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Having a basic car first aid kit in their cars should be something that all drivers here in the UK should aspire to. You can put your own basic car first aid kit together using the list shown below, or you can buy one of a number of different vehicle first aid kits that have been assembled in accordance with BS8599-2, as approved by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive).
A basic car first-aid kit containing these items should ensure you are prepared for dealing with most minor emergencies.
If you are looking for anything specific and you want to check if it is in stock, call us on (+44) 020 7382 0505. We will talk about the camping survival kit, which is the ideal tool for survival out in the wild, while camping and relaxing in the nature. Here is a list for you to check on the most valuable items for your survival kit inventory. You can also add sewing needles and very thin cords, antibacterial creme or wipes, over-the-counter painkillers, personal medications, etc.
The Camelbak water bottles are a great way to store the water, and have them light when empty. So, carry filtering systems, or better yet – purification tablets based on iodine or chlorine.
While navigating using a map and a compass may seem challenging at first, it may be extremely important to learn using them.
You can make it out of branches and foliage, or you can make your life easier by getting a tarp or a space blanket or even a garbage bag.
An additional idea is to use your sleeping bag or bivy sack to protect you from the weather. You may think that camping is a secure and safe way to relax in nature, but if you wander off in the nearby area and some cold rain catches on to you, you may suffer hypothermia until you get to your campsite. Of course, if you’re driving, it is easier to pack along clothes, but as a backpacker, you need to plan your inventory well beforehand.
A final advice on clothing – get more synthetic clothes and make sure these are the layer closest to your skin. As we’re talking about warmth, we should point out that the skills and ability to start a campfire may be of vital importance. The flashlight is not only a means to show you the way in the darkness, but also a good signaling tool. The whistle and the signal mirror are partly similar to the flashlight in that they can help your rescuers locate you. The Personal Locator Beacon or PLB is an electronic device which regularly sends out your current location.
You can let your relatives or friends where you are at certain times, so they know often where you are on your way. Any item that may help you fish successfully would be great, as long as it’s not too bulky or heavy. The flashlight and fire-starting tools are optional and necessary if you go hiking before dusk. Please wait until the picture has finished uploading.Navigating away from this page will cancel your upload. If you haven’t got one already, call us or drop in to our walk-in GP clinic in-house pharmacy today. Hikers and campers tend to pack only the most essential items, without which survival may be impossible.
The items we will include will take into account potential situations, for which you absolutely must be prepared.
You shouldn’t venture out in the wild and plan on spending more than a day without a first-aid kit in your backpack or van. Even if you bring your own water with you, some accident may occur and you may lose that water, or drink it, and be left with nothing to drink.

Also, some aluminum water bottles have the option to be attached to a carabiner, thus making them easy to access and use instantly.
So you can see how important it is to give yourself what your body needs – dry warm conditions in the shelter you make yourself. Either of these will be great if you use your imagination, and will meet some basic requirements for you to survive. Yet, don’t ignore the need for extra clothing and make some room in your bug out bag. If you like camping you probably enjoy lanterns and larger light bodies, but it’s nonetheless crucial to have a more mobile and compact version of these items.
These are traditional items that will never need to be recharged, will never run out of fuel, etc. You need to learn how to use the mirror and how to focus the sun beam to the correct direction. Some such devices provide you with the option to send messages through a satellite connection. This is of course ideal for hikers and trekkers, but it can be invaluable if you’re camping, but wandered off and lost your way back. If your smart device’s battery dies, you can use the cell phone and call an emergency phone or a relative. If you believe that an item is important, but you’re worries about its weight, try to find a substitute to that item, which is much lighter and more compact. Optionally, you should be able to cram in it the bare essentials like navigation items, water, blanket, signaling device, knife, flashlight and tools for starting a fire.
Samuel is excited to share his knowledge and the things he learns while travelling in British Columbia, Canada where he lives and around the world. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you’re driving to your campsite, it is quite normal to bring BBQ, bulky cooking stove, etc. According to Mike Forti, who graduated from the US Air Force Survival school, the large backpack is a large survival kit for a comfortable several-day camping. First-aid kits have all sorts of bandages, gauzes, sterilized tissues and gloves for instant use, etc. Make sure not to purchase a large medical kit, or it will become more of an inconvenience rather than help. Bring an aluminum water bottle or other light-weight water container or even a canvas sack. While there may not be chemicals in the river as there are in the tap water, there are still other risky factors like microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, dirt, etc.
If you use a tablet now, wait for it to do its job for 30-40 mins, and then drink the water within the next 4-5 hours. But if you have a shelter and a sleeping bag together, it can definitely bring you much more comfort and warmth. The hypothetical situations may be too many, but having extra warm and reliable clothes doesn’t cost you anything but a few additional pounds in your backpack or van. Get a reliable fire starter or basic lighter, and don’t forget the traditional matches. Make sure there’s no way for water or moisture to creep in and ruin your chances for a warm evening.
The mirror can also be used to confuse an enemy or even temporarily blind a wild animal and have several seconds to escape.
This means of course, that you will need a clear sky to successfully send your exact location and coordinates, but it will still work even with a cloud cover between you and the satellite. Some carry solar chargers and rely on those to recharge the constantly hungry smart devices’ batteries.

We may not be talking about how to pack on canned or freeze dried food, but can definitely encourage you to go hunting or fishing.
While we don’t support needless attack on any animal, an angry bear or a hungry wolf pack calls for serious measures. If you decide to go exploring the area nearby, you can use the backpacks to store some water, clothes and signaling devices in case an incident occurs. In case you get lost, you need to be able to provide warmth and shelter while the others are searching for you.
If you’re hiking or camping entirely on foot, then these items are more of a hindrance than of any significant use to you. The minimalist survival kit will bring you a lot of discomfort and make your stay miserable, although it will provide you with the bare essentials. Unfortunately these canvas sacks may easily be punctured if you handled it carelessly, so keep that in mind. This is because bacteria and viruses may reactivate again and you’ll have to purify the water again. Basically, sleeping bags have this strong positive side that they can save you in you suffer hypothermia. You should never go out there without spare socks, hat, mittens and gloves, warm underwear, water-resistant jacket and pants. Practise starting a fire in safe conditions and figure out how you can improve your skills. Some of these devices can be connected to a smart phone, and you can send messages in that way. But what will happen if there’s no sun for several days and you still need help or need to call some relative or a friend? Keep it either turned off or on airplane mode (if it supports it) when you don’t need it. In fact, if you don’t have any experience hunting, we would advise you to try fishing. In case your camping trip is linked to fishing with your kids, then there’s no need to worry about your dinner. Use the knife only when your life is at stake and when we’re talking about a life-or-death situation. Optionally, you can always keep them in all the available backpacks, so you don’t have to specifically pack them before you go exploring. Space blankets can also retain the heat of your body and thus are a much better option for light camping. Cell phones’ batteries are still much more reliable because of the lack of any fancy animation and color to power the screen.
One may believe that the minimalist’s survival kit is ideal for most people, but these kits will lack items, which may be of higher value. Even if you’re camping in your van, you must be prepared for cold weather and unexpected situations. As long as you give out regular whistle signals, they will be able to very quickly locate you.
If you make a primitive fishing rod and attach the fishing line to it, you only need patience and some skill set to catch some fish and have some dinner tonight.

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