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Fig trees grow best in Mediterranean-type climates with dry, hot summers and wet, cool winters. Fertilize the area surrounding the fig tree three or four times a year beginning in late winter or early spring and ending in July.
Partial funding for this project was provided by NCIC through a Rural Business Enterprise Grant from USDA Rural Development. WheeleezA® Beach Cart-Folding is the ideal beach cart to use when you don't need the larger capacity of a WheeleezA® Beach Cart.
The Wheeleez "Sand Pit Test." See our wheels float over sand while other wheels dig ditches. RoboCupA® is a clamp-on caddy that holds drinks, fishing rods, hand tools, phones, keys, glasses, flash lights and much more. After using the Wheeleez Beach Cart-Folding for the past five years, I can safely say it's been the most useful part of my fishing arsenal outside of rods, reels and tackle. Fig trees need a lot of room to mature because they can grow as large as 15 to 30 feet high and just as wide.
During the winter months cover the tree with sheets or blankets to shield them from the cold and freezing temperatures.

Ideally the soil should drain well, but the fig plant is hardy and can tolerate lesser soils.
Do not plant any future fig trees in the area where the nematodes were found in order to avoid any future problems.
The WheeleezA® Beach Cart-Folding is the perfect beach cart for carrying a round or rectangular cooler for soccer, volleyball, surf fishing or just your beach gear. The second crop, also known as the main crop, is created in the fall on the tree's new growth.
Consult your local gardening expert before planting a fig tree for any recommendations regarding local conditions and climate. What is up with celebrities thinking that they deserve a voice in leading our country?Yes, Donald is a very successful business man, but how in the world after seasons upon seasons of Celebrity Apprentice (not to mention that hair…real, not real?
Who can tell!) would the entire country decide to sign him up to be our Commander in Chief…not to mention the world’s reaction? Donald’s declaration to run is not official yet, but rumor or not, there must be lines drawn between serious world leaders and entertainment. I know that Arnold was welcomed as a positive governor stand-in for the state of California… they are also the entertainment capitol of the world.

California is run by Hollywood, but the reality of politics is not.Just because you are good at business doesn’t mean you are good at pulling this country out of one of the most struggling times in our nation. We don’t need a famous face to dig us out of this hole we have found ourselves in, we need someone who has experience, who is dignified, and who can make a commitment to one woman. We need a family man and strategist, not a man with a god complex and a lot of money with nothing better to do with his time.This is America’s fragile future hanging in the balance… not some D list celebrity vying for a pretend position on a bad reality TV show. We are the laughing stock of the planet right now with that inexperienced joke of a President we have right now. I think we should be laughed at right now for having Obama, we don’t even know what country he is born in, his own grandma says he was born in Africa!

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