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With feedback from Auto Express we have upgraded this kit to feature a larger, more sturdy case! Our claim that this is the best Motorist Emergency First Aid Kit currently available in the UK is not an idle one. Shorts, sunscreen, a First Aid guide – okay, so the last one probably isn’t on your list of things to take with you on holiday. According to the UK’s biggest First Aid charity, up to 150,000 lives are lost every year because not enough of us know the basics.
Now, they’ve produced a free First Aid guide called Be The Difference – the difference between a life lost and a life saved. We're part of TUI Travel PLC, one of the world's leading travel groups - and we're in great financial shape. We aim to train as many people as possible, so they can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.
The Primary Care Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation  covers emergency care for most life-threatening situations. This is a stand-alone CPR and AED course that typically takes about three hours to complete.  It encompasses CPR and AED training for adults and includes infants .
This is the ideal course to undertake annually to meet your ‘Australian Resuscitation Council competency assessment’ ! The FIRST CHOICE FIRST AID  Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation programme meets the requirements for the Nationally Recognised Training Unit of Competency.

37 Different kits also available (at varying prices): On Board, Travel, Hotel His, Hotel Hers, Sport, Skiing, Golf, Bike, Kids, Plaster, Car, Travel Plus, Tick Set, Relaxation, Feet & Hands, Anti Bacteria, Bites & Stings, Festival Plus, First Aid, Camping, Sunburn, Fire, Burns & Scalds, Tool, Pets, Office, Marathon, Walking, Baby, Bike Repair, Travellers First Aid, Bee Plasters, Love Food Hate Waste, Body Warmers, DIN 13164, Junior Road Safety, First Aid Premium. Please leave us with a couple of details below and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible. Select from our range of signs.Alternatively, design your own with our made to order service. RIGID = A solid sign made from quality 3mm thick Foamex plastic board, light weight, strong and durable, easily drilled, suitable for internal and external fixing. STICKER = A self adhesive Vinyl sticker , perfect for easy display, just peel and stick where necessary . Need further help, please call us on: 01706 872873Alternatively, click here to fill our contact form.
In today’s work environment, occupational health and safety regulations in most countries require staff to be proficient in CPR and first aid skills. FILE TYPE OPTIONS: PNG, Transparent GIF, Medium and Large JPG images are available for Members. And they reckon if more of us knew what to do in an accident situation – and how to do it quickly – then we could seriously reduce that figure. It gives short, easy-to-follow instructions that’ll help you deal with the five most common situations – situations where First Aid can save a life. For further information about holidays you've booked or questions about destinations you would like to visit, please call us on 0871 231 4691 or ask our advisors a question and they will be happy to help.

This personalised first aid essentials kit includes 12 Washproof plasters, 4 Wash Swabs, 2 Dry Swabs, 2 Burn Wound Lint Pads, 1 Elastic Bandage.
Whether you are a parent, school teacher, childcare worker, a builder in the construction industry or setting up your own business, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to provide emergency care for someone.
Our Motorists First Aid Kit includes all the items that the Motorist could possibly need in a First Aid emergency, and also includes a Life-Aid Resuscitation Shield, Tuff Cut Rescue Shears, a High Intensity Lightstick and a heat retaining Foil Blanket.
Because, while we may be good at protecting our skin in the sun these days, it seems we’re not so hot at looking after our nearest and dearest. And the great thing is, it’s about the same size as a credit card, so it’s really easy to take it away with you – just pop it in with your passport and your tickets. Suitable for a wide range of work environments and available in a choice of 7 colours for optimum personalisation to suit your brand.
Emergency First Response’s flexible approach to learning makes our programs the first choice.
You learn the basics in your own time through the use of our independent study materials, and then participate in practical hands-on training session with an experienced Emergency First Response Instructor at a time convenient for you.

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