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Heuer wurde der Test erstmalig wurde heuer erstmalig quartalsweise ausgefuhrt, statt in einem einzigen Durchlauf. Berichte der MRG-Effitas bauen auf dem Grundgedanken auf, dass die Cyberkriminalitat eine der gro?ten Gefahren fur Staaten, Unternehmen und Individuen darstellt. Anu Tandon Vieira from The Retyrement Plan creates seating by wrapping colorful plastic around old tires. Devine, from the Blue Mountains in Australia, has spent the last three years creating a community of worldwide designers and artistisans who are creatively rethinking waste, transforming it into all kinds of innovative products. More than 80 of these crafty and environmentally conscious makers will be featured in Retrash, his new book about this global project. Devine’s Retrash concept brings the whole upcycling and recycling movement and their works to a wider audience, an effort to inspire those of us who wish to get more involved. Joe Manus from Atlanta, Georgia makes benches and this cool rocking bed from recycled materials.
Retrash features artisans from as far away as Africa and Thailand who mix it up with creatives from Australia, Europe and the USA, resulting in both functional and decorative works that reduce landfill and provide hope and inspiration for a more sustainable planet.

The TOUCH Initiative in Africa makes rugby balls from repurposed billboards, while Phairote Thanomwong in Thailand handcrafts sculptures from recycled metal.
I admit, I’m lusting for one of artist Wim Delvoye’s intricately sculpted old tires–would look great in my garden! Retrash features many appealing works, but I am particularly drawn to those items for use in the garden or on a balcony. From birdhouses and garden decor made from upcycled kitchenwares, funky stools fabricated from repurposed skateboard decks, to a cool rocking bed, Devine’s book offers a lot of eye candy and inspires me to ponder what I too might create from such commonly discarded items.
Jason Podlaski from Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania makes stools made from discarded skateboard decks. Printed on on 100% recycled matte art paper, Retrash will be a high quality soft cover coffee table book showcasing the work of more than 80 artists and creative thinkers worldwide. These inspirational life stories demonstrate how we can all reduce landfill by thinking creatively about waste.
You can support this creative environmental effort by visiting Retrash’s Kickstarter page. The freshest innovative and eco-friendly designs, trends, and ideas for urban gardens and stylish small places.

Mit unubertrefflichen 100%  beweist Emsisoft Anti-Malware im letzten MRG-Effitas Vergleichstest eine Starke. Wir sind sehr stolz darauf, dass wir alle 4 einzelnen MitB Angriffe innerhalb der Testperiode Q2 erfolgreich absovieren konnten. Mit geschatzt $ 250 Milliarden Gesamtwert im Jahr, konnten bald selbst die Einnahmen internationaler Drogenkriminalitat ubertroffen werden. In New York’s Hudson Valley, Ben Miller creates linoleum art that would dress up any wall indoors or out. Mittlerweile ist der Zuwachs an Malware verschiedenstet Art so umfangreich geworden, dass es nicht mehr ausreicht, sich die aktuelle Technologie zunutze zu machen. Vielmehr muss die Technologie zur Abwehr neuartige Gefahren ebenfalls erfunden und weiterentwickelt werden.
In diesem Sinne wertet MRG-Effitas derzeit taglich  uber 350,000 einzigartige schadhafte Binardateien und bis zu 500,000 schadhafte URLs aus.

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