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Fill the form below to submit your CV.If there is no email address given then please send your CV through post , courier or submit it though the way its given in Ad. Security covers a wide variety of services, from door staff, event stewarding to retail security. Depending on the type of security that is being used and the style of event will depend on the risk factors involved. If you have any questions about the courses and which course is best for your business, then contact one of our course advisers today on 01772 910940.
Choosing between any Level 2 or Level 3 course can be challenging, particularly where you are not limited by any pre-qualifications you may have.
If you are a parent, then you’ll understand the importance of first aid when it comes to looking after children.

It can be crucial to have a parent on hand with sufficient first aid training to help not only your child, but the children of others.
Security staff requires basic first aid skills to respond to an emergency as their roles are to protect the safety of facilities and the customers using the facility. For example basic security will be required to complete the Level 2 First Aid at Work this will equip the individual with the required knowledge to treat bleeds, unconscious casualties, shock and many other emergencies.
Our courses can be tailored to precise needs, with our tutors being able to adapt the training to your specific retail needs.
Security can range from event to event and the injuries and emergencies can vary dramatically. For more advanced security services a more in depth knowledge would be required which would be covered in the Level 3 First Aid at Work.

Ensuring your security team is first aid trained is crucial for the success and safety of the business.
This Level 3 course will cover more severe injuries such as strokes, heart attacks and eye injuries.

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