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Children learn as they explore and discover new ideas through creative play and fun guided activities. A participant in the CA Child & Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), providing nutritious meals and snacks that meet or exceed USDA nutrition standards. Certified in Preventative Health & Safety, Infant, Child, & Adult CPR, First Aid, and AED from the American Red Cross. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
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Our training methods provide an innovative, interactive and practical approach to security training. We assist individuals and businesses to obtain highest standard of SIA (Security Industry Authority) approved training for SIA Door Supervisor course, SIA Security Guard course, CCTV course, First Aid course and teacher training course.
Beverly Lynn Burns, American Airlines stewardess class of 1971;first woman Boeing 747 Captain in the world July 1984. Kate Linder, actress on The Young and the Restless, who continues to fly with United Airlines on weekends, when not filming scenes for the soap opera.
Flight attendants look after the safety and comfort of aircraft passengers and aircraft cabin crew. Flight attendants work in shifts which involve irregular hours, working weekends and public holidays, and spending time away from home. The role of a flight attendant ultimately derives from that of similar positions on passenger ships or passenger trains, but it has more direct involvement with passengers because of the confined quarters and often shorter travel times on aircraft.
The first flight attendant, a steward, was reportedly a man on the German Zeppelin LZ10 Schwaben in 1911.

In the 1960s and 1970s, many airlines began advertising the attractiveness and friendliness of their stewardesses. Singapore Airlines is currently one of the few airlines still choosing to use the image of their stewardesses, known as Singapore Girls, in their advertising material. Airline managers commonly subjected flight attendants to various forms of discrimination from the early days of the profession until the 1990s.
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They work long hours in a pressurised cabin and must adjust to varying climatic conditions and different time zones. Additionally, the job of a flight attendant revolves around safety to a much greater extent than those of similar staff on other forms of transportation. The term purser and chief steward are often used interchangeably describing personnel with similar duties among seafaring occupations.
In the USA, Stout Airways was the first to employ stewards in 1926, working on Ford Trimotor planes between Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan.
A policy of at least one airline required that only unmarried women could be flight attendants. However, this is starting to be phased out, in favour of advertising which emphasises the modernity of their fleet. Flight attendants at United States-based airlines, and others as well, were forced to resign or were fired if they got married, if they were overweight, wore eyeglasses, if they turned 30 years of age (or 32 at some airlines).
Flight attendants on board a flight collectively form a cabin crew, as distinguished from pilots and engineers in the cockpit.
This lingual derivation results from the international British maritime tradition dating back to the 14th century and the civilian United States Merchant Marine which U.S aviation is somewhat modeled.

Western Airlines (1928) and Pan American World Airways (Pan Am) (1929) were the first US carriers to employ stewards to serve food. The last such broad categorical discrimination, the weight restrictions were eliminated in the 1990s through litigation and negotiations. Due to international conventions and agreements, in which all ships' personnel who sail internationally are similarly documented by their respective countries, the U.S. Ten-passenger Fokker aircraft used in the Caribbean had stewards in the era of gambling trips to Havana, Cuba from Key West, Florida.
The requirement to be a registered nurse was relaxed at the start of World War II, as so many nurses enlisted into the armed forces. By the end of the 1970s, the term stewardess had generally been replaced by the gender-neutral, and more wordy, alternative flight attendant. Merchant Marine assigns such duties to the chief steward in the overall rank and command structure of which pursers are not positionally represented or rostered.
Lead flight attendants would in many instances also perform the role of pursor, steward, or chief steward in modern aviation terminology. Flight attendant unions like the Association of Flight Attendants used Title VII, in the courts and at the bargaining table, to bring an end to such practices and recognize the professionalism of the flight attendant career. More recently the term cabin crew or cabin staff has begun to replace 'flight attendants,' in some parts of the world because of the term's recognition of their role as members of the crew.

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