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SERIES 23 Episode 05John went to visit Stewart and Lyndal in their home and garden in a tranquil, leafy pocket of Eltham, north-east of Melbourne. Copyright Restrictions: This fact sheet is for private and domestic information purposes only.
Links to sites that may interest you, including botanical gardens, private gardens, and gardening societies in your state. Comprehensive information on what to grow and how to grow it, plus great gardens, design ideas and stories from the show.
To win this definitive guide to over 8,500 trees and shrubs all you need to do is upload a photo of your backyard, block or balcony. Most of all creativity,ensure your photo captures the best bits of your backyard, block or balcony, do you have a water feature? Mick and the gardeners will announce the lucky winner on the last gardening program for 2008 on Saturday 20th December. Writen by a team of botanists, horticulturists and gardening writers, this fully illustrated encyclopedia gives comprehensive information on over 8,500 trees and shrubs from around the world. As well as the alphabetical entries, Trees and Shrubs contains a section on choosing trees and shrubs for your garden, full information on cultivation including climate, planting, pruning, propagation and pests and diseases, a glossary, and hardiness zone maps. The accompanying CD-Rom is easy and fun to use - its special features include a garden journal and links to relevant web sites. I rushed around Sunday making my Marcus Aurelius Bromeliad Garden just beautiful, I wanted to get the photos done as I was coming to Katherine for work this week and knew I had to get the photos in.
Merry Christmas and thank you for the Gardening Show, we never miss as we have our saturday cuppa. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below.
Do you feel you have been attracted to be here in an inspired and positively enthusiastic way? It was winter when Nancy Williamson answered the door and found a friend, Barb, and her daughter, Anna, standing on the porch. For a moment, let’s imagine what it would be like to be fully alive without a physical shell or any of the stuff we need and desire for maintaining life on Earth. You need to be a member of Powerful Intentions: Law of Attraction Community to add comments!
Man can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created. What I get from this is that you can think positive about anything and it will come to you rather it be money, love, life happiness what ever your heart desires can be yours as long as you stay focused and stay positive!
I'm going to be honest here I was not always a positive person, but once I started to learn more about the Law Of Attraction and putting it into practice it started to change my life and now I am happily married with kids, we are able to work from home full time with our kids and we truly enjoy not missing the early years of our toddler. Sure some may not understand what it takes to be successful nor understand where to start or know what to look for in their life, but as long as you think it and stay positive it will happen and you will have the power to do what ever you want in your life.
I hope you enjoyed this comment and maybe it has inspired you to change your thought process or to start back up in your LOA either way here is to your success! Here is a powerful video that provides you with numerous methods of increasing your vibrational frequency, enjoy!
Build your bridge to 2012 with unconditional love, my dear friend; it's the glue that holds your dreams together.
Choose wisely the thoughts and feelings you focus upon; they are continually creating your reality.

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Hello, you need to enable JavaScript to use Powerful Intentions: Law of Attraction Community. The couple have moved from place to place every two years with their time in Army and have at last settled in Eltham and created the garden they've always longed for but haven't been able to do as Lyndal explained. It may not be copied, reproduced, sold or used for any other purpose without the express permission of the ABC. Keep in mind the biggest and most expensive garden will not necessarily be judged the winner,its all about the Photo!!! For each genus, the characteristic features are given, together with close-up photographs of bark, leaf, fruit and flower.
She is aglow with love, with caring and affection for you.First, she reaches into a little bag of golden silk and pulls out a Handful of sparkling angel dust that she now tosses over you. We’d have a mental energy that allowed us to move forward or backward, up or down, instantly creating whatever we desired.
There are pictures of plants growing in their native habitats and pictures showing how some trees can transform over the course of the four seasons. It falls down upon you, but instead of clinging to your skin, it becomes A band of energy, bright and glowing, around you.
To match the vibrational frequency of that which you seek is the empowering and joyous way to craft your life. And there's always a bit of sadness in your heart when you left your garden when you put so much into it."The DesignThe half hectare block is on a steep slope, so a critical factor was to design a garden that fitted as seamlessly as possible into the site and played down changes in level.
Detailed entries cover each plant's origin, appearance, growth habit, flowering time, cultivation requirements and hardiness zones.
This golden glow is Clearing the field around you, purifying it, removing any residue of Doubt or fear that has been clinging to you.And now, she pauses and looks deep into your eyes, asking permission.
As you increase your vibrational frequency; your energy is filtered through the lense of love. The brief to the designer was to create spaces with differently designed areas so that when moving through the garden, you experience different views, different plants and a different feel. The lower-frequency vibrations align you more with fear-based beliefs; that very energy blocks your flow of good.
PlantingsEltham has particularly dry soils, and John marvelled at the lushness of the plants growing in the garden. And as she looks within, you find that you can see it as well.First, see that your heart is glowing golden.

To enable the plants to establish and grow so well, Stewart explains that they focused on soil improvement right from the start - bringing in nearly 300 tonnes of soil to get a good soil depth and rocks to retain it.The designers pursued a number of interesting strategies in this garden.
Existing mature eucalypts give a unified feel to the garden and the ground plane has been modified by introducing a diversity of plants. In contrast to other parts of the garden, the planting at the front entrance is kept simple with two contrasting plants used - Salt Bush (Rhagodia spinescens) with its lovely silvery-grey against the darker grey of Coastal Rosemary (Westringa fruticosa). Lay 10cm of organic mulch over the top, then add a sprinkle of blood and bone to activate the mulch's breakdown.Water in. It is glowing and golden but it is also soft and pliable, able to change and adapt as life requires.But here and there within your heart are some stones you have picked up along the way, things that happened to you, things you considered sad or bad at the time, and you stored them in your heart. Don't dig for at least three to six months and you'll be left with a weed-free space that's ready to plant. At the time these things happened to you, you were unable to just let them be Or to examine them and allow them to dissolve, and so you stored them Away, hoping that they would not exist in your life any longer.But yet here they are, stones that you carry in your bright and glowing heart, weighing it down, making it less soft and pliable than It could be.
It repeats the circular pattern that is used throughout the garden - perhaps most effectively in the brick that provides a pattern through the lawn.Appropriately, the pool extends the architecture of the house out into the landscape in a more formal way. Stones that you must carry every day, even though you are not even aware that they are there.Look at the stones now. The planting around the pool includes a lot of Australian native plants which gives a softening of the formality to the area.There's no doubting that the garden brings its owners a great deal of joy and it's important to them both to let others enjoy it as well as Lyndal explains - "It's a real privilege to have a space like this and be able to use it, but it's even better being able to share it.
Are you ready to forgive yourself and others, to let go of the anger and bitterness and Disappointment? She reaches into your Heart and removes the stones one by one, taking them from your heart and placing them in the bag. All the anger and frustration, all the disappointment, all of this is removed.Feel your heart growing lighter and lighter.
Feel what it is like to let your heart glow as brightly as it can, unencumbered by these burdens it has been carrying.
You do not need them any more.And as your heart glows more brightly, that glow spreads throughout your body.
And your body, now exposed to this bright glow of inner Love, finds that it no longer needs the habits and addictions that it Was using to shield it from the energy of the stones.
Your entire body now feels light and free, bright and glowing.And the angel looks at you and smiles. Then she closes her silken bag and flies up to the heavens, where she holds the bag to the light. And as you watch, in a great golden burst of light, the stones are all Transmuted into love, love bright and golden. And a gentle shower of Love begins to fall down upon you, golden drops shimmering in the sky And falling down upon you, pouring over you, covering you in sweet love.And this you are. Purified and clean, glowing and golden, you are.And all of the possibilities of this precious life are glowing and shimmering around you as well.
You are in this moment only, shining and bright, feeling and being love, knowing yourself as love and only love.It is a new day and a new life.

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