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A centre for contemporary and traditional art and crafts, surrounded by four acres of beautiful ponds and gardens. Along the main road from Aylsham to Cromer, you will find this lovely art and craft centre, surrounded by over four acres of ponds and gardens. The lower craft courtyard contains five working craft workshops covering garden sculpture, art, engraving, wood turning and furniture making. In 1987 following damage from a hurricane, the site was redeveloped into over 4 acres of gardens, with island beds, borders, ponds, streams and wild areas with specimen trees set in grass.
TourNorfolk is an independent tourism website and therefore does not represent the views of any official body. If you are ruminating on what to plant in your garden, re-landscaping or adding to the home landscape, you may be considering any number of perennial garden plants. Some trees and shrubs retain their foliage throughout the year, but most herbaceous perennials, including many flowering perennials, die back to the ground during the first fall freezes.
Because perennials are considered hardy, many may be directly sown into the garden rather than starting indoors. Some perennials behave like annuals, just as some annuals continue to grow like perennials. Annuals generally have showier flowers with season long color compared to perennials, but they need to be set out year after year while perennials keep on giving. Another upside to perennial plantings is the amazing varieties of color, texture and sizes available.
While some perennials can be grown from seed saved from existing specimens, often the resulting plant is not true to the original. Flowering plants (angiosperms) are grown in gardens for their beauty and their fragrant aromas.

Although found all over the world, roses grow best in mild climates, such as southern France and the U.S.
The converted brick and flints farm buildings are home to a collection of working studios, shops and a gallery. This part of the building has undergone significant rennovation and a picture board in the tea-room shows how the buildings looked before and the work in progress.
The garden is the result of a lifetime of collecting by Valerie Alston, and the size of the collection allowed her to plant in groups, for spectacular displays. The centre is open 10am to 5pm on Tuesday through to Sunday and Bank Holiday Mondays (closed Christmas Day to mid January).
What is a perennial then, and what other perennial plant facts may influence your decision?
That is, the leaves, stems and flowers die back to the ground, leaving a dormant root structure.
Keep in mind that when direct sown, the plant will bloom in either the spring or summer of the second year, continuing to bloom thereafter, year after year. A combination of the two may result in the longest period of blossoms with a revolving rainbow of colors. However, with a little research, an entire flower bed may be filled with a variety of perennial plants, allowing for continuous blooming as one plant ends and another one flowers. They do require some pruning and maintenance, but their longevity makes this well worth the effort. Rose is the common name for members of the family Rosaceae, a family of one hundred genera and three thousand species. In most cultivars double flowers, having petals numbered in multiples of five, are produced.

The gallery is situated up a flight of stairs and showcases work from local art and crafts-people, including pottery and pictures.
Colour, size and shape have all been important factors in the design, with the aim to provide interest in all seasons.
Weather conditions and other stresses such as drought affect how long, how productive or when a plant will grow. Also, a clump or mass grouping of perennials may add pizzazz in a flowering garden; just keep in mind the eventual size of the cultivar.
The list of perennials is mind boggling and each year breeders come out with additional cultivars.
Northern regions of the United States, with their shorter growing season and cooler temperatures, may effectively render what is categorized as a perennial into an annual. Most popular flowering garden plants are in the rose family (Rosaceae, about three thousand species) and the lily family (Liliaceae, about forty five hundred species), which together make up a wide variety of herbs, bushes, and trees.
Here in the Pacific Northwest, I have had annuals bloom for a couple of years in a row due to our temperate climate since we rarely freeze for any lengthy period of time. The centre is surrounded by beautiful gardens, planted in 1987, including island beds, borders, ponds, streams and wild areas, with specimen trees set in grass. Lilies and irises belong to the order Liliales (about eight thousand species) of herbaceous flowering plants.

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