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Solaire’s memorable quotes and overall naive personality garnered massive attention from fans of Dark Souls. Praise the Sun is a sarcastic phrase playing off of Solaire’s naivety as seen by his fans and his unnatural obsession with the sun. I have been at home on bed rest, maternity leave and with my twins full-time since April 2009.  I am not currently working outside of the home. Do I work?  Do I receive a pay cheque?  Are these questions relevant if you want to know me on more than a superficial level?
The character has gain a fan following due to his personality and quotes, the latter popularizing the phrase Praise The Sun and Jolly Cooperation.

In the game, there is an NPC named Solaire of Astora who is revealed to have an obsession with the sun and set the goal for himself of finding his own sun. In the original game, the player is allowed to join Solaire in his covenant of the Warriors of Sunlight in “jolly cooperation”. You can comment about this posting using the comment function below or visit us at our Facebook page. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. This phrase is quoted by fans and is sometimes paired up with images of Solaire working together with the player or another member of the Warriors of Sunlight.

As I am using the Strong Start programme for my children and present Montessori material and exercises at home, I could officially say that I’m a homeschooling mum as well. We don’t have part-time childcare and I rarely go out to child-free social functions. We have more options to go out as our children are now three.  If we are invited to social functions and we can bring our children, most of the time we will go.

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