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If your organisation has a specific area of training that is not included, or you require a more in-depth session, then we can accommodate you by providing additional training in that particular subject. A minimum of 12 contact hours in the classroom (consisting of practical and theoretical activities) must be attended by all learners. Assessment is ongoing by the instructor in respect of the learner’s practical skills and there will be multiple choice question paper to answer in respect of their knowledge. A maximum of 12 learners can be accommodated on this course and all learners must be a minimum of 14 years of age. A learner cannot claim the official title of First Aider until they attain the age of 16, at which time it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the learner is suitable for that role.
We regularly use Aim High to deliver Health and Safety Training on-site (including First Aid, Fire Safety and Manual Handling). I attended one of Aim Highs training courses, I found both Bonnie and Aimie to be engaging and found the course content to be very useful for me in the workplace. I’ve been wanting to do a Parents First Aid course for a while now, have been looking around on the internet but there was nothing available that would work around the family. Aimie Chatfield provided a First Aid for Parents course in our home and I cannot believe this is not compulsory learning for new parents!? Having spent years and years attending different first aid courses for my career as a child minder, I can honestly say that I’ve never had as much fun as I did with you two ladies. I just wanted to drop you a very quick, but very big and heartfelt “Thank-you!” for last weeks’ First Aid Instructors course.  I really enjoyed myself and learnt a lot from two people who clearly know how to inspire everyone about first aid delivery and everything that goes with it.
Aimie has run 3 First Aid courses for my Complementary Therapy colleagues and each time they go home having worked hard, had some fun and confident that they could help someone in an emergency. I have taken a few First Aid courses and often been really bored but not with Aimie as she makes the session fun and interesting.
If you suffer the effect of a concussion, or have had a concussion recently then as soon as you can please call our office to book an assessment. Currently Medical solutions are limited, mostly you are given instructions to rest, sometimes in the dark.
We have experience helping single TBI, multiple TBI's and helping those that had a TBI years prior to seeing us.

We urge you to come and get assessed, and then make your own conclusion if we are the right place for you or your loved one. I first came to know Brain Based Chiropractic care through my husband who suffered multiple mild to severe concussions when he was a young hockey player, and still deals with their aftermath, and my daughter, who suffered a concussion recently. Order Tracking Please enter your Cintas order number and the zip code of the ship-to address on your order. My Company Store Enter your Cintas-provided MyCintas ID, Account Number or Work Email Address.
It is specifically designed for those who are involved in any form of activity, including sports, leisure and recreation. Not only is Basic Life Support included, but many other First Aid conditions are also covered, making this qualification very comprehensive.
We have found the training delivery to be excellent, specifically tailored to our needs and the training arrangements very flexible. I would recommend the workshop to parents to gain some very practical and helpful tips and those working with children as a taster course with a view to doing the certified Paediatric course – which is what I will be doing with Aim High. I came across Aim High and emailed them, got a reply the same day, I loved how flexible they were, they would come to our house to do the course (or where ever suited us) and they were not worried about having certain number of people! We learnt as a small group of 5 people and our trainer, Aimie Chatfield, was an excellent teacher who could communicate and explain things very well. I feel much more confident to deal with situations (choking etc) that may arise with my twin babies now.
I just wanted to say thank you for teaching me some new things and for making the past two days so relaxed and enjoyable!! I’m delivering my first FAW course next week and thanks to you two, I’m feeling quite excited now. It was delivered in a fun, simple and interactive way to ensure maximum learning for the girls. Our Brain based assessment is effective in understand the extent of the TBI and if we are the right solution for you or your child.

Although resting a traumatized brain is important, full recovery will not always happen without appropriate rehab.
This includes our Brain based Chiropractic, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and Mattrix Repatterning.
As a brain injury researcher, I was impressed right from the start with the doctors depth and breadth of scientific research knowledge and understanding, and his round approach to care (chiropractic care, brain care, auditory and sensory integration). The Trainer has a warm, friendly and down-to-earth approach, building an excellent rapport during training and making the delivery as interesting as possible. Our questions were answered clearly and she was able to call upon personal experiences to validate things we were learning. I much prefer this to sitting in front of a computer. Well done Aimie, I would certainly recommend this course to others. We are up to date with the latest research for nutrition, and home exercises to maximize recovery. At a time when concussion management and care needs are on the rise, to come across a place like Vita has been hopeful say the least. I can't comment on the value for money as my employer provided the course and I am not aware of the cost. They helped my family and myself heal, change our life style and participate in understanding how we can maintain healing through our everyday behavior and lifestyle habits. I am grateful for the healing and hope for future possible research collaborations with the Vita Team.

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