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Mitral Regurgitation is enhanced by maneuvers that increase the  TPR such as squatting or hand grip ,as well as the conditions that increase the left atrium return such as an Expiration . Mitral Regurgitation can happen due to ischemic heart disease , Mitral Valve Prolapse or Left Ventricle dilation . Tricusbed Regurgitation is loudest at the Tricusbed area and it radiates towards the right sternal border .
What are some of the conditions that can cause Mitral Regurgitation or Tricusbed Regurgitation ? Rheumatic Fever and Active Endocarditis can cause either Mitral Regurgitation or Tricusbed Regurgitation .
So , basically holosystolic murmur is a murmur that you can hear during the entire systole .
What are some of the areas in the brain that has fenestrated capillaries and no blood brain barrier that allows small molecules in the blood to affect the brain function?

What are areas of the brain that has fenestrated capillaries and no blood brain barrier to allow neurosecretory products to enter the circulation? One additional important factor about the blood brain barrier is that it helps prevent bacterial infection from spreading into the CNS, as well as it also restricts drug delivery to the brain. There’s blood that goes from the Aorta to the pulmonary artery, and this is a normal situation in the fetal period.
The (x) descent is the atrial relaxation and a downward displacement of the closed tricuspid valve during ventricular contraction. The (v) wave of the JVP happens due to an increase in the Right atrial pressure due to filling against closed tricuspid valve. The importance of Blood Brain Barrier is to prevent the circulating blood substances from reaching the cerebrospinal fluid and the CNS. Some of the other types of barriers in the body include the blood testis barrier and the maternal fetal blood barrier of the placenta.

The classic clinical presentation of Kayser Fleicher ring is green yellow ring around the peripheral cornea. The reason this is happening is that the pressure in the right ventricle will cause the closed Tricuspid valve to bulge into the atrium. This happens due to Copper deposition in the eye as a result of a particular liver disease.

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