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Choose from a wide range of Bowland stone products to suit your taste and budget, a great enhancement to any garden, large or small.
Laid on a consolidated hardcore base, our patios are hard warring and durable for a long lasting addition to your garden.
A warmer, softer alternative to patios and with the addition of handrails and steps can be raised to transform an unusable area into a wonderful place to entertain family and friends. Whether it’s panelled or bespoke feather edge fencing you require, our fencing products will define your garden space and give you privacy and security.
Cut to order and laid while fresh, turf will instantly transform your garden, to be enjoyed for years to come. Railway sleepers are a softer alternative to bricks and stone for retaining soil for raised beds and planters, or to define a lawns edge. Solid and robust, they can be used to build planters or water features and will always be an impressive feature in your garden. Contact Pascal your local Bristol Gardener.  I can carry out all general garden maintenance in the Bristol area and I can also work with your ideas to improve the general appearance of your garden to turn it into a beautiful space.
I have always had a love for the outdoors and have been involved in many gardening projects all over city.
For beautiful and productive gardens in Bristol and the surrounding area, Bristol Gardeners can meet and excel your requirements. Perhaps you used to have a beautiful garden but limited mobility or dwindling enthusiasm for winter gardening has meant that the project has slipped. Bristol Gardeners has an excellent track record in turning a boring garden into a bountiful one. Whether you have a large garden that will need a structured plan of work or whether you simply have a one-off job that needs taking care of, Bristol Gardeners are on hand to support you in all your gardening needs.
From lawnmowing, weeding and hedge-trimming, to planting and maintaining of vegetable gardens, Bristol Gardeners’s many years’ experience will help you to get what you want from your garden.
Bristol Gardeners knows that it can sometimes become quite uninspiring to look at a bare lawn and dry flowerbeds.Bristol Gardeners believes that injecting life into even the most bleak of gardens is something that is easy to do. Bristol Gardeners will always try to put the health of the garden before anything else in his work. Bristol Gardeners is run by Sarah offering friendly, creative gardening solutions all across the Bristol area. Available on short notice across the whole of the Bristol area, Bristol Gardeners can be engaged for long term regular contracts as well as for one-off or occasional tasks.
Bristol Gardeners offer several lawn maintenance services; these include new grass laying or seeding where patches or whole areas need to be restored. All of Bristol Gardeners’ services will be completed to the upmost quality using all our own tools, which will be brought onto your site by our happy gardeners. As garden enthusiasts, Bristol Gardeners can maintain the health of your trees, removing dead matter and propping damaged branches or supporting those on fruit-bearing trees. Whole beds, flower, herb and vegetable, can be maintained by Bristol Gardeners; weeding and planting throughout the season and picking and fruit and vegetables produced for you!
Available for small or commercial projects, Bristol Gardeners can maintain any green spaces within your property such as car parks, hedges and pathways. For simple gardening maintenance arrangements, Bristol Gardener’s friendly, polite service is ideal to developing a happy relationship with your gardener. On a practical note, Bristol Gardeners can also maintain your gardens’ drainage and the health of your soil, ensuring that your plants thrive in the best conditions.
The Bristol Gardeners employs a team of experienced gardeners, ready to send out one employee to complete a small project, or the whole team to work on the maintenance of a large estate.
Bristol Gardeners have experience in planting and maintaining a wide variety of shrubs and plants.
If you are looking to sell your property, Bristol Gardeners can work with you in order to maximise the value of your garden with gardening tips and advice. For those looking to use their garden to host an event such as a wedding reception, Bristol Gardeners are able to advise and complete restyling of the garden, for example adding themed colours into container and border plants. Bristol Gardeners have access to trade nurseries selling plants at competitive prices, so it will be much cheaper for you to allow us to source from these rather than buying plants yourself from commercial nurseries. If the your gardening job is too big to tackle alone, call Gardener in Bristol to add some structure and health. This Bristol Gardeners will also be able to safely and ecologically remove all of the surplus materials and waste. Having a good eye is imperative in ensuring that your garden is looking beautiful from flowerbed to lawn. The Bristol Gardeners know how important it is to have a home and garden that you are proud of.
Whether you garden is one of the biggest or one of the smallest that we work with, our level of effort and the quality of our finish will never change.
If you have lawns of any size that need to be maintained then do not hesitate to give Bristol Gardeners a call as we have all of the latest equipment to leave your lawns or gardens with the best finish possible. We have worked on a great of property including private country estates, sports fields, schools and golf clubs. If your flowerbeds are in desperate need of a revamp then do not look any further than Gardeners in Bristol as we are experts at creating some of the most beautiful flowerbeds in the South West. It is very important when creating a beautiful flowerbed to consider which flowers are going to thrive in such an environment.

Bristol Gardeners have worked for a number of years n a different areas of Bristol to create bespoke and professionally finished gardens. If you require a gardener in Bristol or surrounding areas such as Clifton, Whitchurch, Fishponds, Redland, Bishopston, Southville and many more places, then do not hesitate to give us a call. Bristol Gardeners are willing to take on any project, regardless of size so that everyone in Bristol can have the garden of their dreams.
I am a reliable and enthusiastic Bristol gardener and I offer my services in Bristol and the surrounding area.
And of course, you will want your Bristol garden to be a haven for enjoyment and relaxation.
Or, on the other hand, you might be someone who has more specific ideas of what you want from your garden in Bristol: I can help you maintain your garden in accordance with your requirements. The choice of colour is another consideration and you might want to pick a lighter colour for the foliage and flowers in order to give a sensation of lightness and space to your garden. You might also want to attract birds and butterflies into your garden which is best done by taking a bit of advice or doing a bit of research into what plants they feed on and then planting them to suit.
As with many things that we take for granted nowadays, Gardening was born out of a basic need for survival. It is a team consisted of trained and experienced professionals with access to the kind of bespoke equipment and environmentally-conscious solutions needed for any gardening task. I believe that a love and respect for nature with a passion for what I do means that you can hire a gardener who loves what he does and brings that passion to your garden. Bristol Gardeners has years of experience in planting and maintaining breathtaking landscape gardens, pretty outdoor summer dining areas, and bountiful fruit trees and vegetable patches.
Bristol Gardeners can work from this strong foundation to make you garden a place to be proud of again. Perhaps you want to eat organic, home-grown food but have found that you simply don’t have the time to dedicate to such a project. Good intentions at the beginning of the season can slip due to family and other commitments. Let Bristol Gardeners help you turn your garden into the relaxing space you have always wanted it to be. All of the Gardens that have work done by Gardener in Bristol have been rejuvenated and bought back to full health, even if it doesn’t seem as if much has changed.
Bristol Gardeners enjoy making the best of boring gardens so that you can fall back in love with gardening. Weeding by Bristol Gardeners is thorough and grass health can be encouraged, providing you with a beautiful emerald green lawn.
Mowers and hedge trimmers are kept well maintained to provide you the most efficient service possible.
Re-potting or replanting of large plants and trees is possible with the services of Bristol Gardeners.
Bristol Gardeners aim to create and maintain beautiful natural spaces that are fruitful and healthy. As an open, happy company, Bristol Gardeners loves to develop strong links with long term, loyal customers, keeping your gardens beautiful over many years.
New plants will be carefully positioned, and old plants and trees allowed to thrive, with careful fertilisation and soil care. The team at The Bristol Gardeners have the ability and equipment to do those awkward gardening jobs you aren’t able to complete yourself, such as garden clearance and tree stump removal. We will work with you to plan out what it is you want from your garden, including colour and planting schemes. We can book you regular visits to the property, or alternatively, can send a team from Bristol Gardeners out to complete a one-off visit. Do not panic if your lawn is overgrown, your bushes tangled, Bristol Gardeners knows the way to have it looking back to its absolute best.
It can sometimes be hard to choose a gardener in Bristol but the reliable and considerate Gardener in Bristol will be able to offer a reliable and satisfying experience. For neglected Gardens, call Bristol Gardeners and you will once again have a garden to be proud of.
Bristol Gardeners aims to make every garden look as beautiful as it can without the stress of having to try and maintain exotic flowers and plants that need specific soil. That is why we aim to create individual and fitting designs to all of the gardens under our care. Bristol Gardeners are able to be entirely flexible in their approach to work, so that you can guarantee you are getting the best service possible. Bristol Gardeners have long been using their abilities on a number of different sites across the Bristol area. No matter your need, we have the expertise to give your Bristol garden the finish that you want every time. Bristol Gardeners have studied the art of making your garden look spectacular and we have dedicated a great deal of time into learning the tricks and tips that will make your garden easy to maintain whilst still looking the best it can. Bristol Gardeners have a full working knowledge of which flowers suit which soil and the effect that sunlight and shelter has on them.
My gardening services will make sure you get your dream garden in Bristol – contact your local Bristol Gardeners today. Whether you have a large, medium-size or small garden, you might find that you need help to simply keep up with the maintenance of it. A garden needs constant attention and you might feel that you don’t have the time or the energy to do all the work that is needed to keep the garden looking the way you want it to look.

If you have a certain vision of what you want from your garden, as a professional gardener in Bristol I can help you create it. Bristol Gardeners can make a mixture of ornamental plants with vegetables and this is quickly becoming a very popular method of gardening, and is a great idea for a bit of excitement in your Bristol garden without going over the top.
The use of scented plants by the Bristol Gardeners is also very important in a small garden.
Thousands of years ago humans used gardens to grow crops for sustenance, rather than for luxury as we now do. Bristol Gardeners offer a reliable service, ready to turn out in all weathers to get your projects completed.
If you need someone to take the stress away from gardening, Bristol Gardeners are the people for the job. Landscape gardening is available from Bristol Gardeners, reshaping your garden in a creative dynamic way, to fulfill your dreams of a peaceful natural space in your home.
Where a tree has outgrown its surroundings, Bristol Gardeners can replant it in a more suitable area, without damaging the health of the tree. Whether aesthetic or productive, your garden will be a beautiful space where nature of all kinds can thrive. Such contracts with Bristol Gardeners can be arranged on a flexible season basis, allowing for more maintenance in peak seasons. For gardening success, it is essential to plant plants suit the size, soil and drainage type, and light of your garden. If you have grand designs for your garden, then Bristol Gardeners will be able to create your designs in reality so that you do not have to worry about a thing.
Bristol Gardeners have experience working with gardens of all shapes and sizes so for garden management call Bristol Gardeners and be proud to be outdoors.
For straightforward gardening methods, call Bristol Gardeners and your garden will look beautiful without the work!
As well as the usual garden maintenance, Bristol Gardeners are also able to work with you to create a design in your garden that is fitting to your taste and stays looking good and healthy in between visits from Bristol Gardeners.
Our mowers are of the highest standard to ensure that the mowing is even and the team at Bristol Gardeners are experts in creating specialist designs and even finishes. I spent five years working for the Parks Department in Bristol and have worked independently for another five years. It might be that you only require someone to cut the grass for you and do a bit of general tidying up in it.
Without fail Gardener Bristol will be able to improve the look of your garden whilst making it far easier to maintain in between visits.
I can help you choose the appropriate planting for a small space or courtyard, and if you so require, I can also help you with the maintenance of your plants.
Anything from general maintenance to long term projects to improve your garden – all work is welcome. I am used to taking on complete overhaul projects, even if this just means clearing weeds and laying a simple lawn as an end-of-tenancy arrangement so that you keep your precious deposit with help from Bristol Gardeners.
A year-long contract with Bristol Gardeners will mean your space is accurately laid out, soil properly prepared, seedlings tended and crops harvested.
Items such as water features can be installed and maintained by Bristol Gardeners, fountains, ponds and streams can be designed, installed and managed by our careful professionals. You might want to make better use of your garden by growing edible crops and by making it more environmentally friendly in order to attract beautiful birds and butterflies. If your garden is somehow looking rather neglected and you wish that it could become a welcoming place where you could relax and entertain, I could help you realize your wish.
Not all gardeners in Bristol will show such care and attention to your garden, whatever the size. Perhaps the biggest influence on the Bristol Gardeners has been the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Please call me on my mobile 07480 979 224 or Jono on 07929 785 764 to discuss your requirements. Bristol Gardeners can care for a fruit or vegetable gardening project from start to finish. Bristol Gardeners offers an incredibly reliable service so that we work to your time scale and within your budget. Bristol Gardeners offer the best prices for flawless work so there is no need to look any further than Bristol Gardeners. I am happy to take on any gardening job from big garden renovations to planting potted plants into the soil. This was the first real evidence of large scale landscape engineering for the purpose of beauty. If you live in Bristol or any of the surrounding areas, I can help you with any and all of your gardening needs. Dial 01172 421333 and you’ll be put right through to a member of our helpful customer service team.
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