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This article will not only give you some peace of mind but practical guidance on how to actually get started getting started down the road to better preparing yourself and your loved ones for those unforeseen man-made or natural disasters. One thing to consider is packaging; the easiest way is to purchase plastic storage tubs with lids and vacuum-sealed plastic bags because these hold a lot of items and are easily stackable for storage. Some skills you will need to learn include firearms proficiency, gardening techniques, self-defense, basic infantry tactics, leadership training, and even some psychology; during prolonged periods of civil unrest and breakdown, the human behavior you are accustomed to will largely disappear and be replaced by a survivalist mentality that some psychological education will teach you to anticipate and be able to deal with.
Still, you want to do your part to help restore the civil society, so practicing the Ten Commandments is the best way to restore morality to an immoral, anarchic situation.
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You’ve decided that perhaps the country, if not the world, seems like it is on some sort of crash course correction. As always, you should begin to research this yourself, but our goal here is to get you pointed in the right direction with some fundamentals on prepping.
Now, when things are calm and there is no pressing emergency – because trying to do this after disaster has struck is too late.

Keep in mind you will need about 2 gallons of water per person per day to stay adequately hydrated; more in the summer months. This can include ammunition, small containers (half pints) of alcohol, disposable lighters, waterproof matches, and coined currency (not paper money).
Most of us are not millionaires so it is not practical to think that you can purchase all you will need all at once. Others like you and, perhaps, many of your friends, are more like sheepdogs; you want to help protect the sheep.
For instance, most people will jump into the family roadster with a cooler, maybe a pistol and no plan except to make for the nearest highway, as if no one else had thought of that. You should want to help as many people as possible, but supplies only go so far – and charity begins at home. Don’t go looking for trouble, and be in a place where trouble will have a hard time finding you. In an emergency situation, there is nothing more reliable than being able to react to it as though it were second nature. Also, food that must be reconstituted using water means you’ll need more water just to eat. If you have the means, then of course, do so, but if not, the best way to obtain your supplies is to set aside a weekly budget for them and then prioritize what you need most. You, on the other hand, won’t, because you will have planned for your escape and will (hopefully) have gotten out before the collapse.
Always choose diplomacy and negotiation first, but if you cannot resolve the issue peacefully or diplomatically, you must be mentally and physically prepared to act. Even best friends and long-time neighbors will turn hostile when they are hungry, cold, scared, etc., and unable to take care of themselves.

Small amounts of liquor (like half-pints) were often traded for 30 rounds of ammo, and so forth. Make sure you dedicate some time and effort into learning your gear: how it fits, how it operates and what makes it most effective. There are surplus stores all over the place and if you don’t have one in your area, there are a number of online sellers of quality military-grade items. You will have planned to use lightly traveled back roads to move around to a pre-ordained rally point. The path of least resistance includes obtaining your stuff, and they’ll do it by force if necessary. As stated in your list of lists above, you should stockpile some items specifically for barter purposes. If you can afford some advanced firearms training, get it; become more than just a little skilled at medical care, and so on.
Just know that, while there is protection and strength in numbers of sheepdogs, there can also be wolves. And you will have made it to your rally point in a lightly packed bug-out bag that includes a weapon and basic provisions for a few days for you and your family.

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