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Tower Safety Authorized Cell Tower Certifications and training is designed, keeping in mind the best industry practices. Safety Training is most effective when integrated into a company’s overall performance requirements and job practices. Our training programs and the methods of presentation reflect the needs and characteristics of the construction workforce. Students learn best when they can immediately practice and apply newly acquired knowledge and skills.
Students learn in different ways,  Tower Safety’s program will incorporate a variety of training methods.

As a contractor would you like to minimize the costs associated with employee accidents and OSHA citations.
Tower Safety & InstructionKathy Brand founded Tower Safety & Instruction in 2013, having years of direct experience in the industry.
This course is a mandatory course that all employees in the healthcare industry have to complete. We carefully tailor our processes to deliver high quality training that helps you to excel professionally. The five principles of teaching and learning should be followed to maximize program effectiveness.

We can help you protect your employees from hazards in the workplace, OSHA citations, lower insurance rates, and help enforce safety policies and procedures.
You will be practically engaged all the time and carefully monitored by the Industry experts.

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