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This is not a regular Garden Centre but a family-run business and a very special place.StockWe have an extensive stock of shrubs, trees, perennials, house plants and over 350 varieties of roses along with many more plants for your garden.
The certified professional distinction identifies qualified nursery, garden center, and landscape professionals for their educational experience, service and motivation for professional improvement.
We sell a variety of garden sundries and supplies including compost, pots, stakes, fertilisers, seeds and hanging baskets. All three locations have fully stocked garden centers and a full range of plant and hard-good materials. All three also have knowledgeable and experienced landscape designers that will work with you to create the ideal landscape plan for your home. Silkstone beck which runs under Pot House Bridge was a source of energy for early industry at Pot House and was an essential part of one of the first main activities on site which was a 17th century glass works. Greenhouse ProductionIn 2010, we began growing our own annuals in our new green house at the St.
It was one of the first of its kind in Europe because it used charcoal instead of coal as a fuel.
John Pilmey came from France and introduced a new kiln and new thinking to the art form of glassmaking, producing high quality glassware. John married Abigail Scott who was a revolutionary of her time, and petitioned Parliament successfully against the Glass tax in 1696.

This experience, combined with formal education in landscape architecture results in a well rounded design team. Her death is recorded on William Scott’s gravestone in the North Aisle of Silkstone Church.
Certified Professionals have demonstrated that they are knowledgeable and experienced professionals in their area of specialization. This is the first of its kind in South Yorkshire for at least 27 years, something that we can all be proud of. The second main activity was an 18th century Pottery, much pottery was excavated by archaeologists.
The third main activity was a mill that used the water from Silkstone Beck to grind grain for the area.
In the 19th and 20th century mining developed, and Silkstone Wagon Way was laid with stone sleepers and supporting rails which carried the coal carts to the canal basin near Cawthorne. The original stones were laid in 1809 and can be seen on the waggon way today down the side of Silkstone Beck next door to the Hamlet. In the 19th century there was also a blacksmith who used to take advantage of the local coal.The fourth main activity was farming. Henry Wallace Horsfield and his family used to farm the land, breed border terriers and raise chickens.

He exhibited at many shows and indeed won a Gold Medal for his roses at the Great Yorkshire Show.
As gardening became ever popular, Tom began to grow trees and shrubs and today grows everything a plant lover would need, however still specialising in roses, growing over 350 varieties. Always forward thinking, Tom and his family have renovated many of the old buildings at Pot House Mill Farm. The Potting Shed Café mixes the new with old, including oak beams that Tom cut down from the wood at Pot House Mill Farm. Tom then restored the old cottage and transferred it into what is now known as the Old Glassworks.
Follow the brown tourist signs for Pot House Hamlet which will take you right into Silkstone village.

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