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Persian Lilac Garden, FragrantMake your garden come alive with fragrance in spring by planting our Fragrant Persian Lilac Garden. Despite all my moaning about this plant doing nothing since I planted it, I am pleased to say that it is finally producing some beautiful flowers and should continue the show until October.
I think what has thrown me with this plug plant is that it has done very little since I received it whereas all my other garden plants have completely exceeded my expectations with the amount of growth and flowers produced they have all. Having done some research on the internet about the Sundaville it would appear that I will need to bring it in over the winter months to keep it alive for next year. I have just come across this page as I have been wondering what to do, should I keep them out or should I take them in. I have bought my Sundaville indoors for the winter, but have noticed they are dropping all their leaves. I have just finished reading an article in the paper that stated a staggering third of all honeybees were lost last winter. My flower photos are sought after, and a well-known newspaper has printed some of my photos, but not this one.

Last year from this same seed package, which we don’t have anymore, I got Forget-me-nots and the most outstanding wild delphiniums, a few of which came back this year, probably through self-sowing.
In mid-summer this color-changing Hydrangea Tree is covered with masses of snow-white flowers.
I am hoping that it will also start to grow a bit taller as the flowers are looking slightly unbalanced compared to the size of the plant. I have had to cut back the Surfinia Petunia’s a couple of times and the smell in the house after I put them into vases is amazing. Not sure how we are going to do this with no conservatory to lock it away from the kids in.
I was amazed at this figure, and am now even more determined to ensure that my garden is full of late flowering plants for the autumn months ahead and that I do my bit to reduce this number. If the items you have ordered are no longer available for 2016, we will send a postcard letting you know that your order will not be shipped until Spring 2017. My daughter has watched me dead head many of the plants and unfortunately copies me but is pulling off the new flowers instead of the old.

This is especially true if I want to continue with my new found passion for growing my own veg, as without any bees none of my flowers, fruit or vegetables will get pollinated.
Two dropped all their leaves (are they dead or dormant?) one remains moribund and two started growing rather rapidly. The growth is surprising bearing in mind they are in an unheated conservatory with the temperature today at 0 centigrade. I for a while thought my flowers might be Levkojen,but I have not yet found a photo for those.
I am not sure how to proceed but will show consideration to the two active ones by bringing them in to a warmer environment.

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