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In late September, the Breastfeeding Coalition of Oregon in partnership with Oregon WIC, Multnomah County Health Department, The Oregon Public Health Institute, and the Child Care Resource and Referral Network  produced a video to help child care providers support breastfeeding families and their babies. In an effort to keep our families safe, we are lobbying the city to making the corner of NW 24th and Irving a four-way stop.
Our Facilities Committee recently contacted Kurt Krueger, Development Review Manager for the City of Portland, to see about making the corner of NW 24th and Irving a four-way stop. Tubtrugs Storage Buckets are the original 2-handled storage buckets that are useful for thousands of jobs both inside and outside of the home.
With all the camping and outdoors things we do as a family, we are always on the hunt for better ways to transport and store our outdoor items. The only downside of the Tubtrugs Storage Bucket is that they do not originally come with the bucket covers. Tubtrugs Storage Buckets are great for so many things, both inside our home and outside of it.
We notice that you are using Internet Explorer version 9 or older which no longer supports Craftsy. Doyenne du Comice is one of the finest eating pear varieties.  Comice is often grown against a wall in the UK, and the delicious, juicy ripe pear just melts in the mouth.
When is the right time to pick pears?   Pears will ripen according to variety, weather and location. This seasonal box of British apples and pears contains juicy, well flavoured Comice pears and crunchy crisp Cox apples. A ?10 voucher and Thompson & Morgan Fruit Collection catalogue is included to encourage  growing your own delicious fruit. Click this link for more details about this wicker-effect basket containing 10 British Cox apples & 10 British Comice  pears which makes a delightful present.

Wasps have been a big problem this year and have caused a lot of damage to the pears on the tree. Pick Pears before the Wind damages them.  Branches and twigs hitting the pears will bruise them and the pears will rot quickly on the tree. But the damaged, bruised and pecked pears have been seperated as they will not keep.  So we will use these first.  If we are not eating the raw pears quickly enough, I will simmer them in red wine before freezing them for a special occassion! Traditionally, pears were put in a drawer (so dark) in a chest in the spare room – which was cool.
Winter pears, such as Anjour, Comice and Bosc require 3 or 4 weeks in the fridge after picking to ripen properly. This item has been provided for private study purposes (such as school projects, family and local history research) and any published reproduction (print or electronic) may infringe copyright law. All text licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 New Zealand Licence unless otherwise stated.
Fruit & Flower has hundreds of kids in attendance and because we have a turnaround only available for drop off and pick up, many of our parents park on nearby streets and walk to their cars with very small children. Krueger thanked for our input and said he would forward the information on to his traffic investigation team that looks into these types of requests.
The storage tubs are great to use for gardening, toy storage, pet needs, organizing spaces, carrying items – the list goes on and on! The Tubtrugs Storage Buckets are great for not only our camping, fishing, and hunting gear but also for things in and around the house.
When we ordered our first set, we were surprised the covers were not included since they were key to keeping our items safe from water and being able to stack the buckets. Storing, carrying, mixing, pouring, organizing – almost any task you can think of can be solved with these storage tubs.

Renowned artist Patricia Watwood leads you through the simple steps to create a striking figure study. For the best experience we suggest upgrading your browser to the latest version, or optionally downloading Google Chrome or Firefox. I softened the edge of the pear on the right and changed the former of if the pear just a little. It is the responsibility of the user of any material to obtain clearance from the copyright holder.
These heavy-duty tubs will hold up to even the toughest jobs while the study, double-handled design makes it easy to carry them from one project to the next. These storage buckets have a great, sturdy design and the handles make it easy for us to move them from one place to the next.
But, once we ordered the covers separately, we were able to keep items safe and clean and also realized the tubs would be great food storage buckets when we went camping, helping to keep critters out of the supplies.
So, whether you are looking for outdoor gear storage and transportation like we were or an easier way to organize and store your children’s toys, these buckets are a great solution.
We told him about the existing four-way stoplight on Kearney and asked him what we steps we need to take to install one on the corner of Irving.

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