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First Aid Kit is two young Swedish sisters a€” that's Johanna SA¶derberg on the left and Klara SA¶derberg on the right a€” who make utterly charming, folk-infused pop music that lulls and enchants, with an obvious nod to late-'60s and early-'70s bands like Crosby, Stills & Nash.
An earlier version of this report mistakenly identified Klara SA¶derberg as her sister Johanna SA¶derberg (and vice versa). Will Toledo is a wordsmith with a vision, as well as a DIY sound that's still finely crafted. It's our 500th show at the Tiny Desk, featuring The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach and his new band. The North Carolina band fills its rootsy music with unexpected instruments and clever ideas. The singer-songwriter gives a warmhearted performance of two new songs, an old favorite and a hymn. While on tour with The Arcs, the powerhouse mariachi band performs live in the NPR Music offices.
Find the First Aid Kit tickets you're looking for on viagogo, the world's largest ticket marketplace. First Aid Kit are an indie folk duo from Stockholm, Sweden, comprised of sisters Johanna and Klara Soderberg and formed in 2007. The Soderberg sisters first rose to prominence in 2008, shortly after they started playing music together; they uploaded a video of themselves covering the Fleet Foxes track “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” in woodland near their home in the Stockholm suburb of Enskede to MySpace, and it quickly went viral, attracting the attention of record labels the world over. The pair flew to Omaha, Nebraska to make the record in Mike Mogis’ studio, with Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst dropping by to lend backing vocals to “King of the World”; it’s a creative relationship that’s gone on to bear real fruit, with First Aid Kit performing on no fewer than six tracks on Oberst’s latest LP, “Upside Down Mountain”, and backing him up on tour in Europe, too. If you are a fan of alt-country or singer-songwriters (Avett Brothers, The Civil Wars, Ray LaMontagne, Brandi Carlile, et. In my opinion, these two charming Swedish sisters are right on the upward trajectory of breaking through to selling out arenas - if that is what they want to do. Besides the music, the sisters are really endearing and like to engage and interact with the crowd. The uniqueness of their sound and depth of tonality in their voices made for a thoroughly enjoyable night.
If you allow the dulcet tones of the country-folk duo, First Aid Kit, to wash over you, the seamless harmonies and timeless pedal steel guitar transport you to a pocket of relaxation, rare in the technological 21st Century.
It's easy to forget that they started out as a YouTube sensation with their cover of Fleet Foxes whilst they were both still in school, but watching them perform leaves no doubt that they have worked hard and entirely deserve the credit they are given. The harmonies from the girls was something that really stood out, and is even more accentuated in a live performance rather than on a recording. It’s easy to forget, given that it was eventually a runaway success, but First Aid Kit’s breakthrough record, The Lion’s Roar, was actually kind of a slow-burner; despite meeting with a unanimously positive critical reception when the Swedish sisters dropped it in January 2012, it wasn’t until the tail end of that year that they finally began to reap the rewards.

First Aid Kit delivers an amazing performance, staying true to their music and not over-endorcing their new album. If you're cursorily into this band and are wavering on whether to go or not, I say do it. Sold out gig, on the first night of the UK tour - loved the gig - spot on harmony and great set list. Their voices intertwine in that way sibling singers' sometimes do, with disarmingly lovely results, but the music remains distinctly alluring and adventurous. Select an event to view the range of tickets available or view the First Aid Kit tour dates to find an upcoming event near you.
They would go on to sign to Wichita and put out a debut record, “The Big Black and the Blue”, that won them plaudits from critics and enjoyed modest commercial success. Most of the shows that I have seen this year have been in smaller venues where there is an easy sense of intimacy between the artist and the crowd, but this concert was in the GWU Lisner Auditorium in D.C.
Another favorite part was when they took a quick break between songs to entertain with a bunch of cheesy cheese jokes.
The sound hits the eardrums deep, worms it way into the head, and stays with you long after the show has ended.
I first saw the sisters perform in London back in 2012, and was immediately captivated by their fresh sound. First Aid Kit are not a YouTube fame sensation in the way you may expect, they have built critical acclaim and constantly perform knock out shows. We heard the fragile vibratos intertwining in a ghostly manner, alongside the support and power that was demonstrated. It was certified platinum in their native Sweden, and whilst some of their testimonials were a little more dubious - David Cameron allegedly attended their Shepherd’s Bush Empire show - the fact that they were selling out the sort of rooms they’d only seen as support acts before - most notably, when touring with compatriot Lykke Li - was a clear indicator of the heights they’d reached. Fast-forward five years and with two albums under their belts, sisters Johanna and Klara Soderberg find themselves performing on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury 2013.
Though jokes were rehearsed and reused, their passion seemed genuine and they had a real and true connection to the audience. The best moment was when they sang Ghost town without mic, and the entire audience sang along with them.
You can also sell your spare First Aid Kit Concert Tickets on viagogo, and listing tickets is free. Most importantly, though, it provided the springboard for its follow-up, their 2012 breakthrough “The Lion’s Roar”, which saw them fulfil a childhood dream of working with two members of one of their favourite bands, Bright Eyes.
The sisters followed up “The Lion’s Roar” in quick-fire fashion with album number three, “Stay Gold”, in June 2014; their first album on a major label, Columbia, it’s seen them earn another slew of rave reviews and embark upon their biggest tours to date.

And yet, First Aid Kit was able to retain that key sense of intimacy with their set and the crowd.
It was sweet, funny, and made everyone laugh and added another layer of sweet enjoyment to the overall show.
I enjoyed their music before - I find myself converted to an even bigger fan after seeing them live.
Unplugging their microphones and guitars and having everyone but those singing along go silent was not only a suprise, but a real treat.
One of my favorite parts of the concert was when they unplugged from the mics, walked to the middle of the stage together (they stand about 5 ft apart from each other during the concert), and just sang with an acoustic guitar accompanying. It was a magical moment when all we heard was the hum of the audience and their pure, non-amplified voices.
Standing at the furthest point away from the stage (also the highest point) and to still be able to enjoy it so much says it all. It was raw and beautiful - music in its simplest form - and showcased the immense talent that these sisters have. Sure, the band are necessary to bring the kind of rolling drama to the likes of ‘Emmylou’ and ‘Blue’ that are required to do them justice, but honestly, the Soderberg sisters would be every bit as enchanting if it was just the two of them onstage - a couple of guitars, those bewitching voices, and you’ve already got the makings of a genuinely gorgeous performance. This really isn't a coincidence as First Aid Kit draw many of their musical influences from that era. The only thing that could have made the concert better would have been them coming outside to take pictures with the 6 or so young fans like me.
They’re back in the UK in September, promoting their new LP, Stay Gold; most dates are already sold out, so don’t sleep on the ones that have tickets remaining. Overall, they put on an amazing and truly beautiful show with passionate melodies and maintain a real connection to the audience. First Aid Kit's music can easily fall into the genre of americana and country as they truly excel at both. Their whole set is made up of mesmerising harmonies with delicate compositions of instruments.
It is of course their voices that are astounding – it's hard to believe they are only 19 and 22 years old.

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