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The receipt of resignation with garden leave letter can be used by an employer to place a resigning employee on gardening leave. Gardening leave or garden leave is where an employee who is leaving a job is required to stay away from work during the notice period whilst receiving normal pay.
The receipt of resignation letter with garden leave is an open format Microsoft Word document that allows the wording to be adjusted to suit different needs. Whilst working in Monaco for the 2011 Grand Prix I spent a lot of my free time relaxing in this beautiful Japanese paradise right in the heart of the worlds most glamorous place. For most of us, the chance to go on a summer holiday and enjoy the glorious sunshine is something we wouldn’t think twice about. Here at Nemasys, we feel that as we’re amidst the summer season, what better time than to dedicate a post entirely to maintaining your garden whilst you are on holiday? From keeping your grass fresh to watering your plants, we have everything you need to know right here. So, you’re off on your holiday but you want to make sure your garden and plants are going to be kept in good condition in your absence. Another good pointer is to water your vegetables as late as possible before you leave and when everything is thoroughly soaked, spread the soil with the clippings or compost, or mulch if you don’t have any clippings. Before you go away, move all of your containers and hanging plants (even houseplants) away from direct sunlight, and place them in an area of dim shade. You may even benefit from removing any bottom trays to prevent your plants from sitting in water for the duration of your holiday. If you have pot plants, or you happen to have a small garden bed, you can drip feed your plants. If you really want to keep on top of your gardening whilst you’re away, why not invest in drip irrigation? Don’t worry if a drip irrigation system is too high tech for you, you can user a timer option on regular garden sprinklers.
A common mistake is that many people feed their plants when what they should be doing is feeding the soil. By following these tips, you can ensure that your garden can stay risk-free and nourished whilst you enjoy that well-deserved break away in the sun.
And speaking of risk-free – here at Nemasys, we are proud of our range of products that are designed to make sure your garden will be rid of pests and maintains a healthy life. Whether you have slugs, chafer grubs or vine weevils, we can guarantee we have a product that is made to combat whatever your problem may be. In order to source the best products we have on offer, why not contact one of our team members today?
Cardboard is a great compostable medium that will suppress weeds allowing you to place a raised bed right on top of grass or weeds.

Collect plenty of cardboard boxes to make the bed and try to avoid boxes that are heavily printed with colored inks as these will end up in the soil and often contain heavy metals such as lead or cadmium because they’re colorfast.
It is better to have enough boxes to flatten out and overlap to reduce the likelihood of weeds pushing through.
Flatten the boxes and remove all plastic packing tapes; as the cardboard breaks down, the tape will be left fluttering across the garden or the street which is unpleasant. I added leaves and dead twigs and prunings to this as a bulking agent and to provide more nutrients as they break down over the course of the growing season. The bulking material isn’t necessary you can skip it, I just had a bunch of dry leaves that needed to be put to use. The bulking material can also help level out an uneven ground for the plants which will go on top, this particular bit of garden is sloping so it helped to level the new bed with the old. Wetting the material serves two purposes; one it reduces things blowing away because it is heavier and two, it speeds up decomposition.
I added manure at this point because I’m lucky enough to know people with horses so I can get free manure whenever I need it and it happened to be in a pile waiting to be used.
You don’t need to use animal manure, if you read the Weblink Wednesday posts you would have seen that there is information now showing that antibiotic use in animals is adversely affecting the soil microbiome. Once it is level, you can add compost or a sowing mix if you plan on sowing seeds directly to give them the best kickstart. I like to add certain soil amendments to the raised beds I’m creating namely dried kelp (pictured above) or seaweed and rockdust to help remineralize the soil and to provide the plants with additional nutrients as they grow. Follow the directions from the manufacturer on useage rate and sprinkle on the bed and lightly rake to distribute the material.
Once you have leveled off the compost and raked in any soil amendments, you can edge the bed to make it look pretty using bricks, stone, bottles, wood or decorative edging. I opted to leave the bed unedged for the moment whilst I continue to extend the vegetable garden across the side yard. Heavy metal listening Brit with a fondness of all furry four legged creatures, brewing beer and wine, hiking, photography, cooking, gardening and drinking. Hi I'm EmsyDoodle the Misfit Gardener; I like to think a do things a little bit differently from growing organic and biodynamic food to brewing beer, wine and cider to handmade goodies for home and friends. If you share my interests, please read on and I hope you find things to inspire, warm your heart and enjoy. You can see the high rise building surrounding the gardens and the sea is also only a stones throw away. But, for garden enthusiasts who use techniques to maintain their crops on a daily basis, this could seem problematic – until now! A good way to do this is to weed your beds a day or so before you leave, because weeds compete for water.

This will allow your plants to cope better for longer periods without water, and it also encourages plants to send roots deeper. Cutting back their sunlight supply will minimise their growth and decrease the amount of water they will require during your absence. A friend or relative would be a good option – or you could even hire someone to do it. Grouping them closer together is a great way to create a damper micro-climate for them and reduces evaporation from the soil, as well as water loss through the leaves.
By putting your plants in the bath (still in their pots) and filling the bath up with about 1cm of water, your plants can stay nourished for up to 3 weeks. You can purchase inexpensive kits but this is usually better at the beginning of the growing season. You may need a couple of sprinklers and connector hoses if your garden is spread out so that you don’t miss out any vital areas. Also, you will have a fresh, well-maintained garden to come home to so it’s win, win all round!
So don’t sit in silence and give your garden the care and attention it needs for a prolonged and healthy life no matter where you are in the world. Whether you have any questions, or you wish to enquire about one of our products, we have the answers for you! In addition, remove any unsightly foliage or flower growth to keep everything neat and tidy. But with a bit of extra care and consideration before you leave, you probably won’t need to. This can be done using a water bottle, juice bottle or milk bottle and the longer you go away for, the larger the bottle you will need.
This is a great idea if you are going away for a longer holiday but you want to keep your plants as thirst-free as possible. Not only will your lawn be neater when you return, you will also have mulch (material spread around or over plants to enrich soil). All you need to do is fill your chosen bottle up with water, pierce a small hole in the lid and bury the bottle deep into the soil, neck first. The water will slowly trickle out and feed your plants accordingly whilst you are unable to.

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