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This trip offers a stunning motorbiking route, is organized for experience rider and quite difficult adventure. As they say, there’s no better way to experience Northern Vietnam than riding a motorbike and that is absolutely true. Turn around back to Dong Van, then, drive to the peak of Ma Pi Leng which gives stunning views of the mountains and sweeping valleys.
In the afternoon, we will motorcycle down hill along the river and see the different mountain view( less rocky and more green). To save time for the boat trip in Ba Be lake, We should start the day earlier so after breakfast, we start riding at around . Finishing the memorable riding day with lunch in a peaceful village of  the Tay people nearby Ba be lake . It’s time for relaxing on one of the most beautiful and biggest natural lake in Vietnam in the afternoon. Staying off the main road for as long as possible we head back towards the Red River Delta, passing through areas inhabited by Hmong, Dao, Tay and Nung minority peoples. I took a 2 day North-East Vietnam Motorbike Tour with Zonitrip, first day was a Hanoi city tour at night and the second day was a full day tour into the country side. If you are nervous about driving a motorbike in Hanoi don’t be, it’s surprisingly safe once you figure out how it works. After my girlfriend and I decided to go to Vietnam we found stories of people who had done trips on motorbikes in the northern part of the country and we got really enthusiastic about doing something similar. There is not enough space in this review-box to describe how greatful we are having done this trip. If you are looking for an amazing trip that can be adjusted to your needs and also at a very reasonable price dont hesitate to contact Zonitrip. Traveling with Nghia and her friends to Da Bac, in Hoa Binh province is the best decision you can make when you are in Hanoi. I had an incredible time riding through the mountainous road with sharp bends and ever-changing horizon ,especially the abundance of rice fields and terraces from Sapa – Mu Cang Chai. Thank you Ms Nghia for making it possible and for the efficiency, taking good care of me and my friend throughout the 3 days!
I had an amazing time, and this experience was really the most memorable part of my visit in Vietnam.
The tour of Hanoi was one of the most memorable experiences in all my travels, thanks to Minh Nghia & Zonitrip.
Riding motorbike going to those locations, exploring the old village also the mountain trekking and seeing the amazing view from the top of the hills.

Active adventures get you closer to the destination by letting you hike, bike, and multi-activities your way through it. In this morning, we’ll start our motorbike tour by riding our motorbikes down valley to visit Lao chai village of BlackH’Mong people. We will keep on riding down the hill, enjoy the fantastic open views in Ban Ho the most beautiful valley in which we spent a night on the bamboo house of Tay  people. After breakfast you ride up to to the Red Dzao village at Nam Ken & Xa Pho the village of Xa Pho tribe the smallest group in Sapa who have very little contact with modern Vietnam.
Me, my partner, father and brother signed up a 6d6n motorbike trip with Zonitrip at Ha Giang and Sapa without looking up anything about their road conditions. The size of the festivals, the locations and the way we encourage community all form part of the way in which the Laneway team strive to present a live music experience like no other.
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The way from Ha Giang to Dong Van is super awesome and then Dong Van to Meo Vac is unbelievable. Lung Cu mount is liken as “a high forehead of the motherland” where marks the extreme North of our country.
You will be disappointed as it is the gateway to the best road trip in Vietnam: the 22km that snakes its way along the mountainside to Meo Vac.
The motorbike is the main transport vehicle in the country and northern vietnam seamed particularly interesting with its diverse cultural and natural environments. I can fully recommend it to anyone interested in getting to know some parts of the real vietnam, enjoying nature, the people and having fun with a great guy showing you the way! The best thing happened after that when they brought us to visit their house nearby and even sang us a song there. I went on a weekend trip to Da Bac with lovely people from Vietnam and abroad and we were able to experience the local culture, traditions and cuisine as well as go on many crazy adventures such as bamboo rafting and swimming. It has nothing in common with the cookie cutter tours from the dozens of travel agencies that have jumped on the loosely defined eco-tourism brand. I had no idea what I was going to get out of this tour but it was excellent, we went to all the main tourist spots of course but the ones off the beaten path made it the amazing trip it was. Travel’s local experts have chosen an extensive range of authentic travel experiences.
ZONITRIP provide the equipment, the experts help you explore the beaten track in Vietnam, you provide the energy.
The rest of time, we’ll take a short walk to the near by waterfall for sightseeing and experiencing the daily activities of the locals.

During the first 20 minutes, we already had 3 casualties (but it was all our fault) and Nghia was well prepped with first aid kits and all though she seemed a bit shocked. Our travel experts will then contact you within 24 working hours for confirming your booking. From its top, visitors can see the whole of beautiful and spectacular landscape.  When we are in Lung Cu, we also can leave our bikes and walk to visit a small village around the area.
Just after 20km from Bao Lac we turn to narrow and bumpy road with breathtaking view of terrace rice paddies. Nghia was very good at making sure we all knew how to properly handle the bikes before he took us into the city traffic. Luckily some friends of us give us the contact Zonitrip and booked a Motorbike Ha giang Tour.
The region is absolutely beautiful and very peaceful and it was a great way to escape busy Hanoi. Minh Nghia is local guide who has knowledge added so much to the trip, it is a so worth to get a hold of Minh Nghia and book a tour! She must be the best Vietnamese locals telling me a lot stories about every thing, travelers will love her a lot. If it’s Sunday, you can have chance to enjoy the unique and special local Market in Meo Vac, it only happen in sunday and be called SUNDAY MARKET.
We underwent a myriad of amazing experiences – visiting a school, playing with children, threshing rice, learning about the village culture, sleeping at homestays, drinking with the locals, smoking from bamboo pipes, etc. The festival has always been interested in finding what's fresh and bringing it to unique settings and surrounds to be appreciated by music lovers.
She is short but great adventurous heart, into traveling and helping people traveling there.
There are very colorful and various culture of ethnic minorities, it will be special experience for you.
It was nice talking to the locals and even nicer talking to Nghia and Dung Ha, who were our guides but I’d really prefer to call them friends. He offered us a 7-day journey through the northwest by motorbike and with a great guide – himself! Hikes up beautiful mountains to serene temples, rides through roads surrounded by jungle, stops in carefully selected local establishments for refreshments and delicious meals.

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