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It’s a darker and more fatalistic sentiment than we typically expect from Frost, a sunny reminder than nothing continues in its ideal state. To record Stay Gold, the Soderberg sisters again flew to Omaha to work with Mike Mogis, who produced The Lion’s Roar. On 9th June 2014, Swedish duo First Aid Kit will make their Columbia Records debut with their third album 'Stay Gold'.
With 'Stay Gold', First Aid Kit - sisters Klara and Johanna Sderberg – have honed their musical skills and blossomed as vivid storytellers in creating an ambitious 10-song collection. Drawing inspiration from sources such as Townes van Zandt's Our Mother The Mountain and Lee Hazlewood productions, 'My Silver Lining' features the duo's most sophisticated songwriting to date. Hailing from a southern suburb of Stockholm, Klara and Johanna began composing songs as teenagers in 2007. Some bands are happy to leave the creative direction of their gig posters and visuals up to their labels, but others, and these are often the more special of the bunch, put as much care into their visual representation as they do their music, carefully building a coherent image with every photo shoot, illustration and album sleeve. How closely do you like to work with designers and illustrators on your tour posters and visuals?
We loved it so much we asked her to create two new tour posters for our UK and Swedish tours this year. Do you have many young illustrators and photographers approaching you wanting to create visuals for you?
For example, about a month ago we were on tour in Australia, and Klara wrote an email to this photographer called Nirrimi Firebrace. How important do you think tour posters and other printed ephemera are in this day and age?
We buy a lot of vinyl, even if it’s a record we already have on our phones or on Spotify. It is always fun when a photographer has a clear vision that we’re all excited about.
If you have a dig about on some Clash fanblogs, you can find illicit, well-zoomed-in fan photos of a man painting on a large canvas in various spots around London. Most of us have favourite bands; artists we love irrationally, inexplicably and would kill to get tickets for their shows. During an elongated period of singledom, I developed a fairly acute understanding of the kind of things that are not ok to say on dates. Leider kann das Video nicht angezeigt werden.Bitte aktualisieren Sie umgehend Ihren Adobe Flash Player. Leider kann das Soundcloud-Plugin nicht angezeigt werden.Bitte aktualisieren Sie umgehend Ihren Adobe Flash Player.
Einen Tag vor dem letzten Konzert ihrer Deutschlandtour besuchten uns Klara und Johanna Soderberg alias First Aid Kit im Restgerausch Studio. One day before their last concert in Germany, Klara and Johanna Soderberg alias First Aid Kit visited us at Restgerausch Studios.
Bisher meine liebste Restgerausch Session (wobei die anderen naturlich auch mehr als gelungen sind). It’s certainly their grandest and arguably their most consistent release to date, even if there’s nothing here as undeniable as “Emmylou”,  from 2012’s The Lion’s Roar. What’s bracing about Stay Gold, then, is how universal the Soderberg sisters make that life sound.
Naturally, the folk-rock reference points remain, even if the duo paint with a broader palette. Having had its UK premiere via Lauren Laverne yesterday, the first single 'My Silver Lining' is now available to stream on Soundcloud here. Recorded at ARC studios in Omaha and produced by Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, Monsters of Folk), the duo also enlisted The Omaha Symphony Orchestra to play on the record, with arrangements by Nate Walcott (Bright Eyes, Broken Bells, Rilo Kiley).

They explain, "It's song about searching for a reason to keep on keeping on, to find the good that comes with the bad. Their heart-wrenching song 'Emmylou' fromThe Lion's Roar was chosen by Rolling Stone as a 'Single of the Year' in 2012. She did a tour poster for us a couple of years ago for a show we did at The Lincoln Hall in Chicago that we fell in love with. We told her to use a fairytale theme, and for the UK she made one where we’re in the forest shooting a bow and arrow (very badass) Robin Hood-style, riding a horse and a deer. He’s made two, one featuring a red fox and another one which is more Art Nouveau style. It’s more been a case of us reaching out to our favourite and then, luckily, them agreeing to work with us. Do you think that the shift into digital has emphasised the role of printed material, or reduced it? That feeling when looking through the artwork and putting it on the record player is magic for us. We loved being out in Death Valley with one of our favourite photographers of all time, Neil Krug, when we were shooting the cover art for our latest record Stay Gold. One of the things you could buy was a Polaroid picture with her and you in it, which was a great idea. We have for you today a special conversation between bearded electronic wizard Todd Terje and two very talented illustrators Espen Friberg and Bendik Kaltenborn about the fantastic new music video they have been working on.
But there are very few fans out there with the commitment of George Salisbury, whose dedication to The Flaming Lips goes beyond simple fandom – it’s more like a life-long obsession.
Robert’s magic touch is a unique style lifted from way back when life on earth was cooler, and from some cauldron of fluid in his brain from which he draws impressive draughtsmanship and weird ideas. The visual style and typographic skill on the album artwork and logo design created bands like Yes, Uriah Heep and Asia defined an entire era and bred hundreds of imitators.
Mit ihren wohltuenden Stimmen, harmonischen Melodien und elfenhaftem Charme formvollendeten sie eine faszinierende Session. With their pleasant voices, harmonious melodies and elfish charm, they perfected a fascinating session.
Ich verfolg das Treiben der beiden schon eine ganze Weile, bins auch heute noch nicht uber.
With its affectionate hook, that song was both a paean to country music romance and a mission statement; ostensibly the lyrics were directed toward a male counterpart, but it sounded more like the sisters were inviting each other to sing along.
Rather than dwell on the particulars of long days on the road, they pare their experiences down to sentiments that sound more relatable and identifiable, whether it’s leaving home, discovering new places, or defining your own destiny before the gold fades. There’s more color here, like the sympathetic flute on “Fleeting One” and the hoedown momentum of “Heaven Knows”.
That year was an astonishing breakthrough that saw worldwide sales of over 250,000 and saw the album gain silver status in the UK with sales of 68K.
The Swedish sibling duo has accrued quite a roster of preferred illustrators and photographers to design their posters, channelling their one-of-a-kind amalgamation of Scandi heritage, folk symbolism and references into each one.
For the Swedish tour we got one with a more Scandi-looking theme, where we’re snow queens riding a polar bear. Klara asked Nirrimi if she would hang out with us and document our time at the Golden Plains Festival outside of Melbourne.
We get nostalgic thinking about how things were in the past, in our childhood, with all the VHS cassettes and the CDs, it was definitely a different era. Our tour posters sell very well when we’re on tour, so perhaps a lot of people long for this physical connection to the music. Almost entirely self-taught, Paul picked up his draughtsmanship skills by spending hours at the British Museum with a pencil and sketchpad and taking canvases out and about London to capture the ever-changing city.

He met them age 16, harassed them into giving him a job and has been part of their entourage ever since, working on album covers, tour visuals, T-shirts, films and a whole range of weird objects that the band once produced on a whim.“I met Wayne a long, long time ago in the 1980s. Robert’s in psych band Hair Police himself, and goes by the name of Three Legged Race when performing solo.
That’s actually not quite true; I don’t actively dislike music, it’s just a cultural form that I don’t really engage with in any way, like Flemish theatre or zorbing. Mit im Gepack hatte das Geschwisterpaar drei Songs des aktuellen Albums „The Big Black And The Blue“, welches Anfang des Jahres veroffentlicht wurde. On board, the two sisters had three songs from their current album "The Big Black And The Blue", which was released in the beginning of 2010. When sisters Johanna and Klara Soderberg named both a song and their third album together as First Aid Kit after Frost’s poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay”, from his Pulitzer-winning 1923 collection New Hampshire, the choice seemed to reflect their youth: The sisters signed their first record contract in 2008 when Johanna was 17 and Klara 14, both around the age when most readers have Frost thrust upon them. First Aid Kit understand this inevitability, yet they have the tenacity and optimism to fight against that falling apart.
Stay Gold similarly conveys the joys of musical collaboration—their voices always sound good together—yet they’re not quite so convinced of the merits of the music industry.
In a sense, First Aid Kit have managed to establish a touring diary as a metaphor for young womanhood, which makes the music more powerful. Mogis’ production sounds shinier, however, more elaborate and dense, with a vague shimmer pervading every note.
They have performed on The Late Show with David Letterman, Conan, shared the stage with artists including Jack White, Lykke Li, and Bright Eyes, played the main stage at Glastonbury and rounded everything out by winning both the Nordic Music Prize and four Swedish Grammy's in 2013.
We spoke to Johanna and Klara about the process of commissioning their posters, their favourite illustrator to work with, and keeping creative disagreements in the family.
When we started out with our first EP and first record, I (Johanna) did all the designing of the merch, album artwork, websites etc. We believe the general interest in design, illustration and photography is probably bigger today then it ever was before though.
He was playing a show here in Oklahoma City at a place called The Blue Note and the band was under a different name then – I think it was The Chrome Leeches," says George. He said once in an interview on Pitchfork that he creates artwork in the same way he makes music, by letting his body and his brain begin to create something and see where it takes him. Neben „Heavy Storm" und „Hard Believer" beeindruckte uns das Geschwisterpaar zu guter Letzt noch mit "I Met Up With The King".
Besides "Heavy Storm" and "Hard Believer", Klara and Johanna impressed us with the performance of "I Met Up With The King" at the end of the session. These are weary songs about transience: touring constantly, missing home, losing friends and lovers.
While it broadcasts a kind of coming-of-age melodrama, this fuller, more self-consciously produced sound undercuts the immediacy of the sisters’ songwriting, such that songs like "Cedar Lane" and "The Bell" seem to be less about working through thorny issues and more about recalling confusions tucked away safely in the past. I really loved doing it, it’s so much fun, but it became a little too much work when things started taking off for us.
And instead of stopping by woods on a snowy evening, they’ve chosen Frost’s elegy to the natural state of entropy. The Soderbergs remain romantics in an unromantic world, not only writing lyrics about fighting the good fight but making the kind of wide-eyed, ‘70s-tinged folk-rock that thrives on soaring vocals, warm harmonies, big choruses, and heart-on-sleeve lyrics. First Aid Kit still can’t sell a line like, “Shit gets fucked up and people just disappear,” but they convey the dusty self-assertion of “The Bell” like it’s gospel. Anyway, that show they had a motorcycle on stage in an enclosed room, and they were gunning it.

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