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After we finished taking pictures tonight, we dove to Home Depot and picked up some plastic garden fence to hang on the bean structure. The security fencing of choice for numerous sites across the UK, steel palisade fencing panels provide a formidable barrier against thieves and vandals looking to gain access to premises. Our high-security palisade fence panels are constructed of the ‘W’ section palisade, secured with 8mm shear cone security bolts. Palisade fencing is available in a range of heights and finishes including galvanised and powder coated in blue, red, green, black or white. We are sure that you will be happy with our services, but if for some reason you are not, we promise to put it right with no extra fee! Beautify your backyard with a string of solar lights using repurposed mason jars that glow like the stars when the night sets in. Place the lids on an old newspaper and spray paint (any paint of your choice) to conceal the rustic appearance. Wound the bailing wire around the neck of the jars and make a loop for suspending them in your verdant backyard or patio. Since I am a countryside girl, according to me the mason jars look spectacular hanging from the fence posts of my grassy courtyard.

Enjoy the mystical night decorating the porch of your abode with a multitude of solar powered mason jar lights. Swinging from a tree the hanging mason jar solar lights exhibit a luminary effect turning everything around serene and calm. If you thought outdoor lighting is expensive, then these beautifully tinted mason jar solar lights can give you some frugal relief. The solar-enabled lights fixed into the handy jars come of great use for illuminating patios, entrances, gardens, and walkways or even as classy centerpieces for your center tables. Steel palisade fences are constructed from hot and cold rolled steel sections supplied for assembly on site. Palisade fencing is by design almost impossible to climb, and security can be enhanced by opting for triple pointed spikes at the top of each vertical pale. With so many options available it is no wonder that this style of fencing can be seen protecting businesses and public areas nationwide.
The slots not only allow the wind to pass through resulting in a much more robust barrier than steel hoarding, but allows for a much more attractive appearance. Whether you are looking for a high security full site solution for your business premises, or simply to increase the security of your home, call us today on 0845 463 5421 to put your security concerns at rest.

A sudden stint with ThriftDee while browsing some recipes for chocolate brownies two weeks ago stoked the crafter in me to experiment something unique with the good old mason jars.
Just a few days back, my hubby threw a backyard party and the mason jar lights did complete justice by making it a mammoth hit. Fencing is available in either a ‘D’ or ‘W’ profile, each designed to provide its own level of security. Furthermore, extensions can by supplied for the addition of extra anti-climb devices such as razor wire ensuring your premises are well and truly protected.
Palisade fencing is not restricted to business or commercial use; a palisade steel fence can provide an attractive yet secure barrier around a residential property.

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