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What happens when employees take holiday, fall sick, or have other reasons that affect their attendance? Some forms of leave require employers to pay the employee as if they were still at work, but organisations are not obliged to pay during other forms of absence. This Personnel Today webinar, in association with Cascade HR, looks at the legal and practical aspects of various types of leave: sickness absence, holiday and different forms of parental leave.
Attendees will be given a sneak preview of XpertHR’s 2016 absence survey, so they can understand how their organisation’s sickness absence levels compare to others. Marie Walsh is director and solicitor at Consilia Legal, an experienced employment lawyer who has acted on behalf of a wide range of clients throughout her 13 years of practice.
January 2016 calendar holidays - united states, January 2016 calendar with holidays - united states.
May 2016 calendar printable, june 2016 calendar printable, May 2016 calendar printable hello. You receive an email that appears to be from the human resources department of a major retailer or a recruitment firm.
Some positions are more likely to be scams. Always be wary of work-from-home offers, secret shopper positions, or any job with a generic title, such as caregiver or customer service representative.
If a job looks suspicious, search for it online. If the result comes up in other cities with the exact same  job post, it is likely a scam.

Watch out for on-the-spot job offers. You may be an excellent candidate for the job, but beware of offers made without an interview. Financial Conduct Authority chief executive Martin Wheatley quit last year amid rumours of a row with the Chancellor, who felt Wheatleya€™s combative approach towards bankers was hurting BritaiA In total, Wheatley will pick up A?827,000 for the 16 months between the start of the FCAa€™s last financial year on April 1 and the moment he finally leaves.This includes a A?48,000 bonus, A?57,000 towards a pension and A?89,000 in other benefits including A?36,123 for a chauffeur-driven car. It meant Wheatleya€™s days were numbered a€“ and he resigned after the Chancellor called for a€?different leadershipa€™.
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How should employers manage attendance fairly, without running the risk of discrimination or underpaying workers? She is well known and respected among her peers for her straightforward, no-nonsense approach to issues and her common sense attitude. She has extensive experience of equality law in cases covering all types of discrimination and represents clients on a variety of aspects of employment law, including whistleblowing.
With a background in qualitative and quantitative research and psychology, she is responsible for many of XpertHR employment research surveys and has focused on topics including absence and attendance, learning and development and employee benefits.
Seasonal work can be a great way to make extra money during the holidays, but watch out for fake job scams. The email says the company is hiring employees for the holiday season and claims to pay a high hourly wage.

Busy schedules mean that people may be less vigilant in November and December and can easily fall prey to cons. These positions often don’t require special training or licensing, so they appeal to a wide range of applicants. Scammers know this and use these otherwise legitimate titles in their fake ads.
He has been on gardening leave since.As Wheatley quit with a 12-month notice period his last day on the payroll will be July 31. She acts predominantly on behalf of businesses and senior executives in all areas of employment law. She has advised and acted on behalf of numerous local authorities and unions including the Police Federation and the Metropolitan Police Service. Or, if you complete the “application,” you will be sharing your personal information with scammers and opening yourself up to identity theft.
All you have to do is click the link at the bottom of the message and fill out an online application.
All of those were rejected and Bailey was offered the job without going through a formal interview process.

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