visit theirnew location). Make sure to check out our list of the best Pho restaurants in Boulder if you’re looking to dive in to some great soup. Their chef was born and raised in New York City so you will see a lot of traditional Italian dishes and recipes. They serve out some great Mezcal and tequila margaritas and offer attractive happy hour prices.
We’ve got amazing rock climbing within minutes, gorgeous trails all over the city and we’re only a couple hours away from epic skiing or snowboarding.
Dance classes are a great way to get your heart pumping, increase coordination and learn something new all at once. This style of martial arts is great for women, as it focuses strongly on core movements and using an opponent’s momentum against them, making it a tremendous form of self-defense.
In fact, Colorado is a pretty popular place for scuba divers, making it a great place for you to learn. From trapeze to ropes and curtains, aerial is a full body workout like no other and results in a rock hard core and ripped arms and legs.
I just see an added benefit for our hard-core, fun-loving women in Boulder to give these particular alternatives to the norm a try. You want to skip the fake food-in-a-box places but you’re willing to get out of the car and sit if it means healthy, delicious, AND fast.
Places like Chipotle, Noodles, and Buffalo Wild Wings sprout up all over the country and, well, we love them because they give us pretty good food for a decent price and we don’t have to wait for it. Food that doesn’t dent your wallet, but also doesn’t cause your cholesterol count to sky rocket. Customers can enjoy farm fresh food and unique menu items, plus they offer food to fit just about any restrictive diet, be it vegan, dairy-free or paleo.

You can include that on a list of things that I never thought I’d write in my lifetime. Native Foods has places all over the West Coast and Chicago and their menu has earned them the praise of vegans around town. Among them isCurry-N-Kebob, which offers Indian food at reasonable prices (and it’s pretty damn good too).
Get your comfort foods such as dumplings (they’re vegan) or hot and sour soup, but with a Boulder twist: everything is made with high quality ingredients like cage-free eggs and all-natural meat.
What are some of your favorite places in Boulder where you can get a quick meal for a great price? However, I typically don’t have the patience to slow cook pork all day nor do I have a smoker to make the perfect brisket. I’ll admit that, while I knew about the two places in Denver, I didn’t realize that this place was somewhat of a chain restaurant with places all over the country. Fortunately for us, it’s the latter and The Rib House goes so far as to serve up Tracy’s Illegal Babyback Ribs. While it may be on the outskirts of Boulder, it’s still part of the Boulder BBQ culture and has quickly become a favorite for Southern-style BBQ devotees in the area. The original mill, idled since 2009, was destroyed one year ago today when a devastating F4 tornado struck Louisville. The site will also provide information on employment opportunities at the company as they become available. Sadly I’ve seen much of that commonality fade as people struggle with everyday life and the hard process of rebuilding. In the winter, snakes seek warm dens in burrows, stumps or piles of wood and brush where the temperatures are higher than the surface.
The goal of this camp is to help youth affected by disaster build strength to face life's hardships.
The priority will be youth directly affected through damage to their home, but since disasters affect communities, other youth from the community will be welcome as space allows.
To learn about tryouts for the squad, which will be held on May 16th call Lauren Tidwell at 662-769-3033.
There are numerous garden vignettes sure to please and inspire, along with places to sit and to stroll. It’s that time of year again, the sun is shining, we’ve got warm weather and spring rain all combining to create the perfect ingredients for the beginning of gardening season. Even a critical car accident in January that left Eve with a fractured pelvis, sacrum, and vertebra hasn’t stopped this business from opening its doors seven days a week starting this month. You can get lost for hours in the sights and smells of their greenhouse and the floral arrangements they create are a beauty to behold. They offer all the supplies and knowledge you’ll need to bring a little bit of the farm into your home. The owners, Jason and Shannon, have a vast knowledge of Colorado trees and can help you decide which varieties will work best in your soil and sun. A hobby that I’m sure has picked up popularity since the legalization of marijuana this past year. You need one for your keys in your pocket and one to clip your water bottle to your backpack. You might think you can never have enough farm-to-table meals in one day, but if you try all of the options available in Downtown Boulder, you might find yourself rethinking that notion. And we encourage this — especially since the excise tax on your purchases all go to supporting our public schools. You can actually hear the collective Ahhh of the city’s inhabitants when the temperatures hit 60 degrees. While most of the killer rooftop bars and restaurants in Boulder are in downtown Boulder, there are a few that step outside those boundaries.
The food here is acceptable, but I would suggest using this place as meeting point for friends to grab a pitcher of beer and soak up the sun before heading on to other venues as day turns into night. Plus, they have a beautiful rooftop patio with some spectacular unobstructed views of the mountains and it’s also another bar off the downtown strip. Here are just a handful of those offerings — and definitely let us know if you have additions to the best Asian restaurants in Boulder. Anytime I feel under the weather, I swear by a good Hot and Sour soup to make the world right again. Tsing Tao, located in the Table Mesa shopping center, has vegan Hot and Sour soup to die for. So if you have a favorite that you don’t see here, by all means, please leave it in the comments. Below are some of the most popular Boulder beer purveyors, along with craft breweries for your hops-laden pleasure. If it’s your first time there, make sure to try their famous Hazed & Infused and Buffalo Gold brews. If you happen to be in South Boulder, make sure to check out their sister restaurant, Southern Sun Pub & Brewery. For those who don’t care about any of that and just want to drink some good craft beer, try their Green Lantern Organic Kolsch and Tree Hugger Organic Amber.
J Wells also specializes in serving some standout IPA, Pale Ale, and British bitter craft beers.
Also, in an act of friendly competition and neighborly love, they recently teamed up with Boulder Beer Brewery to create a new and unique brew.
A splash so big, in fact, that they recently opened a huge new taproom in East Boulder in addition to their flagship North Boulder location.
It’s located right next to a gas station, but people line up for breakfast and lunch here every day.
The Kitchen is the more upscale restaurant of the three with amazing traditional American food. They do a lot of great twists to some more traditional American dishes at very reasonable prices. With their relaxed professional atmosphere, in-house bottled sodas, and new-style American fare, OAK at fourteenth is a great neighborhood restaurant and perfect for a night out. They are in Boulder however, so their menu has plenty of new takes and gluten-free options as well. So if you’re allergic to typical ingredients found in Mexican food (such as onions in guacamole) or are a picky eater, stop by Zolo for a quick bite, drinks, or a full meal. Also, speaking from experience, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu folks are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.
While this may not be the most intense workout you ever have, scuba diving can be a very relaxing activity that still keeps you moving. Folks new to the sport will begin jumping in tandem with a professional, but if you find yourself hooked, you can always work yourself up to solo skydiving. It’s also beautiful to watch, so you have the opportunity to show off in front of your friends.
Colorado has a kick ass derby scene and several national equipment and retail companies have their roots right in Colorado, so finding gear and mentors is easy peasy.
In addition, the decor at Modmarket certainly beats eating at one of the tables in Whole Foods. Their location at the Twenty Ninth Street Mall, along with Modmarket, makes this location a sort of fast-casual mecca for vegans looking for a quick fix. Now, this probably doesn’t fit into the “healthy, light” food category (roasted pork, ham and Swiss cheese on the Cuban sandwich alone), but screw it; it’s not everywhere in Colorado that you can find good Cuban food on the fly.
While I’m not sure if you’ll get arrested for eating them, they do also feature prehistoric foul on their menu: Pterodactyl Wings! Please take note that this is a lunch only restaurant and they only stay open for as long as they have meat.
Barbara's Place Home and Garden Center is located on North Columbus in Louisville and retails all types of plants, fertilizers, gardening supplies and feed. They learn to do this by dealing with their fears, experiencing relief from stress, connecting with God, and building practical preparedness skills through music, art, and recreational activities. Applications with payment must be postmarked by May 10 for the first camp or June 1 for the second camp. I don’t know about you, but I love digging in the dirt and watching a garden grow all spring and summer. They offer 11 acres of the property on the east side to the public for community gardens and education. In addition to supplies, they also offer classes to learn a little bit more about urban farming.
In fact, the owner of the Way to Grow chain was charged with distributing marijuana a couple years ago, so you can take that as a sort of testament to their knowledge of indoor gardening. Read on to see if your favorites are included and maybe you can find a new rooftop bar in Boulder to catch some rays. Or, just drink until the food is more sustenance than substance and catch a cab or walk back to your abode. If you’re searching for a place that will finally satisfy your need for spicy food, order your dishes spicy. No matter which one you go to, just remember to bring cash since they don’t except credit cards.
Dubbed the Boulder Common, this new brew blends together original American style beer with modern India Pale Ale to create a great easy going beer. They hand craft all of their brews in small batches and is one of the only breweries that use true authentic Patagonian hops.
The Kitchen Next Door (which is right next door to The Kitchen) has a more laid-back atmosphere with great comfort food and drink prices. It’s only just recently that the health benefits of the actual act are being utilized in gym rooms around the country. There are two places to give BJJ a try in Boulder: 10th Planet Brazilian Jiu Jitsu andEaston Training Center, which also offers classes in Muay Thai and Kickboxing. A great scuba center in Boulder, Ocean First Divers, also have wonderful conservation classes as well as couple’s night classes.
Local company, Frequent Flyers, offers classes to folks ages six and up, so there’s really no excuse to give it a try. Boulder also has their owner roller derby league: the Boulder County Bombers, so women in Boulder can give this hard hitting, endurance sport a try.
Here’s a gander at some of the Boulder BBQ joints I’ve taken a fancy to — and maybe they’re among your favorites as well. Plus, for those of you abstaining from animal flesh, they have a couple veggie options with tofu or tempeh.
It’s a rewarding pastime, and for those of you excited to get your garden growing this spring, here’s a list of the local nurseries and garden supply stores in the Boulder area. Long’s will be opening for the year on April 26th, a little later than usual because of repairs that needed to be made on damages to their irrigation system that were caused by the floods last fall. Hell, bring a few extra for your backpack in case you need to clip a few more things to it. The Kitchen Upstairs (you guessed it — just up the stairs from The Kitchen and The Kitchen Next Door) is designed for more of the premium drinks and finger-food crowd. Well, here are a few great ideas for activities and sports that are either designed for women or an empowering sport for women to learn.
All jokes about dollar bills aside, pole dancing is a spectacular way to tone your core and develop some killer muscles in both your arms and legs.

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