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If you enjoy a fright from your games you might be pleased to know that The Forest survival open world horror game is now available over on the Steam games network via the Valve Early Access release service.
The Forest launched on SteamEarly Access Friday and over the weekend has already become the number one game on Steam!
So expect there to be plenty of bugs and issues which you can help fix and report during your gameplay using the provided Trello Board to make bug tracking easier for the games developers.
If you’re interested in seeing what The Forest offers, you can view 20 minutes of gameplay footage below. Please only purchase the game during this stage if you want to help support development and provide feedback and suggestions to the team. For more information on the new Endnight Games The Forest game jump over to the Valve Steam Early Access website for details and to download the game in its current public alpha development state for use on Windows PCs.
Let me tell you a little story about my adventure trying to stay alive in The Forest, a fantastic new open world survival game that is currently the top-selling game on Steam. This isn’t a happy tale, but I hope it gives you a good sense of what playing The Forest is like.
In any case, the tale begins like this: there I was, sitting on a plane, trying to kill time by watching a movie or something. Somehow, I survived the impact — but when I opened my eyes, this guy was standing in front of me. I took a closer look at the survival guide and wondered if planes actually come equipped with these things.
It also looked like I really needed to pay attention to the land to make sure I wasn’t picking up stuff that could be harmful to me. There was a bunch of luggage littered around the plane, and thankfully I could use my ax to open the locked ones up. I was busy trying to salvage as much as I could, when suddenly I spotted a person off in the distance. I remembered that I had picked up some cloth, so I wondered if I could use it to craft a molotov cocktail. The survival guide said that I’d need logs for some stuff, so I tried seeing if my ax could whittle down some trees.
Trees seemed to give me around 3-4 logs, which was more than enough to build some of the basic, basic stuff. That page kind of unsettled me, but I didn’t dwell on it too long before one of the forest folk got brave and approached me. These bodies apparently belonged to my fellow passengers, only the plane at the start of the game didn’t have anyone in it. The game informed me that since I was covered in blood from the caves, I needed to clean up so as to avoid infection. Before hitting the sheets, I did some light reading — just to see what else I could build.
Did I mention that, in addition to my dingy little shelter, I had also decided to build a big-arse cabin? But then I looked back on my shelter and I saw a bunch of forest people, just sort of milling about. Developer Endnight Games has announced today that they intend to release their survival-horror title The Forest via Steam’s Early Access program.

The new screenshots shown below showcase a new enemy type, some beautiful, yet decrepit scenery, and the new spreadable flame gameplay feature they have been working on. GameSkinny is part of the Launch Media Network, the creators of GamerLaunch and other great tools for gamers!
Thanks to Signal Studios (Toy Soldiers, Ascend: Hand of Kul) and DigitalDNA Games (CastleMiner Z), such a game will soon exist. Savage Lands takes the survival elements of the aforementioned games and combines them with the open world setting and first-person combat and exploration of a fantasy RPG like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Signal Studios and DigitalDNA plan to sell Savage Lands as a Steam Early Access title beginning in February, where it is expected to iterate through a 10 month development cycle. Additional details, per the game’s Steam page, as well as the debut gameplay trailer are posted below.
Savage Lands is a gritty, brutal, first-person open-world fantasy survival game in which players have only one goal: Stay Alive. Matt is a fair-minded reviewer and lover of games of all platforms and types, big or small, hyped or niche, big-budget or indie.
But please remember that the game is still under development and is only available in its very first public alpha release. That provides a glimpse of the gameplay and adventuring style you can expect to experience in this indie open world survival horror game.
It is currently still under heavy development with new features being added on a regular basis. Normally, in-flight food is the worst, but in this context, having it around seemed like a godsend: I was low on energy and my character was hungry.
It looked like I could use this menu to craft stuff as well, but I didn’t really have much at the time. So it looked like in order to survive, I needed to scavenge my surroundings for stuff like sticks, rocks, logs, and other such materials. Most luggage seemed to have stuff like booze, snacks, soda, medicine, and sometimes less usefully, tennis balls. Naturally, I saw if I could kill anything — and sure enough, bunnies and lizards could be killed and skinned for their meat. Sure enough, the dingy little thing could — though it seemed to take quite a few whacks. It seemed like the game would allow for a variety of things, provided you could get the right resources. This caught my eye right away, since I kind of assumed I was on an island — or at the very least a boat would provide transportation away from the strange folk who inhabited this forest. I would boot the game up again and this time I tried getting captured right away, since that part of the game seemed like it was supposed to happen. I walked until I found a water source, which excited me — maybe I could build a boat! The more time had passed, the more paranoid I became: surely, they’d show up sometime, right?
His particular species of madness tore the world apart at the seams, spawning loss, heartache and pain that endures and echoes to this day. Endnight Games is working hard to ensure the world feels like a living, breathing place that continues even if you aren’t looking at certain aspects of it.

The game will offer crafting and building, single player and massively multiplayer gameplay, permanent death, full freedom of exploration, and more.
Explore a world where days and nights are spent slaughtering vicious creatures, gathering scarce resources, building shelter and crafting powerful weapons needed to survive. Be on guard, as those you think are friends can quickly turn to foe and loot your rotting corpse. He is responsible for maintaining the day to day operation of the site, editing all staff content before it is published, and contributing regular news, reviews, previews and other articles. But that doesn't mean he will let poor games slide without a good thrashing when necessary! Currently there will be bugs, locked off content, missing features and other possibly serious game breaking issues. This made me feel a little better about the creepy people that were slowly circling my position.
This time, however, instead of wandering around the caves slowly and nervously, I would just run straight out of there. Except the game then told me that anything beyond the edge of the water wasn’t available in this build of the game. Meanwhile, in front of me, there was a mass of water — which would probably be useful, both in that that was another area nobody could use to sneak up on me, and in that I could probably use it for resources.
Whenever I saw a shrub or a small tree in the distance that I couldn’t quite make out, I would fear it was actually a gang of forest folk, just waiting for me to let my guard down. Taking on the forest people head on seemed like a bad idea; every time I did so they kind of destroyed me. Part of it is the amount of control the game afforded me; though it suggested I take a look at how to do things, it never told me where to go or what to do or build.
To help boost excitement for the upcoming game, Endnight has sent out a series of new screenshots, excitement is definitely rising. The game reminds me of a playable version of the film The Descent, which featured similar creatures surviving in the depths of a mountainous cave system. The creatures have emotions and their own lives, the wilderness comes alive, and the nighttime is deadlier than anything before.
As a fan of high fantasy fiction, it’d sure be nice to have a survival game that takes place in a fantasy world. After a short stint as US Site Manager for AceGamez, Matt assumed full ownership over VGBlogger, and to this day he is dedicated to making it one of the top video game blogs in all the blogosphere. I dont get why everyone is complaining about not being able to save cause after a few days of surviving, the cannibals all disappear anyways so until they patch that, you dont really need to save. In fact, to distance him from the rest of us not only lessens his culpability but lulls us into thinking that we’re forever above doing terrible things for the sake of misguided ideals.
And part of it is that I genuinely feel vulnerable, which is the mark of a good horror game if you ask me. I just sort of stood there, staring at them at a distance, scared that they were going to wait there until I got back.

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