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On looking at the signs and symptoms of heatstroke, one of my students said she had experienced shivering when she had heatstroke while camping. Heatstroke is caused by our brain’s thermostat – the hypothalamus – failing to do its job of regulating our body’s temperature. Quickly help the person to a cool place and remove as much of their outer clothing as possible – but allow them to keep their modesty. Just a minor point for us pedants: it should be degrees Celsius (preferably °C), not centigrade! Excellent post, though – being reminded that casualties may not conform to what the book says is always welcome! I only peed three times in about 12 hours – this is whilst drinking all these fluids, but thankfully it wasn’t dark in colour! I couldn’t eat due to the heat (felt a little bit nauseous, which is rare under any circumstances for me). After a day out in hot sun and forgetting to take my hat, around 9pm I started shaking uncontrollably from my stomach, as though I was cold.
Note: The Connecticut Media Group is not responsible for posts and comments written by non-staff members. According to the State DEEP, between 2003 and 2013, 58 people in Connecticut were treated for hypothermia resulting from boating accidents.
Hypothermia is a potentially serious medical condition where the body loses heat faster than it can replace it.
On April 9, five high school students were treated for mild hypothermia when their racing shell capsized, during rowing practice in the Thames River. On April 2, a man was pulled from the water, unresponsive, after his kayak capsized, at the entrance to Southport Harbor in Fairfield. Connecticut’s first boating fatality of 2014 occurred on March 15, when a canoe capsized in Long Island Sound near Charles Island in Milford.

The recent news of a South Korean ferry boat capsizing, dumping hundreds of passengers into cold stormy waters is reminiscent of the Titanic sinking, and on its anniversary. State law requires boaters to wear life jackets in manually propelled vessels – such as kayaks, shells, or canoes – in the cold water months, from October 1, through May 31. We thought about putting them on the northern side of the coop, but then switched to the southern side where I would more easily be able to reach the boxes and the eggs without a step stool. Then we drew up some plans and scavenged through the remaining wood from the deck bathroom. Our friend Anthony stopped by and helped with some of the roofing design and helped out when we needed to cut the metal!
We still need to cut holes into the walls from the inside and add locks to the boxes, but I think it turned out really well! We also recently had a turkey baby with a mysterious problem. Something happened in the middle of the night as they were huddled in the plastic tub. At first we just tried warming her up which helped stop the shivering, but still she couldn’t stand. This entry was posted in Building, chickens, Construction, goals, Pets and Animals, Puerto Rico Property, Turkeys and tagged Achilles tendon turkey, adding nesting boxes to a chicken coop, building chicken nesting boxes, slipped achilles tendon on May 31, 2014 by Cassie.
Sign up for email updates Don't miss a single thing from LifeTransPlanet Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A life jacket not only keeps you floating, it helps to slow heat loss, buying you more time. We had three weeks of guests visiting which was great. We took some time away from our projects to hang out with them, but now we are back into the swing of things again. The chickens are now about 16-17 weeks old and while they usually don’t start laying until about 20-25 weeks, we did have a Leghorn in Greeley who started laying little pullet eggs around 16 weeks, so we wanted to be prepared.
When we originally built the coop we were thinking of having the boxes inside the coop itself.

We had to pick up a few small parts from the store but otherwise we were able to repurpose most everything. Then I noticed that the knee joint was all swollen and researched that the Achilles can slip. All the sites said that I could gently push the tendon back over the hump of the bone. I was a little nervous of hurting her, but it worked! Finally after a long search, we found that self-adhering athletic wrap would work to hold the joint in place.
Come to think of it, maybe there’s an isotonic drink that will help under such circumstances, if it contains electrolytes?
If not reversed in time, it can soon progress to numbness in the extremities, mental confusion, unconsciousness, and, in extreme cases, death.
It’s fun to spend time with friends and take a break from all the landscaping and design planning and it helped to reinvigorate our interest in our newest projects. After talking with a few people about it, we decided that it would be better if we had them on the outside where we could reach in and take the eggs out without disturbing all the birds inside and it would keep things cleaner as well. And while she still has a slight limp and some swelling, it seems to be working and she can walk again! Not an expert at all, but if there’s this to hand it might help if the heat regulation issues are exertion-related? At that point you can no longer hold on to an overturned hull, grasp a rope, or assist in your own rescue.

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