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We also needed to include some outdoor storage, shade from the hot western sun, and incorporate vegies and herbs. We managed to carry all the materials through the apartment, with the exception of the storage cupboard which came over the back fence (great neighbours). Small Spaces was born from living in many small Melbourne flats and houses from Carnegie and St Kilda, then over the river to Flemington, and eventually Coburg.
Don’t wait until that tree on your property has caused damage, or worse still, resulted in injury to you or someone else.
Our dedicated professionals do more than just to design and create the outside space of your commercial establishment. Tree & Garden Solutions can be relied on to maintain your property to a high standard  you deserve.
Our team strives to offer our most professional designs and expertise to suit to your vision of a beautiful home garden. Tree, stump removal and all our other services are available for residential and commercial clients all around Sydney.
Wildcat Landscapes and garden services was formed to provide quality horticultural services. We offer a full consultation on Inner West paving selection and can recommend many different styles of paving ranging from natural stone, local and imported stone through to contemporary concrete and clay pavers. A full range of Inner West retaining wall solutions including various types of brick, block, link stone, sleeper, sandstone and timber retaining walls designed to create attractive and functional solutions.

Our Inner West decking service ensures all timber work is constructed to the highest possible standard and great care is taken to select the highest grade timber available. With more than 15 years of qualified experience we have the knowledge to guide you through the process of Inner West plant selection. Specialising in low voltage Inner West garden lights that can be used to illuminate garden features, entertaining areas, garden beds and walk ways. From custom built Inner West water features and structures to a whole array of prefabricated water features to complement and enhance your garden or courtyard. The challenge was to create this from a completely concreted space (no bare soil in sight) and very limited access.
The fence will be softened with a mix of Chinese Star Jasmine on very simple mesh screens, and espaliered lemon trees on wire. Our flexible range of strata services can be tailored to your properties needs, whatever your budget.
For all general gardening works including maintenance of hedges, topiaries and rose pruning.
Or assistance with getting results out of your do it yourself home garden or landscape project. This will ensure a Inner West garden setting that is unique to your lifestyle and requirements. The brief was to create a garden view, lush and full to look at from the living room window.

Experienced gardeners and qualified horticulturist. Offering a friendly, reliable and professional lawn mowing and garden maintenance service.
Low maintenance, foliage colour, contrast, privacy and structurally featured plants for presentation are all commonly considered when selecting plants for garden design. Or pruning and reshaping of feature trees and general plants shrubs grasses within your garden.
The garden beds have been filled out with herbs, both for eating (of course!) and for decoration.
Call Adrian on 0477 465 030 for Free quotes on Gardening services in Marrickville, Dulwich Hill, Petersham, Summer Hill, Ashfield, Haberfield, Russel lea, Fivedock, Concord, Croydon Park, Earlwood, Queens Park, Botany, Mascot and surrounding suburbs.
With extensive experience and knowledge as a gardener, horticulturist and all round landscape technician.
Perennial spinach, much to our clients delight, lines the back of the main bed, Italian parsley will fill out the shady corner, thyme and oregano will spill over the front and soften the raised wall.

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