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Whether a person is preparing for a simple hike or a far-fetched apocalypse, this compilation of 'Survival Skills Everyone Should Know,' is something that will come in mighty handy. A comprehensive collection for the newbie as well as the veteran who simply wants to brush up on their survival skills, these tutorials and tips will ensure that people can handle whatever Mother Nature throws at them. Over the years different illnesses and medical conditions in our home have left us with a cupboard full of empty UNRECYCLABLE prescription bottles. Since our recycling center doesn’t accept this kind of plastic and our pharmacy doesn’t recycle or reuse them either, I decided to do some research and figure out ways I could repurpose them into other useful objects. Important note: Before reusing any empty prescription bottle, take off the labels, so no one has access to your personal information, then clean and sanitize the bottles thoroughly. Keep matches and other necessities dry while you brave the wild: camping, boating, or just for a day at the beach. I don’t know about you, but I find myself flossing in the car more than any other place! My son Kell has had Type 1 Diabetes since he was 2 years old and so we have ALWAYS made sure to have some emergency snacks on hand in case of low blood sugars. Prescription bottles are just the right size and shape for a sewing needle, a small spool or two, a few straight pins, and a few plain buttons. Have one in the car, purse or office drawer. Collect the seeds at the end of the growing season and store them neatly in small pill bottles. Line old prescription bottles with inexpensive baggies and use them for condiment containers for bagged lunches. If you wear perfume and don’t want to bring the whole bottle with you in your purse but like to freshen up at midday, try this:  soak a cotton ball or two with your favorite cologne or perfume, place them inside a small bottle and close with the cap. Check with your local free clinic or veterinarian’s office to see if they accept used prescription bottles. Some of them will reuse them for filling prescriptions. 1) Electrical: I put my wire nuts by color in them and then use a colored Sharpie to color the white cap to match the size.
4) All Trades use drills so by putting the SMALLER sized drill bits in the small vile and the LARGE ones in taller ones so they are NOT always getting lost in the tool box as with all the above items. The Lifeline Emergency Roadside Kit stores conveniently in your trunk to provide extra security when traveling in winter weather.
As consumers search for and purchase these items they often get confused by the many terms used by the industry to refer to a survival kit. The 4 Person Survival Kit Deluxe represents an advanced disaster preparedness kit which comes pre-equipped with a variety of items.
A prerequisite is to always have something in your survival kit – something as small as possible, so as to fit inside the strap.
Before buying any disaster preparedness kit, you should first know how to use it and in which situations can help you. For building up your own shelter in case of emergency there are few elements which should not miss from your disaster preparedness kit.
A disadvantage of the survival blanket is that it is very thin, and therefore it won’t probably last you for more than one use. This deluxe 4 person disaster preparedness kit does include a 50-meter rope piece and 2-person tube tents with rope, all very useful in a survival venture. Preparing for emergencies or disasters before these ever strike increases your chance of survival in case of actual attacks. Devastating man-made and natural disasters such as terrorist attacks, bombing, fire, flood, storm and earthquake often cause people to be too concerned about the potential of facing unfortunate events and the impact of these situations to their life; but for people who are always prepared for these situations, these worries can be reduced. In your attempt to store the most useful disaster or emergency supplies in your home and office, it is crucial to create a list of the things that you really need. Since food is one of the most basic needs of humans, make sure to put this on top of your priority.
Water should also be prioritized since you cannot expect to survive without a good supply of it. Enough Clothing – A wise tip is to have at least 2 shirts (long and short sleeves, socks, undergarments, jacket and pair of trousers. First Aid Kit – The following are just some of the items that you should consider including in the kit: antibiotic ointment, antibacterial wipes, first aid booklet, eye wash, bandages, adhesive hand sanitizer, medications for fever, soda bicarbonate, chap stick, thread and needle, medical tape, safety pins, alcohol, sunscreen, sterile strips, scissors and a thermometer. Previously we talked about and gave you the facts about Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever in this article we are going to talk about a virus that you, or more specifically your kids, are far more likely to contract than Ebola, Enterovirus D-68. Occasionally, environmental sources such as water may be contaminated with enteroviruses that can infect people. Many people who become infected with enteroviruses have no or only mild symptoms (fever, headache, sore throat, loss of appetite, and abdominal discomfort) of infection that may last about a week and resolve with no further problems. Encephalitis: Symptoms range from lethargy and drowsiness to personality changes, seizures, and coma. As noted above, some strains of enteroviruses produce different symptoms, some of which are much more severe than others.
In addition, it is useful to distinguish between enterovirus infections and other viral infections like rota-virus and influenza viruses. Immunoglobulins have been used in infected neonates and immunocompromised hosts to both treat and prevent non-polio enterovirus central nervous system infections, but these immunoglobulin treatments are not always very effective.
Consequently, supportive measures such as fever control, assisted-breathing methods (ranging from inhaled steroids to intubation), pain-control medications, and topical skin and oral mucosal medications to alleviate symptoms are given. Particularly hard hit has been the state of Missouri, where more than 400 cases of the respiratory illness have been reported in a Kansas City hospital; about 15% of those children with the infection needed treatment in an intensive-care unit. The virus has been found mainly in children and those children who have any respiratory compromise (patients with asthma) often get more severe symptoms. Currently, the CDC does not have an exact count of infected people; there is no vaccine available to prevent EV-D68 infections, and treatment is mainly supportive care. The prognosis of most enterovirus infections is good; most people will spontaneously resolve their infection in about seven to 10 days and have no complications.
Some patients, especially those who are immunocompromised in any way, may develop more severe infections.
You can cut the chance of getting an enterovirus infection simply by avoiding direct contact with people who are infected with enteroviruses and by using such techniques as good hand washing and cleaning or disinfecting items that come in contact with infected people. People are routinely vaccinated against certain enteroviruses (polio-viruses); as a result, polio is rarely seen in developing countries. New findings and other information about EV-D68 is changing rapidly and to keep readers updated, we’ve added the most pertinent news about this outbreak. In addition, researchers are concerned about EV-D68 becoming the new version of polio; they are looking for links between this viral infection and the development of paralysis in dozens of children nationwide.

Some researchers have suggested that if the incidence of paralysis being reported in the last few weeks is directly linked to the enterovirus infections (especially EV-D68), there should be an urgent push to develop both vaccines and antiviral drugs that would be effective in stopping these viral infections. Someone should not visit the hospital, as a visitor, if he or she has a fever, cough, diarrhea, or has vomited.
Siblings, who do not have cold and flu symptoms, may visit a new baby on the obstetrics unit but may be screened for illness by staff before being allowed to visit.
Children 12 and under must be supervised by an adult in pubic waiting areas and cafeterias.
As you can see the Enterovirus D-68 (EV-D68) is a far bigger threat than Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever, especially to kids. Enterovirus D-68 is very prevalent in the Central and South American countries where the majority of these illegal aliens come from. The CDC has denied any connection to this outbreak and the influx, yet the evidence is mounting that there is a connection. Keep a close watch on your children, especially if you live in the Mid-Western states that are the hardest hit by this outbreak.
Put together by Thorin Klosowski of Lifehacker, this list of survival skills details everything from how to build in A-frame shelter and execute basic first aid procedures to starting a fire from scratch and finding water.
Since many are camping and cottaging for the summer, these survival skills are particularly useful right now.
Please be careful about where you place these reused prescription bottles and your real ones.
If a button comes loose or a hem unravels the kit is handy and the pins are tucked safely inside where no one can get pricked when not in use. The bottle rolls around and is light enough not to cause harm to the kitten, cat or furniture it might be rolled into. By midday the cotton ball will still be wet and can be dabbed to the areas you spritz with perfume. So, call around in your area to see if vets will take your bottles, or if any free clinics need them. Saves Time searching as well saves MONEY$ not having to run to the store to buy a new just to find the one the one you couldn’t later which you ALWAYS END UP DOING 5 min.
Instead of putting your key under the mat or above the door, put the key in a pill bottle, seal it, and add some grass or hot glue a small pine cone to the top! These items are absolutely necessary in an emergency situation and they are designed to keep you alive for 24-72 hours if you get lost or hurt, or find yourself in conditions that endanger your life (lack of shelter, fire or water). Fortunately, this deluxe disaster preparedness kit features a large range of such aids, from body warmers (which last for 16-20 hours), personal hygiene kits (which include soaps, toothbrush, etc.), and up to 200-calorie food bars (48), water purification tablets (40) and waste bags (2). These elements are vital in a situation where you have no control of the things happening around you. Such blanket is not included in this deluxe disaster preparedness kit, but fortunately you can purchase it for a cheap price off Amazon or another retailer. Well, in a situation where you really need a survival kit, you should have at one knife at hand.
Fire sourceThe first and most important source of fire is, in most people’ opinion, a lighter. It is crucial to be aware of a few emergency preparedness tips and gather or store a complete set of disaster preparedness products in your workplace and home so you can effectively handle unexpected events. Your options for disaster preparedness products include a 72-hour survival kit, first aid kit, food and water packs, and radio and lighting supplies. The amount of water that you should store in your kit should be enough to supply a gallon of water per person for each day. Consider investing in water repellant blankets since these will serve as excellent protection against moisture. In addition, some strains occasionally appear to be more transmissible and cause more intense or severe symptoms.
Blood tests are done infrequently; the best test is polymerase chain reaction (PCR) that is available from specialized laboratories and used most often during outbreaks of viral infections. Infrequently, the infecting enterovirus will be isolated by cell cultures taken from the blood, feces, or cerebrospinal fluid and then identified by further immunologic tests.
For poliovirus, an effective vaccine is available; unfortunately, for non-polio enteroviruses the treatment is supportive and is designed to alleviate the symptoms because there are no antiviral medications currently approved for the treatment of these types of enterovirus infections. Midwest have been stricken by this virus that is causing serious respiratory illnesses, paralysis, and in at least two cases, death. Since mid-August 2014, other states such as Kansas, Kentucky, Iowa, Colorado, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Georgia have seen an outbreak of this severe respiratory illness caused mainly by EV-D68 (about 75% of patients were confirmed to be infected by EV-D68 in a single Colorado hospital).
The more severe infections can have a prognosis that can range from good to poor, depending upon the severity of the viral strain causing the infection and the strength (or weakness) of the individual’s immune response. These people often seek no care and are not tested for viral infections and thus are not reported in the statistics.
Currently, there is no effective antiviral drug or vaccine available to treat EV-D68 or other non-polio enterovirus infections.
6, 2014: More information was made available today about the child who died from EV-D68 virus infection.
5, 2014: Yesterday the New Jersey Department of Health confirmed that a child (4 years old) died last week and tested positive for EV-D68. 1, 2014: Reports of the death of a 10-year-old girl in Rhode Island originally thought possibly due to EV-D68 have been changed to state that her death occurred as a result of Staphylococcus aureus sepsis associated with EV-D68. 27, 2014: This evening, another state, Texas, has reported its first 11 patients infected with EV-D68. One health official suggested that they’re seeing a decrease in the number of samples to test for the virus, suggesting that perhaps EV-D68 infections have peaked and are starting to decline in Ontario. 23, 2014: A Massachusetts pediatric hospital reported only one case of EV-D68, but state health officials have concerns that several more hospitalized children will test positive for the virus. 22, 2014: Because of the EV-D68 outbreak, some hospitals are modifying their visitation rules. 18, 2014: The first four people (children ages 2-13) reported in California infected with EV-D68 occurred in San Diego (three people) and Ventura (one person). 17, 2014: The CDC reports 18 states have reported a total of 153 confirmed EV-D68 infections, mainly in children. While there is no conclusive evidence just yet, many believe that this outbreak can be traced to the massive influx of illegal aliens through the southern border in recent months. A special thanks to ETMC Health System in Tyler TX for the use of the rash photo, I look forward to seeing your comments and as always, Train to Survive!
Put the cap on and place in a drawer to keep clothes smelling fresh without risking stains on your clothes.

I’ve taken the larger 90 day bottles, cut off the bottle necks and used them for seedling containers.
This has driven more and more people to begin to increase their own personal level of preparedness.
However, these components should not be used unless you really need them, and they must be also inspected regularly and replaced if necessary (in principle, at the expiry of validity). You can use it for wrapping up yourself (or someone nearby you), and your body heat will return to you, therefore ensuring your comfort overnight. To make your life easier when in the middle of a disaster, consider storing food products that do not require cooking or refrigeration. The polio-viruses that cause paralysis and other symptoms have been extensively covered in other articles. Other tests such as chest X-rays, electrocardiogram, lumbar puncture, and ECG’s may help decide the extent of infection. Consultation with an appropriate specialist (cardiologist, pulmonologist or others, depending on the particular complications) is recommended. Part of the reason there are no vaccines for these viruses is that there is a very large number of sub-types of non-polio enteroviruses.
Apparently, the only symptom the child had was pinkeye and none of the more classic symptoms of fever, runny nose, sneezing, cough, body aches, or the more severe symptoms of wheezing and shortness of breath were observed. Although the CDC has detected EV-D68 in a few patients who have died, the role EV-D68 played in these few patients is still unclear according to the CDC. Currently, there is no confirmed link to neurological problems (limb weakness or paralysis) and EV-D68 infections.
Ten children in Dallas County and one child in Denton County were confirmed to be infected. Health officials are cautioning parents to be sure their asthmatic children stay on their maintenance medications and keep sick children home from school to reduce viral spread.
Three of the four children had a history of asthma; children with any respiratory compromise seem at higher risk to get a more severe EV-D68 infection.
Don’t overpack the dirt in them and you can gently ease out the plant for transplanting.
While there are many steps to doing this…one simple one is to get a kit that contains the basic supplies you need to either shelter in place or evacuate and have what you need to survive. Note that most elements contained inside the kit feature a 5-year shelf life.There are many things which can go wrong during a trip to the mountains, a running tour etc.
In this regard, the type of survival rope most recommended is the paracord (used in parachutes).
It’s cheap, you can find it everywhere, and helps you start the fire immediately and stop wasting time. This death has worried many more parents because the child had only symptoms of pinkeye but no other symptoms of EV-D68 disease.
These are markers that suggest the person is having difficulty breathing and should be seen by a doctor as quickly as possible. Currently, the doctors are trying to decide if the symptoms are due to EV-D68 or if these children’s symptoms are coincidental occurrences. Infections have been reported in Canada, specifically in Alberta, British Columbia, and in Ontario.
None has been fatal, but some children with severe respiratory distress require hospitalization and a few have required respiratory support. And its price is very low too.A fire starter can be a great and fashion alternative to standard lighters.
Among the foods that are ideal for emergency or survival kits are canned meat, trail mix, Jerky, candy, granola bars & crackers. Investigators suggest these are the people whose cases are being reported and represented in the statistics because they are being seen by medical staff and being tested for viral infections. An additional four patients who have died may also have been infected with this virus, but tests have not been yet completed one these people. At least 18 infections have been confirmed and today, two others were confirmed, one in Windsor and another in Toronto.
You don’t need any skills to use it, and it will easily last you for hundreds of uses. The concern is that the child showed almost no symptoms yet the virus was lethal for the child. What caused the virus to infect the child yet cause little or no symptoms is not clearly understood. However, EV-D68’s link with children with prior respiratory problems and some people with post-infection muscle problems is still under investigation.
Such item is included in the deluxe disaster preparedness kit and should come in handy in a wide array of situations.4. It is not known if the child was uniquely susceptible to EV-D68 infection or if the virus has changed in some way.
First, we’ll analyze how this kit can be used and which are the elements comprising it. In the absence of it, one can also resort to condoms for storing water.On the other hand, water purification can be done through boiling, or by chemical means. We’re talking about purification tablets which can be found in many of the special stores. Fortunately, such tablets are included in this deluxe disaster preparedness kit, and one can benefit from as many as 48 of them (one tablet per use).5. This is vital to ensure the physical integrity of yourself or of those around you, and it’s also needed to treat any events which might arise due to a shock or minor trauma.
In this regard, this deluxe 4 person disaster preparedness kit features an integrated, large first aid kit which includes all the essential tools one might need in the case of an emergency.7.
ConclusionAn emergency situation can arise at any time, and in this case it’s important for you to have the right tools to face it.
The 4 person deluxe disaster preparedness kit includes all the elements one might need for such event, plus some entertainment tools which will help you forget about the stress involved (e.g.

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