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It grows to 6 feet tall, is surrounded by a sinister-looking cape and, for a few hours, pulsates with a stench that could make a pirate wretch.
The titan arum at the New York Botanical Garden is on the verge of opening, and already visitors are filling the Palm Dome at the center of the Haupt Conservatory.
Horticulturists at the three botanical institutions hope to share pollen for breeding purposes, because the arum does not self-pollinate. As with the Washington specimen, known internally as Charlotte to distinguish it from George, which bloomed three years ago, Audrey is currently in a coiled phase. Its flowering has become a hugely popular if not common phenomenon in botanical gardens around the world, not least because this plant draws thousands of ticket-paying visitors. The plant is also growing at a rate and size beyond expectations, given the smallish girth of its bulb.
When George bloomed in 2013, the horticulturists set up a step ladder after hours to get pictures and to experience the most potent period of odor. Quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit qui in ea voluptate velit esse quam nihil molestiae consequatur, vel illum qui dolorem? For my smaller garden plots I use deodorized ‘Barnyard Manure’ that comes bagged and ready to add to the garden. The mulch and manure additives ensure proper drainage, root growth, and water retention for your garden.
So, before turning the compost additives into the planting bed, add two sources of nutrition. In summary, here is the formula of soil amendments and additives to use this spring: Begin with a 2-inch layer of 50% composted mulch and 50% deodorized manure.
Freshly turned soil is light and airy, so tread carefully on your amended garden soil so it retains this texture. Exact additive amounts were not given in this column because those depend on the size of your garden plot. A contest reminder to my Facebook fans: I’ll be asking for photos of your best-looking container gardens later this spring. Our anti-spam protection requires that you enable JavaScript in your browser to be able to comment! The spruce spider mite (Olibonhychus ununguis) is a cool season mite unlike the two-spotted and red spider mite, which are most prevalent during hot, dry weather.
The first indication of spruce spider mite damage is an off-green color, mottling or stippling of the needles; which may not be very noticeable until early or mid summer.
Small reddish-orange, oval or circular eggs overwinter in bud scales, on the bark and on needles. This unique shovel has a tempered steel blade with holes, which makes it great for aquatic shoveling applications and for shoveling muddy areas. Comes with a 48" D-Grip fiberglass handle which is water and weather resistant and strong enough for any job. Megen in Vermont shared this picture of our ground cover being used to suppress weeds in her greenhouse.
When Audrey, left, opens, the horticultural team will use Seymour's pollen for a pollination attempt. You demand to be fed and watered continually, you control the thermostat, and you go on stage when you’re good and ready.
The size, the odor, the capriciousness, these are all the elements of fascination with a grotesquely beautiful Sumatran jungle plant so gluttonous it even has a string of names: the titan arum, the corpse flower or the Amorphophallus titanum.
Each individual plant takes as long as seven years between flowering, and because no one can tell when it will bloom exactly, this week’s appearance of four specimens in East Coast botanical gardens seems unprecedented and sure to increase the hype that accompanies its appearance. The botanical garden is in the Bronx, and this is its first titan arum flowering since 1939.

Because of the timing, most people who view the plant won’t smell much, but the sight alone is spectacle enough.
The central spire, known as a spadix, is growing at about 6 inches a day while wrapped partially in a skirt called a spathe. Once you have tried digging your first planting hole in a mountain garden you learn that our native soils are HARD ! Let me share a few secrets to mountain soil prep that return bushels of produce and a season full of flowers. Our mountain soils are hard because they lack organics such as compost, manures, and leaf molds.
But, certain mountain plants require calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and some other minor elements, all of which should be added to garden soil. The first is a layer of gypsum, also known as calcium sulfate, the most effective source of calcium for plants. On top of this organic layer sprinkle the recommended rates of gypsum, organic Tomato & Vegetable Food, and Soil Sulfur. Walk on predefined paths or use a wood plank to walk over the soil without compacting it unnecessarily. So visit me, or the staff at your favorite garden center, for exact quantities of each additive to purchase, remembering to bring along your garden measurements. This special variety was found to deliver monstrous blooms that look you in the eye while beaming a smile from a huge monkey-like face! Apply Neem or a pyrethroid-based pesticide late in the season to kill adults before they lay eggs that will overwinter. If a fall infestation was severe, apply a dormant oil spray in mid winter to kill overwintering eggs. For organic approaches to Strategy 4, consult the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI™) for an appropriate organic miticide product.
The holes in the blade release the mud and sticky substances from the blade very easily making your work easier and less messy. It is on display in the conservatory's Garden Court awaiting its expected unfurling this weekend.
Botanic Garden is free, and its grower, Elliott Norman, and plant curator, Bill McLaughlin, are simply thrilled to get visitors during the oppressive heat and humidity of high summer in Washington. He has been growing this week’s titan arum since 2010, when it was a pea-size offset of its mother bulb, or corm.
Because plants use up organic resources throughout the year, new organics must be added to keep the vitality of the soil.
Also, grubs that we don’t want in a garden like and can find their way into the warmth of a huge pile of manure.
This year my gardens received a generous dose of 50% Barnyard Manure and 50% Organic Mulch. In garden soil with more than an 8.0 pH production stops, fruit drops, the plants yellow, wilt, and finally drop their leaves. Within a few days after planting the ankle-high foliage is smothered with flowers that love our inclement spring weather.
I was having problems trying to decide what soil to use until I read you have just what I need at your nursery. Its preferred host is spruce (Colorado blue, Norway, Dwarf Alberta, and white) but it will also feed on arborvitae, cedar (Cedrus), dawn redwood, Douglas fir, hemlock, juniper, larch, and pine. These pesticides are less harmful to beneficial insects that help keep mite populations in check. Most pesticides available to homeowners are very weak miticides and will not control spruce spider mites well.

Botanically, the titan arum is the largest unbranched flower structure in the plant kingdom. Its bulb is now about 50 pounds, small for a blooming titan, but nothing about this plant has been predictable. The only way to get fresh manure suitable for gardening without the weeds and bugs is to age it, also known as composting it. I definitely recommend 100% organic “Tomato & Vegetable Food 4-4-6” for herb and vegetable gardens. Granular “Soil Sulfur” turned into your garden soil to one shovel’s depth is the correction to bad garden pH, and every mountain garden needs it.
This will reduce damage if too much manure was added or if it congregated unevenly into the soil.
So, go ahead, stack the deck by having your friends vote for your photo; the more gardeners involved the better!
So drove all the way to prescott from Paulden to buy and get all of you info on blurberrys.. It can cause considerable damage early in the season before many gardeners are even thinking about spider mites and again in the fall.
When hot, dry conditions begin and daytime temperatures reach 80-90 degrees F., activity slows and resting eggs are laid. Monitoring for the mites and eggs can be done by tapping the branch over a sheet of white paper.
Stronger miticides are restricted use pesticides and require application by a certified applicator.
Norman usually can figure out three months in advance if new growth will turn into a flower, rather than the more common and persistent leafy stalk. Skimp on spring soil preparation to “soften” the ground and a garden’s production can drop close to zero.
You must compost it and check that there are no large white bugs eating at the middle of the pile. It’s available in small and large ready-to-plant sizes that rarely exceed the $6 mark, so it’s easy on the wallet, too. ONLY to arrrive to be told we do not have any soild for blueberrys but I could try using a 50 50 mix of peat and potting soild but she was not sure if it would work BUT MAYBE. In severe infestations, twigs and branches can drop all their needles and die leaving dead areas on the plant. Also check for beneficial mites and insects that may be feeding on the spruce spider mites.
Read on and you’ll learn that you don’t have to deal with fresh manure to enjoy the pleasures of a successful garden. The young are pale green when they first hatch but become very dark green to dark brown as they age.
Applying a pesticide will kill the beneficial insects and the population of the problem spruce mite can actually increase. Beneficial mites are usually faster moving, are reddish in color, and leave a red stain when crushed.
The spruce spider mite overwinters as eggs in bud scales or on the needles and bark of the host plant. Ten or more mites per sample with few if any beneficials present, usually warrants application of a miticide.

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