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Information for preppers on all aspects of emergency preparedness, prepping and food storage.
Duct tape or Ranger bands can be used around the can to keep contents from spilling out and also to use for other applications. Fishing with bait, the easiest way is to drop your bait in and wait for the fish to bite, patience is key, but if you don’t get any strikes within 10 minutes change depth or location. Set lines- These are best if made with barbed hooks or treble hooks so you don’t lose your fish.  Tie the end of your line to something solid like a tree or root.
YoYo fish reels can be a good addition to your survival fishing kits, but won’t fit inside the Altoid container.
You can also purchase a basic Survival Fishing Kit from Best Glide that is very similar to the one described above. I have not tried to cover the type of fishing gear you should have at your bug in location, because there are so many variables depending on your location.  In a future post I will address this. I have wondered for years before I ever heard of prepping what kind of stuff to get to fish for my enjoyment. Many areas of the country have small pond or stream fishing available so panfish will be plentiful and easily caught by inexperienced fisherman as well.
I figured those are something that I can improvise from twigs to dry pine cone to all types of junk. When it comes time to put your preparedness to the test it will be all about making the most of what you have.

Keeping your own chickens is a great way to provide your family with eggs and meat without having to rely on other sources. A fruit and vegetable garden can be an affordable and sustainable food source for survivalists.
Have an underground bunker (things to consider) or just want to keep an eye out for intruders without being seen? This list of PVC Prepper Ideas was created and brought to you by Amanda Hill a PVC project expert.
The Mora Companion 860 (Stainless) is a fantastic valued piece of kit that are razor sharp and wonderfully versatile.
Here is the link to a post on them YoYo Fishing Reels Can be Used for Fishing, Snares or Warning Devices.
This is where you put together a small collection of things you might need and hide or burry them in designated places only you know about. Try making a periscope using two feet of PVC pipe, two 90 degree PVC elbows, and two small mirrors.
Remember, PVC is inexpensive and easy to find now, but in a doomsday situation it might not be. Once they were made in every home by local craftsmen who passed down their skills from generation to generation. These air-propelled weapons can be extremely accurate, and can be used with metal, wood or clay ammunition.

Try using a length of pipe vertically with an elbow and second length of pipe attached to the bottom.
When it’s set, the two open ends make it easy to push out the soap and start scrubbing up. Use two PVC caps or threaded plugs to close up the ends and secure them with some PVC cement to make a closure that’s watertight.
Tie some durable rope around it to make a handle, and you have a self-contained fishing kit.
The bulb will act like a check valve, allowing water into the pipe as you lower it down, but stopping up the hole as you raise it up. Add a big plastic bowl with drain hole over the waste bucket if you really want to get fancy with it. Make a notch at each end for the string and stretch it tight as your bend the bow to shape. Pour your feed into the top of the vertical pipe, and as the animals eat, more will be released.

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