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Ladprao Bilingual School is situated in a lush area off  Ladprao road and has 2 buildings (1for Kindergarten and 1for Primary). There is a total of 12 classrooms for Kindergarten levels consists of various corners that vary accordingly depending on what the theme topic is at the time. It is specially designed suitable for basic ballet practice and is also equipped for other activities. The 30cm depth swimming pool is designed for 2 to 3 years old PG students while the 70 cm depth is for KG and Primary 2students to practice their basic skills in swimming and water safety. These are safely equipped with selective playground equipment to foster the physical and social development of KG students. We have a full sized football field for all kinds of outdoor sports and activities for Primary students including football, chairball and different outdoor athletics programs, games and activities. This room is intended for KG students to engage in all sorts of logical stimulating activities.
It is a multi-purpose space with a theatre stage and an area that can accommodate larger-scale assemblies for many special and important events at LBS.

This is a large modern library using an internationally recognized system for book classification.  All kinds of resources are available here for both teachers and students. A well-equipped room for structure teaching of Mathematical concepts and skills for Primary students to engage in all sorts of stimulating Math activities. It holds four beds and approved first-aid supplies for those who require immediate emergency treatment such as injury or illness. It is a high technology room designed one for KG students and one for Primary students to develop their basic skills in computer and be able to manipulate computers as a valuable learning tool. It is an acoustic sound-proofed room designed to facilitate voice training, rhythmic movements, singing and the practice of various musical instruments. It is fully equipped with art materials for imagination and self-expression, a way to develop students’ creativity. It has a variety of scientific equipment for hands on experiments to enhance critical thinking skills of students.
It offers full lunch daily and provides nutritious and well-balanced meals done in a highly hygienic way.

At LBS we believe that Learning is Happiness Deeply Impressed with Thai Culture to International Standards. 138 Item Kit with all the right products to cover risk your Duty of Care and code of practice 2013. At LBS, your child will combine learning with fun in a caring environment, hence our school motto: Learning is Happiness. Every classroom is decorated with learning equipment corresponding to the educational approach in use.
We also have an internet corner to search for data and information and sound lab to develop language skills of students under the supervision of our team of international teachers. This LBS modern laboratory was designed by a specialist from The Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology.

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