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Gardening Mama sees Mama heading into the great outdoors to turn an empty garden into a tranquil paradise.
I always use the same recipe for pie crust, whether for meat pies, tarts or other baked goodies.
Hope you enjoy this recipe – please send me your comments, suggestions, experiences and pictures – your input is always welcomed and very much appreciated!
There is no treatment for hand foot & mouth, but I knew some homeopathic remedies would help alleviate some of my sons pain and could possibly cut the time of infection in half. If you have never heard of wild oreganol (specifically wild P73) listen up folks, this stuff is gold in the homeopathic world! Research has shown that if this herb is used abundantly in a tea or tincture at the beginning of the illness, it will usually shorten the illness to less than 24 hours. I made a tea including all three of these herbs (1 tablespoon of each), sweetened it with raw wild honey and offered it to him as much as I could. Using scrapbooking cardstock, I traced the front and back cover of the composition notebook. I found that it was important to line up the paper straight on the binding of the book, and to trace each cover separately, as they are not the same size. Next, I sprayed the notebook cover with spray adhesive, being careful not to get any on the binding. Last, carefully place the paper on the adhesive covered notebook, and smooth the paper to ensure a strong bond.
Green-fingered players use the touch screen to dig holes, plant seeds, mix fertiliser and ultimately grow a range of fruits, flowers and vegetables.Just like Cooking Mama saw players engaging in different stages of a recipe, Gardening Mama breaks the plant growing process up into small bite-size chunks of game play.
Place each round into the pie plate and gently press into the bottom, Then – with your fist, press into the bottom corners, making sure you have enough dough to bring up the sides of the plate. Cover the pie with another round piece of dough and gently press all the edges with your fingers.
Now you can wrap your pies with plastic wrap –  I usually double wrap them to prevent freezer burn. I served the meat pies for dinner last night along with parslied baby potatoes and cucumber and tomato salad and sorry – forgot to take the picture!

At the time, I totally forgot I had just read an article in Parenting magazine describing the rash than can come from this infection. It can also spread through infected stool, such as when you change a diaper or when a young child gets stool on his or her hands and then touches objects that other children put in their mouths. Preuss, Professor of Physiology and Biophysics, and his research team tested wild oregano on Staphylococcus bacteria – which is responsible for a variety of severe infections and is becoming increasingly resisted to many antibiotics. I avoid most forms of pharmaceutical pain relievers because they can sometimes have negative affects. It contain large amounts of vitamins and trace minerals and helps the body stay hydrated and remove toxins. It is very good for fever, as it induces perspiration and is great for all childhood type illnesses.
Having these herbs on hand will help in many situations other than something more serious as hand-foot-and-mouth. Keeping some of these handy immune boosting herbs and tinctures on hand will allow you to start treatment immediately.
I have been wanting to try this Pinterest-worthy bread for a while now and finally found a free moment to make it. The simple mini-games can be played by wannabe gardeners of all ages, as they grow increasingly more colourful and rare flowers. I use aluminum plates and spray them first with non stick cooking spray to make sure the pies are easily removed after baking. As my sister in law told me a little about the contagious infection, I was already thinking what I could give my son to help boost his immune system.
Hand-foot-and-mouth disease is an illness that causes sores in or on the mouth and on the hands, feet, and sometimes the buttocks and legs. Often the disease breaks out within a community. It usually takes 3 to 6 days for a person to get symptoms of hand-foot-and-mouth disease after being exposed to the virus.
They compared wild oreganos effects to those of the standard antibiotic Streptomycin, Penicillin and Vancomycin. The book I mentioned above is an amazing guide when it comes to caring for your child during any illness.

All you really have to do is put into your meat pies what you like or what your family likes.Once you have the filling done, just taste it and add spices or seasonings to your taste. If after about 3 minutes you don’t think the gravy is thick enough, repeat the process until you get thick gravy. I always make these pies in 2 steps – one day, I make the filling, next day I assemble the pies. Use a fork to press the edges down firmly – it will secure the filling and give your pies a nice uniform look. Wild oregano oil at relatively low doses was found to inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus bacteria in the test tubes as effectively as the standard antibiotic! In general, use when your child is clingy, demanding of attention, easily agitated, or in pain. When it first comes out of the oven it’s very crunchy, but once cooled and stored in an airtight container overnight in the refrigerator, it turns into a softer consistency.
After you finish the edging, make a few holes with the fork in centre to top crust – that will allow steam to escape when the pie is baking.
Before baking, brush tops with beaten egg – the pies will turn out beautiful golden brown.
His poor little body was covered in little red bumps and his little feet had tiny little blisters which are common symptoms of this condition. We were away for the weekend and by the time we returned we quickly became aware our son had been in contact with his sick cousin all week.
In another study, Oreganol P73 was found to completely inhibit the growth of candida albicans in culture! My friend that cut out carbs said that she made a version of cloud bread to make the first truly tasty, no-carb sandwich she’s eaten in years. Her zen personality keeps her sane while caring for her son Hendrix as she maintains a freelance career as a social media specialist and gluten free food blogger at ThaiandTattoos.
Hailing from New Jersey, Shazmin loves to spend time outdoors with her husband Scott and their sweet baby boy.

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