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Consider using natural insecticide as an option for dealing with problems with pests in your vegetable garden.
EATING just one portion of fat-packed chips a week can raise men’s prostate cancer risk by a third, scientists say. The results, published in the journal The Prostate, reveal snacking on deep-fried foods at least once a week increases the risk of the cancer between 30 and 37 per cent compared to men who ate them less than once a month. S MAG'My style is vintage boho chic'From left, clockwise:Daisy wears a top and trousers from Asos, which she bought to take to music festivals.

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I even put some in my mouth and swish it around, as it’s meant to whiten your teeth.How much do you spend on clothes each month?
It depends if I have an event coming up or not, but I get lots of my stuff from charity shops, where I find unique patterned pieces, so it doesn’t end up being too expensive.

Her gold collar and chain are both from German flea markets and the daisy necklace is from Miss Selfridge This vintage cow-hide bag was also bought at a German flea market. Since leaving school, where I would wear what the other kids wore, I’ve learned you can portray you own personality more by the clothes you wear.

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