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The Child Choking Poster by Bruce Algra (years 1-8), updated for 2013, shows and explains how to help a child who is choking in a step by step easy to follow process. CommunityNI is developed, managed and hosted by NICVA - Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action.
Fishing hooks are some of the most fundamental pieces of equipment in an angler’s tackle box. A point of which not many anglers are aware is that the strength and thickness of the line you use determines the hook size you should use. Kahle Hooks are usually used for live bait, as their design makes them easy to insert through a bait fish’s back.
Live Bait hooks are distinguishable by their short shanks, and are appropriate for live bait fishing as they allow the bait fish to swim relatively easily. Make sure you have included your pets and their needs (food, medicine, leashes, crates, etc) in your evacuation plans. Gather important documents (your marriage certificate, mortgage, title, insurance papers, passports, etc) and secure them in a weatherproof case. Gather the information you need to shut off utilities to your home if you must evacuate for more than a few days. Make sure to inform a family member or friend of your evacuation plans in case you need to evacuate at some point. Secure your windows and doors with hurricane fabric (see video above), shutters or plywood. Fill up your bathtub with water and stock up on bottled water in case your water supply is cut off. NEVER use a generator inside homes, garages, crawlspaces, sheds, or similar areas, even when using fans or opening doors and windows for ventilation. If you cannot return home and have immediate housing needs, text SHELTER + your ZIP code to 43362 (4FEMA) to find the nearest shelter in your area (example: shelter 70116). Remember that hurricanes are unpredictable – the best plan is to be prepared and ALWAYS evacuate if your local officials give the order.
The clear cornea at the front of the eye absorbs most of the ultraviolet light that enters the eye.

The top of the poster shows the 3 critical steps to take when the child is choking and conscious. This poster shows and explains how to perform CPR in a step by step manner – easy to follow six step process. The choice of fishing hook made by an angler can have a huge effect on the success of a fishing trip.
Line strength is given in pounds of pressure, which dictates how much pressure the line can exert on the hook. Due to their design, it is less likely that any of the fish’s internal organs will be pierced as circle hooks are difficult for fish to swallow.
At Make It Right, we use hurricane fabric, a sustainable, safe and affordable alternative to plywood.
Deadly levels of carbon monoxide can quickly build up in these areas and can linger for hours, even after the generator has shut off. The bottom of the poster shows what to do if the child becomes unconscious (or is unconscious already). Survival rates of up to 75% have been reported when AED have been used in heart conditions.
Colorful illustrations and specific information show the necessary positions and explanations to perform CPR effectively and safely. When buying or selecting fishing hooks, there are some important factors of which an angler should be aware.
When using a circle hook, it is important to note that you should not try to set the hook once a fish bites.
Aberdeen hooks are also used in jig molds, although this requires modification to the hooks. Again, circle hooks are more appropriate for catch and release fishing, as their shape usually prevents them from being swallowed. If you have any doubts about safety, have your home inspected by a qualified building inspector or structural engineer before entering. A life saving wall reference for school nurses, classrooms, business, and safety related facilities.

Not only do fishing hooks come in different sizes, they also come in different shapes, each design tailored towards different species of fish, different fishing techniques or different fishing conditions. If your line strength is too little, there is no point fishing for large fish with a strong hook.
In the case of a circle hook once the fish has bitten the hook will set itself as the fish moves away.
The entire hook is very thick and O’Shaughnessy hooks are typically used for saltwater fishing to hook large game fish. This is an important life saving reference for restaurants, schools, child care facilities, business, or any place children are present. Starting with 32, and descending in increments of 2, the hooks gradually get larger as the numbers decrease. If however you try to pull the hook before it has set, you may pull the bait and the hook out of the fish’s mouth completely. When the hook size reaches number 1, the scales continues downwards by adding a zero to each number.
Due to the limited damage that circle hooks cause to fish, they are commonly used in catch and release fishing.
Circle hooks are available in a variety of sizes and strengths, so you can use them for any type of fish.
You should also consider using circle hooks if you think that there is any chance that you may hook small fish that you do not intend to keep. 32, 30, 28, and so on.Once you have chosen a hook size, you will then have to select a shank size. You will learn about resuscitation, placing individuals in the recovery position, using an AED correctly and effectively. When choosing your type of hook, you should have a particular type of fish, and its characteristics, in mind.

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