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Fainting (syncope) is a temporary loss of consciousness due to insufficient oxygen reaching the brain. In a healthy person, the body produces the insulin needed to allow glucose (a sugar) in the blood to get inside body cells so the energy in the glucose can be used by the body.
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It often results from a slowing of the heartbeat and a fall in blood pressure which reduce blood flow to the brain.

This is a result of pooling in the legs (postural hypotension) and a resultant drop in blood pressure. Is it a fainting spell, or something more serious such as a diabetic emergency, a seizure or a convulsion? In all cases your first action should be to check for a medic alert device, usually worn at the neck or wrist, that will assist you in quickly identifying the problem. Sweating, dizziness, nausea, dimmed vision, ringing in the ears and weakness usually precede fainting spells. This type of fainting is common in the elderly and in those suffering from diabetes mellitus or taking certain medications.

These attacks are often caused by pain, shock, stress, fear or by being in a stuffy atmosphere with little oxygen.
On occasion, fainting episodes may also be associated with temporary speaking difficulty or weakness in the limbs.

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