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The Food Packet, Survival, Abandon Ship is stowed aboard lifesaving craft for use in short term survival at sea incidents.
Food Packet, Abandon Ship: 1963According to a 1963 document, the Food Packet, Abandon Ship at that time had the stated purpose to sustain life until rescue or until other food was available. In 1997, the Navy replaced the MilSpec food packets designed for survival in abandon ship situations with commercially available United States Coast Guard (USCG) approved food packets. It was to be used only when personnel were required to abandon ship and was supplied to lifesaving craft aboard ships.The Food Packet, Abandon Ship of 1963 consisted of two starch jelly bars, four mint tablets, chewing gum, and matches, and was packaged in a sealed waterproof bag. As part of a review of survival equipment, market research revealed that four domestic suppliers and one foreign supplier hold USCG approval for manufacture of these food packets.The Food Packet, Survival, Abandon Ship is used by the Navy to sustain personnel who must abandon ship.

The components have maximum stability for storage in on-deck craft under all climatic conditions.
Fifteen food packets and a cigarette packet were packaged in a carton; eight cartons were packed into a shipping case.
The components had maximum stability for storage in on-deck craft under all climatic conditions.
It is designed to sustain one person for 3 days (using 2 bars per day) and will fit in the storage areas of lifesaving craft.
There is a minimum of six equally shaped, commercially available, individually wrapped cereal bars per intermediate box.Each packet provides approximately 2400 kilocalories (54% carbohydrate).

Canned water in limited quantities or water-making equipment was also provided on the life-saving craft.Specifications of the Food Packet, Abandon Ship of 1963 were given by MIL-F-16895.
The consumption of this ration minimizes the negative metabolic effects of acute starvation.

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