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Broken bones are tricky business, as you can cause more damage than heal it, if you do the following improperly.
The aforementioned solutions may not heal the wound or pain permanently, but can hold you up until you get professional help.
Minor cuts and wounds are some of the most common injuries and are a part of day-to-day life. If the graze or cut is bleeding dry it off quickly and hold a clean cloth on the wound which if producing blood. Honey is an excellent natural remedy for cuts and wounds due to is myriad skin-friendly enzymes and antibacterial properties. In case you end up with small cuts and blisters, and no first aid is around, put a little dab of super glue on the wound. When it comes to closed broken bones—that is, injuries where a bone is broken, but does not break through the skin—the first thing to be done is stabilizing the wound. DO NOT try to straighten the bone, if you can avoid it. Although the remedies that we are going to give below may not completely kill the ache, they will reduce it significantly for sure.
We do not imply that medication is unnecessary, but well, we do not have a first aid kit lying around all the time, right? It instantly lessens the pain, moisturizes the injured area and stimulates the skin to heal quickly.
In addition to these properties, it also has the chemicals such as quercetin and sulfur compounds which can reduce the pain. But during certain times when you do not have access to a first aid kit, here are a few things you can do with some makeshift items, in case of injuries without first aid.

For step two, get a clean, absorbent material like paper towels, napkins or cloth strips; but ensure they are clean. Even though it is a part of the healing, the bones inside the body are very sharp and can cut blood vessels, muscles, and cause major damage if they’re set wrong.
We usually end up gulping down a pill when we are in pain, which may or may not find and take care of the root cause. It is vital to know how to use simple home remedies for effectively treating minor cuts and grazes. This is the crucial step which you need to take in order to treat the minor cuts and grazes. Apply honey, preferably raw honey gently over the injured area and bandage it up for about an hour. If the bone is set correctly, you will have to fashion yourself a splint made up of two sturdy sticks.
When the burn cools down, it is essential to wrap the area with something that does not stick. What we can do here, is ensure that the pain should reduce, or the body is healthy enough to stay out of the pain. If you have kids in your home, then it becomes much essential to acclimatize yourself with this beneficial knowledge so that you can take the effective measure in a timely manner if any small hazard occurs. Do not use stronger cleaning solutions to treat minor cuts or grazes as they might irritate the wound. You can extract the gel from aloe vera leaves and apply the gel on the wounded area and let it to air dry.

The glue will create a mesh that temporarily acts as replacement skin until the wound is healed.
And for all the women, if getting any of the above is not possible, even sanitary pads or tampons serve this function very well.
These sticks have to be placed on both sides of the affected part, and have to be fastened tightly with a rope or cloth. Bear in mind that garlic might cause damage to the skin, so do not allow it on the skin for over 20 minutes at a time.
A small second-degree burn is still manageable, but rush to the hospital if it is a bigger one. Although drinking water cannot relieve this pain, a habit of drinking water throughout the day may stop this pain on a long term. If there is no tape, a piece of cloth can be used as well, but do not tie the cloth too tight, as it may strain the wound or cause loss of blood circulation.
In many cases, aches are a result of Vitamin D deficiency as well, so make it a point to regularly eat foods rich in Vitamin D as well.

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