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First aid is the help that you give someone quickly after they have hurt themselves or have had an accident . Do not move a person who may have a broken bone , internal injuries or an injured spine unless you really have to.
If the victim is unconscious turn the head to one side to keep the person from choking . A victim who suffers from shock may look afraid, confused , weak and be extremely thirsty .
A person who has swallowed something poisonous may die within minutes if they are not treated . If a person has inhaled a poison like carbon monoxide or chlorine gas move him or her to fresh air at once. Poisons can also be absorbed through the skin if you get in contact with poisonous plants or chemical substances . When you treat burns never open blisters and do not put oil or other greasy substances on the burn. It is a good idea to have a kit with first aid supplies at home or in your car when you travel. Here's a cheat sheet about Mass & Volume equivalents of commonly used ingredients for baking like flour, sugars, butter, salt, cocoa powder, honey and more.
Wheels on the bus plus lots more nursery rhymes 54 minutes compilation from littlebabybum Wheels on the bus plus lots more nursery rhymes 54 minutes compilation from littlebabybum standard youtube license show more show less loading Wheels on the bus plus lots more nursery rhymes 54 minutes compilation from littlebabybum. Did you know that kitchen sink bay window ideas is most likely the hottest topics on this category? A new Minnesota 2020 report—“Minnesota School District Finances: FY 2003-FY 2015”—examines trends in total school district operating revenue, property tax levies*, and state aids** over a thirteen year period, including projections based on the new state budget approved during the 2013 session. Statewide per pupil state aid to Minnesota school district peaked in FY 2003 when the state took over funding of general education and eliminated local general education property taxes.
However, in subsequent years per pupil state aid declined steadily, a victim of the “no new tax” fiscal agenda that dominated state budget decisions, while school property taxes soared. To make matters worse, several times during the period from 2004 to 2011 the legislative enacted school aid payment shifts which delayed state aid payments to school districts, which had the effect of depleting school budget reserves and forcing some districts into short-term borrowing. The turn-around in state support for public education began in FY 2013† and gained momentum in the FY 2014-15 budget enacted during the 2013 session, providing a boost to school district budgets and relief to property taxpayers.
The projected increases in state support for education is badly needed, but insufficient to completely replace the decline in aid that occurred over the previous decade.
In the vast majority of districts, the projected aid and revenue increases will not be sufficient to replace the aid losses over the preceding decade.

While total real per pupil state aid and total revenue remain significantly below their historic peaks, the budget enacted by state policymakers during the 2013 session made a major stride to restoring a decade of school funding cuts. Helping parents have a voice at the places where school policy and funding decisions are made. If you don't know the phone number of the local doctor or hospital dial an emergency number: 144 for an ambulance , 133 for the fire department and 122 for the police. An ambulance needs to know where the injured person is located and what exactly has happened. You must begin helping a person at once, especially if the victim is bleeding strongly, has been poisoned or if breathing has stopped. If the leg or arm is hurt you can try to stop bleeding by putting pressure on the artery that carries blood to the injured body part. In such a case either call a doctor , an ambulance or take the person to the nearest hospital . In such a case remove all the clothes that someone is wearing and flush the skin with water for about 10 minutes. Two or three minutes without breathing can cause brain damage and six minutes can be fatal . It should include bandages , tissue , something to write on, a flashlight , scissors , safety pins , a spray or a lotion that kills germs .
Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. The increase in state funding projected to occur from FY 2013 to FY 2015 under the recently approved budget is sufficient to replace about one-third of the real per pupil school district aid loss that occurred over the previous decade. In that year, total school district state aid was $10,061 per pupil, while levies were just $711 and consisted exclusively of voter-approved referendum and non-general education levies.
State support for K-12 education bottomed out in FY 2012, the first year under the biennial budget imposed by the conservative-dominated legislature after the 2011 state government shutdown. For example, the projected increase in state aid from FY 2012 to FY 2015 is sufficient to replace just 35.7 percent of decline that occurred from FY 2003 to FY 2012.
Not surprisingly, there is a great deal of variation in revenue, aid, and levy trends among districts.
The new Minnesota 2020 report shows that this is true not only on a statewide basis, but for the vast majority of Minnesota school districts. Minnesota 2020 will release updated figures when levy, revenue, and aid numbers are finalized through the Department of Education. The data in this spreadsheet excludes debt service revenue, but includes virtually all school operating revenue.

Nonetheless, total real per pupil state operating aid to Minnesota school districts for the entire FY 2012-13 biennium declined slightly relative to the preceding biennium (FY 2010-11). In some cases, you will be given instructions on what to do until a doctor or ambulance arrives.
When a person is in shock blood does not carry enough oxygen and food to the brain and other organs.
Then put a sterile handkerchief , cloth or towel on the wound and press it down with your hand. Call a doctor or a poison control centre immediately and follow the instructions that you are given carefully.
Second degree burns damage deeper skin layers and third degree burns destroy tissue of deeper layers of skin.
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In addition, the repayment of school aid payment shifts enacted in previous years helped to bolster school district finances.
Furthermore, even after these aid increases, total per pupil school district revenue in FY 2015 is still projected to be 2.5 percent less than in FY 2003. Because the increase in levies was not large enough to replace the drop in state aid, total school district revenues declined by $846 (7.9%) per pupil. See the Minnesota 2020 report for other technical notes regarding the analysis presented here.
Warm the affected area with the heat of your hand or cover it with clothes until you can get the victim indoors.
Meanwhile, 172 districts (containing 72.8% of enrollment) are projected to see a decline in per pupil levies.

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